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I just got Aggr. 3rd dui while driving on a dui suspended license. What kind of time would I be looking at. Chance of plea deal?
The aggravating circumstances were my refusal to submit the breath test because the officer wouldn't take me for blood and urine as well, so I refused to it. Any information or examples any of you have from past cases would be great.
You need to hire a competent criminal defense attorney ASAP. A DUI-3rd is a serious matter. It carries jail time, fines,...
How can I get my DUI dismissed?
I have never had a moving violation in my entire life. I'm thirty five years old and I was charged with DUI and I wasn't even in the car and had my keys in my pocket. The officer stated that he seen me driving the car across town earlier. I did the field sobriety tests and he said I was under arrest for DUI . When we arrived at the detention center I was so angry that I refused the test. When I first went to court they automatically suspended my liscense for 120 days. What should I do?
You need to contact a local attorney immediately. There is no easy solution to getting a case dismissed. If you have...
How to get help with dui from ruining my life?
DUI 1st off. I was stopped at red light. foot slid off brake, bumped truck hitch car in front, no damages or injuries to truck. officer was overly aggressive and badgered me with questions and laws. I'm prescribed klonopin. he said it was illegal to drive on this medication. I've been on benzo's for 20 years. I am certain incident was not caused by medication, but me reaching for something in passenger seat.
If medication affects your ability to drive then you can be convicted of a DWI, regardless of how long you've been...
I had a felony dwi in NY. I moved to Kentucky last year does that conviction affect me to get my license-here!
I was convicted in 2008 and finished my prison term invade. And if it does what do i have to do to get a license in Kentucky!
Good question. It certainly will affect you in Kentucky. You ought to speak to the DMV in Kentucky to find out what...
Will a dismissed charge dating back to 2007 for dui still be on my records and keep me from getting a job? I do not drink and
was only using prescription medication and not any more than prescribed. I wasn't even driving but got pulled over at a stop light.
Each employer is different. Such a conviction may be fatal to employment with one employer and not even a...
I've been on house arrest on a dui charge for over year a dui charge please call me back never been sentenc
I've never been sentenced and feel my rights are being violated. My name is Roger Dale young. Thanks my phone number is 606_330_0433
Roger, You may want to reach out directly to some Kentucky lawyers on this site. I suggest using the find a lawyer...
Can a urine test be used if being told I would bear the ex spence, I was not stopped but parked at gas station. I canceled the t
I cancelled the test, but it was sopheoned by the prosc. I had prescrtion meds in my system, the officer claims to have no recording of the conversation. The benzo were inserted into my vagjnia and the pain meds had been taken 5 hrs prior. Can the Hipparchus laws keep the results of the test out of court. Is there a pressident for this. What can I do if anything
The results of the urine test can most likely be used in court to prosecute you. I would like to know what was the...