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The aggravating circumstances were my refusal to submit the breath test because the officer wouldn't take me for blood and urine as well, so I refused to it. Any information or examples any of you have from past cases would be great.
You need to hire a competent criminal defense attorney ASAP. A DUI-3rd is a serious matter. It carries jail time, fines,...
I have never had a moving violation in my entire life. I'm thirty five years old and I was charged with DUI and I wasn't even in the car and had my keys in my pocket. The officer stated that he seen me driving the car across town earlier. I did the field sobriety tests and he said I was under arrest for DUI . When we arrived at the detention center I was so angry that I refused the test. When I first went to court they automatically suspended my liscense for 120 days. What should I do?
You need to contact a local attorney immediately. There is no easy solution to getting a case dismissed. If you have...
I was pulled over and arrested a few weeks ago for DUI 2nd offense. The only thing I had taken was an over the counter male enhancement capsule which I had never tried before. The officer said I failed some of the sobriety tests and said my eyes were fluttering. I did take a blood test. The only other substance that should be in my system is Hydrocodone for my severe hemmoroids. I have a prescription for this but it is probably about a year to a year and a half old. The judge also said he had to suspend my license pending the 2nd DUI offense and I have only been to court once. Can I talk to the judge and tell him what I took? Can they convict me of this? The previous DUI is about 3 years old.
DUI Second Offense in 5 years is a serious misdemeanor offense in KY. You need to hire an experienced criminal defense...
I had large meal before being pulled over. Also i had the officer take me for a blood test.
If you are simply looking for reassurance then coming here and asking a question like that makes some sense. If you are...
Had a felony dui in florida for 3rd or subsequent offense. I am eligable for a work permit in florida in September of 2014. Will I be able to get a work permit or hardship license in kentucky with proof that I am eligable to recieve a work permit in florida
I assume you are eligible for a valid "work permit" drivers license issued by the state of Florida. I assume you do...
I failed the field tests, and had stopped drinking two hours prior to driving to make sure that I had burned off some drinks. I blew an official .081 at the jail. Also this is my 1st offense, and I don't have any proofs on my record except one ticket I went to traffic school for when I was 19.
Maybe. It's completely dependent on the charging standards of the prosecutor's office, the strength of the case against...
I failed the field tests, and had stopped drinking two hours prior to driving to make sure that I had burned off some drinks. I blew an official .081 at the jail.
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