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i have a job that the only way to move up in company is to get a CDL class B, and ive done everything to stay out of trouble, i just want to be the best i can for my wife and kids, and im being held down if i cant get them, need to know if i can get a cdl or if i need to find another career and that would suck because this is a chance of a lifetime, and they say learn from your mistakes its kinda hard if they keep haunting you like this. Thanks
You can contact your dmv. Every state is different. If they deny your CDL you can ask for a hearing.
I have three dui lost license 10 years I have habitual substance due to the court system going back ten years to convict me on habitual I am going to be single dad with my two year old and to get her to places as me to work!
Due to the length of time you talking about in the types of suspensions, you would do best to consult with a local...
At gas station outside car. Officer pulls up ask for license. Gives breath test. 1.2 I am amazed as my drinking was from night before. I was on way to work thinking nothing about it. Go to hospital refuse test hoping to drop below legal limit. Don't know that one as they ordered it done anyway. To jail. Third test. 1.6 now. Got bail, got lawyer, got plea agreement. Still have oui, will drop oui per se, 1 year 6 days with year suspended, 90 day license suspended instead of year. Six days in jail, 40 hours community service, 430 in fines. Lost job. With this on record not much hope of getting another. Can't get anywhere anyway. Wasn't even in car clerk at gas station smelled alcohol and called cop.
Sounds like a decent deal to me, especially given the fact you seem unfazed whatsoever by the fact you were a .12 and...
I am an Indiana Resident, have two DUI convictions (last conviction in 2009) in Indiana, and an Illinois license. My license was revoked for 5 years and I will not be eligible for a full reinstatement until late 2015. I can get a hardship in Illinois at this time if I were to apply for one. However, I want to move to Texas for a job, sometime in early 2015. Is it possible at this time to fill out an out-of-state packet, submit it to the Illinois Secretary of State, have the revocation hold removed, move to Texas, and then apply for a hardship in Texas? From my understanding, I cannot get a hardship license in Texas until the revocation hold is lifted in Illinois. Is this possible?
As a non resident of Illinois you can apply for clearance of the Illinois hold only after you are eligible for...
I was arrested in November 2013 for OWI. I am hearing impaired and did not hear the officer ask me to take the breathalyzer test. The officer then told me I was going to the hospital for a blood test. Ive never been arrested and didnt know the protocol so just went. I did not realize this was considered a refusal. At the hospital, they drew the blood, gave it to the officer and it took over 8 months to get those results. Are they still accurate? I thought the longer a sample sat, the higher risk of fermentation and false positive results.
What's more likely is that the hospital had results fairly quickly and the officer just sat on his hands until he...
I took a blood test instead of the breathalyzer does that matter?
When someone submits to a breath test and it indicates .08 or greater, their license is usually suspended at your...
my fear is becoming a habitual traffic offender!
It is possible. You were smart to hire an attorney. Ask him/her your question. They are in best position to answer.