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I have 4 DUI's( none of which involved accidents nor injury) and have been through an Intensive Treatment Program while incarcerated for 15 months. I have been sober for 34 months, off Parole 1 year early. What can I do about this ?
This is very difficult situation. You should consult an attorney to discuss your options. But generally, you have to...
Want to get started on this process asap and am weighing the options of tackling it alone or with legal counsel
You should retain counsel. Here is a link to a blog post that I wrote about this.
I got my car back by paying the police station getting a release form and then going to pay it out of towing.
I am not an IL lawyer and cannot comment on matter of IL law or procedure. However, I can tell to to were your...
I'm on an RDP, level II Sig Risk. I've had the BAIID device since June 2012. No violations and no letters from the SOS. Last Saturday, my mother tried to move my car, after using mouth wash, and blew a .025. Not being familiar with the device and not wanting to mess with it, she did not try starting it again and just left it alone. I have my SOS hearing for full reinstatement on May 13 and I'm not due to send the BAIID in for inspection until june 17. Will this incident cause SOS to deny reinstatement for me? Also, since they won't have record of the .025 reading until June 17, almost a month after my hearing, will it even be an issue? Thanks!
You will need an attorney for the SOS hearing, especially with this new issue. After the interview with the attorney...
My first dui was in cook county. I am on 1 year supervision and I received a dui in dupage county. On top of all that I wasn't even the one driving the car. Someone else was because they claimed they were sober enough. We got a flat tire and the guy left me there to change the flat. The officer pulled up and assumed I was driving because I was the only one there.
Illinois DUI law anticipates this argument. You don't need to drive the car to be convicted of a DUI. All that's...
I got my second DUI 5 years ago and my license was revoked. I plan on moving in September, what would I need to do to consider getting my license in AZ? Do I still need to go through a formal hearing in IL??
Before AZ will give you a valid license you will need to clear up everything in IL. You should really discuss this...
I'm on an RDP, level II Sig Risk. I've had the BAIID device since June 2012. No violations and no letters from the SOS. I had my full reinstatement hearing last month on 5/13. A few days ago, my BAIID starting having issues. It froze up and stopped beeping and requesting a breath sample. It was pretty much stuck on the home screen. I started contacting Best Labs, the manufacturer and didn't get a hold of them until this morning. They're having me replace the device tomorrow. For some reason, I was still able to start the car with having to register the blow. I needed to get to work and school and didn't know what else to do, so I drove while continuing to try and contact Best Labs. Now I'm worried that if the SOS sees that the car was stasrted up without a blow, and violate me. Advice?
You have just admitted to driving while revoked. You shouldn't post admissions to criminal offenses on the internet....