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If it us better for me to get my license could I postpone my court date?. Thank you
I am not knowledgeable of your specific jurisdiction, but most courts would look at you in a more favorable light if...
I was pulled over in hawaii for a DUI... I blew a .103. This is my first offense. No prior speeding tickets or anything. I did the walk the line, help my foot up and looked at my foot while counting till 12. But was still arrested. Do I need a lawyer!
Yes, you need a lawyer. Refer to my answer to your other post. Hope this helps.
The night I was arrested for DUI, I was tapering off my anti-depressants and had just finished my last prescription (I was out of meds the day I was arrested.) I'm not sure this helps or hurts my case: 1. I need the meds, thus was not acting rationally that night. 2. I had taken the meds the day before, and thus the interaction with the alcohol made me make bad decisions. 3. I need the meds, but since I was tapering, I was on a lower dosage than the doctor recommended. I'm meeting with a lawyer on Thursday but I'm curious if the anti-depressants will help or hurt me.
Does the lawyer know you are the meds? Are you allowed to operate a motor vehicle while on the meds? Ultimately the...
I was issued a ticket for crossing the center line during my DUI arrest. I have 7 days to pay it at a lower rate. I am trying to get in touch with a lawyer now, but I know that paying the ticket automatically causes a guilty verdict and will hurt my DUI case. Should I talk to a lawyer first or just pay the ticket right away?
Easy question. Talk to a lawyer first.
I was planning on getting a fresh start in a new state a few months from now. I was planning to quit my job, move, sell my car, and change my name legally. However, last week I got arrested for a DUI and it looks like the punishments will take around a year. However, if I change my name, it might look like I'm trying to avoid the punishments when I was planning to do this a year ago. Will I be forced to put my plans on hold because of this? I hope to complete all other court ordered punishments before then, except the 1 year license revocation.
I don't know if this is a complete name change or one that was due to divorce. However, you should still be able to...
Also, I have a car in Hawaii. If I get stopped in Hawaii, will the police know that Arizona requires me to have an interlock device in my car? It does not say "interlock required" on the duplicate ARizona drivers license I have.
Its not likely that the police will know about the Arizona requirement, however, it depends on how sophisticated Hawaii'...
I don't think I can get out of the DUI, but I mainly want to reduce a few of the punishments. I want to move in three months so I want to be able to complete all the punishments by then. I don't think I can avoid the license revocation, but I don't want 100+ hours of community service. If I just want the lawyer to negotiate a plea bargain for me (without going to trial) how much would I expect to pay?
DUIs are pretty complicated matters, more so than some felony crimes. It is ALWAYS advisable to at least consult with...