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Why would they make me go to DUI school for AL & GA why will I have to pay 2 separate reinstate fees?
I live in AL got DUI in GA how can they make me take 2 separate dui courses & make me pay 2 separate reinstatement fees? I'm looking at 12 months suspension in GA but they said AL will have a suspension as well I don't understand I only have one license in AL how can they treat it like 2 offenses?
The following Code of Alabama section's may address the "how and why" of your Driver's Licenses suspension issues. ยง...
Can Tennessee make me pay SR-22 insurance eventhough I'm not ,nor ever been a resident of that state and my state does not?
In 2007 i got a ticket in the state of Tennessee for driving while license suspended. I paid the fines and began the process of reinstating my license in the state i reside in, which is Alabama. Now i have never lived in Tennessee and never held a license in that state. I have met all the requirements in the state of Alabama to reinstate my drivers license and I was informed that I was not required by Alabama to have SR-22 insuranse, but Tennesse is requiring me to now pay a reinstatement fee of $123.00 and get a non resident SR-22, would someone please tell me how this is legal for them to require me to do this. I will already be rquired to have insurance on my vehicle in Alabama, why should i have to not only pay another fee and get insurance in a state i don't even live?
When you violate the laws of another state you subjectvyourselfvto their rules. if you dont want to drive in TN, and if...
I am being placed into the CLEAN program in Alabama for a first offense DUI of a minor.
Along with drug testing will I also be tested for alcohol? Also is it possible to take away the plea deal and do the original punishment? What exactly are the original punishments for a DUI of a minor?
You will be tested for alcohol. You could possibly go back on your "deal". To answer your last question a lawyer...
What can I do to get a recent pedestrian under influence citation taken off my record?
I am 17 and was walking down w beach blvd at night after drinking a couple beers. I was walking because I didn't want to get in the car with someone I assumed to be drinking. I was stopped by a police officer and admitted to having a couple of beers. I was brought to the police station and received a ticket for pedestrian under influence. This is the only ticket/citation I have ever received. The Statute number is 32-5a-221 What can I do to get this off of my record? Will this hurt future employments? Will I be eligible for a diversion program or be able to get this expunged? Would it be smart to hire an attorney and fight this or should I just pay the fine? Thanks.
Hire a local criminal defense attorney and try to keep it off your record for the rest of your life. You have to get...
What can I expect in court appearance for contempt charges
I had court appearance for failure to pay fines for DUI & driving with no DL. I was arrested for contempt of court because my alcohol level was 0.24 that day.I have served 30 days with no bond. Court date is soon & it's rumored the city prosecutor is seeking court ordered treatment. I do not want this. What can I expect in court? Shouldn't my jail sentence be sufficient?
Then you should get representation. Avvo has a great "find a lawyer" tool to locate a local lawyer. Good luck.
I was put on unsupervised probation for MINOR Consumption of Alcohol. However I was required to report once a month to a CRO an
And provide random drug tests. This is not unsupervised probation. What should I do about this. This is my first and only offense. This is not right. Thank you for and help because I really need it
You should hire a lawyer sooner rather than later to look into this. If you are on unsupervised probation, you...
When will my AL license be reinstated?
I am a resident of AL and have a AL driver license. Got in trouble while visiting AZ. AZ dmv suspended my license for an MIP and flase ID for 6 months. AL suspended my license for 60 days for false ID.
You should seek competent local counsel to advise you, but I believe your license will be suspended for 6 months - the...