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Why would they make me go to DUI school for AL & GA why will I have to pay 2 separate reinstate fees?
I live in AL got DUI in GA how can they make me take 2 separate dui courses & make me pay 2 separate reinstatement fees? I'm looking at 12 months suspension in GA but they said AL will have a suspension as well I don't understand I only have one license in AL how can they treat it like 2 offenses?
The following Code of Alabama section's may address the "how and why" of your Driver's Licenses suspension issues. ยง...
Can Tennessee make me pay SR-22 insurance eventhough I'm not ,nor ever been a resident of that state and my state does not?
In 2007 i got a ticket in the state of Tennessee for driving while license suspended. I paid the fines and began the process of reinstating my license in the state i reside in, which is Alabama. Now i have never lived in Tennessee and never held a license in that state. I have met all the requirements in the state of Alabama to reinstate my drivers license and I was informed that I was not required by Alabama to have SR-22 insuranse, but Tennesse is requiring me to now pay a reinstatement fee of $123.00 and get a non resident SR-22, would someone please tell me how this is legal for them to require me to do this. I will already be rquired to have insurance on my vehicle in Alabama, why should i have to not only pay another fee and get insurance in a state i don't even live?
When you violate the laws of another state you subjectvyourselfvto their rules. if you dont want to drive in TN, and if...
Can I sue Walgreens for selling me beer and then calling the police to say that I was intoxicated?
I purchased a six pack of beer along with a few other items. When I got to my car the police arrived because the cashier called to say that I was intoxicated. I ended up getting a DUI sitting in my car in the parking lot resulting in the end of my career. If Walgreens suspected that I was intoxicated why did they sell me beer which I understand is against their policy?
You could talk to a personal injury attorney, but I am not seeing a great lawsuit here. There is certainly no...
I was arrested but *not* convicted (yet) for a DUI. Is there anywhere I would be able to rent a car?
I'm going on a business trip in a week and a half and I am expected to rent a car when I get there. However, I was arrested a few months back for a DUI. I have not been convicted (yet and hopefully never), but I'm sure this got on my driving record. Is there anywhere that I can rent a car? Do any of the companies not run a DMV report? I don't want to get to the counter and have my application rejected in front of co-workers. My company doesn't know of my situation and I need to keep it that way.
Car rental companies do not generally run DMV reports or investigate driving records. They check for a valid driver's...
FIrst DUI impact on Removal of Conditional Green card
I was Applied Jointly Removal of Conditional Green card, after applied i got First DUI my case is set for Trails , First DUI will impact on my Green card Please Help about my Situation
Please speak to an Alamaba lawyer who is experienced in immigration law. generally first "simple" DUI convictions do...
I am being placed into the CLEAN program in Alabama for a first offense DUI of a minor.
Along with drug testing will I also be tested for alcohol? Also is it possible to take away the plea deal and do the original punishment? What exactly are the original punishments for a DUI of a minor?
You will be tested for alcohol. You could possibly go back on your "deal". To answer your last question a lawyer...
My daughter lives out of state and has to fly into court has not received one dime child support and he has had 2 Dui's and fail
Drug test 2014 he took another this past Friday and said it did not matter if he fails he is with his parents .these people have never had anything to do with him my daughters attorney said that is just the way it is
So what is your question? Considering that your daughter has an attorney, according to you, perhaps you should ask...