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Why would they make me go to DUI school for AL & GA why will I have to pay 2 separate reinstate fees?
I live in AL got DUI in GA how can they make me take 2 separate dui courses & make me pay 2 separate reinstatement fees? I'm looking at 12 months suspension in GA but they said AL will have a suspension as well I don't understand I only have one license in AL how can they treat it like 2 offenses?
The following Code of Alabama section's may address the "how and why" of your Driver's Licenses suspension issues. §...
Can Tennessee make me pay SR-22 insurance eventhough I'm not ,nor ever been a resident of that state and my state does not?
In 2007 i got a ticket in the state of Tennessee for driving while license suspended. I paid the fines and began the process of reinstating my license in the state i reside in, which is Alabama. Now i have never lived in Tennessee and never held a license in that state. I have met all the requirements in the state of Alabama to reinstate my drivers license and I was informed that I was not required by Alabama to have SR-22 insuranse, but Tennesse is requiring me to now pay a reinstatement fee of $123.00 and get a non resident SR-22, would someone please tell me how this is legal for them to require me to do this. I will already be rquired to have insurance on my vehicle in Alabama, why should i have to not only pay another fee and get insurance in a state i don't even live?
When you violate the laws of another state you subjectvyourselfvto their rules. if you dont want to drive in TN, and if...
I was put on unsupervised probation for MINOR Consumption of Alcohol. However I was required to report once a month to a CRO an
And provide random drug tests. This is not unsupervised probation. What should I do about this. This is my first and only offense. This is not right. Thank you for and help because I really need it
You should hire a lawyer sooner rather than later to look into this. If you are on unsupervised probation, you...
When will my AL license be reinstated?
I am a resident of AL and have a AL driver license. Got in trouble while visiting AZ. AZ dmv suspended my license for an MIP and flase ID for 6 months. AL suspended my license for 60 days for false ID.
You should seek competent local counsel to advise you, but I believe your license will be suspended for 6 months - the...
Is my probation officer allowed to have input in the outcome of a Welch hearing in Alabama?
I intend to seek restoration of my driver's license in Alabama later this year. I will still be on probation at that time. Will my probation officer be allowed to have input into the decision for the hearing, or will the reviewing agency contact him?
I am not licensed in Alabama, but it certainly seems likely that the Department of Public Safety in Alabama would be...
What could be the possible sentencing for a 20 year old who was arrested for a DUI attempt to elude and a minor in possession?
He was arrested for a MIP (minor in possession) at the age of 19 but plead youthful offender and it was taken from his record I believe.
I am not licensed to practice in Alabama, but many more facts are needed to answer this question. How long was the...
If I was drunk and my friend was sober and sexual acts were comited, is that rape?
I don't remember exactly if I was willing or fault back, I know I wouldn't have had sex with him If I was sober, I woke up laying next to my fiancé and he said what happened and I said I think I was rape, I was wearing a different top an I told him were the othe was and it was soaked in cum, the friend, my fiancé and I were the only ones home, they both had nothing to drink and I was very drunk, my fiancé went to bed before anything happened but I feel like I had been violated and I knew something happened because the friend asked me not to tell my fiancé but I have no memory of sex, but I can see vivid images of us doing things and me saying no, but I'm not sure if it's real, we are having the shirt DNA tested to know if it's the friends cum.
I am not licensed in Alabama, but I trust Alabama law on this issue is close to California law (I am licensed in CA)....