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I was recently charged with a dui. I just received a letter from the DMV that they are not suspending my license. Due to the fact that on the ticket the officer did not check a box if I passed, failed or denied the breath test. My ticket also doesn't show my blood alcohol level. Not sure what I should do next.
You should immediately set an office conference with a well-respected DUII lawyer. The initial conference is often free,...
Police told friend they were arresting passenger but not friend. police said they're reading her rights but not being arrested. friend asked if police could retrieve cellphone from purse. police find marijuana ands small amt meth in purse.Then they arrest friend but no charges filed until jail release 2 days later, friend passed machine breath test 4 times0000 then made to wait for expert to arrive and retest.passed. When released 2 days later,Friend given 4 tickets with 2 different courts driving under the influence and meth poss 1 court then marijuana and reckless driving 2nd court. friend showed up 1st hearing,court has no record says must be waiting on UA results given in jail. Friend goes to 2nd court hearing, not on docket told 2watch mail Whats up? Thank youI 4 your valuable time.
It's hard to tell exactly but it sounds like your friend may have been told that the prosecutor was not filing charges...
My stepdaughter was in an accident. She got drunk, took a car without permission, with a passenger & wrecked the car into school property. We live in a small town & the officer on scene did not to file a report. He felt she had learned her lesson. Now, 2 years later, the insurance company has demanded a police report so they have charged her with a smaller offense of felony unauthorized use of a vehicle. Trying to avoid the DUI charge. If she pleads not guilty, there will be a trial & investigation and she could be charged with several more things. What happens if she pleads no contest or guilty?
Much more information is needed, but a local criminal lawyer should be retained to fight any charge.
Hi, I was recently pulled over and had a breathalyzer test, I came out .08 bac. Now on the sheet it has a control sample that came out .08 and the expected value was a .085, basically saying the machine was off by .005, do you think that would hold up in court?
That's actually an acceptable number for the control and doesn't mean the machine was off. It actually, weird as it may...
The officer also took a urine sample because he thought I was on some kind of drugs and didnt believe the test results of the breathelyzer.
In short, yes. Under Oregon law, blowing 0.08 after driving means you have committed DUII. Blowing lower does not...
I ve already been sentenced and have complied with WA rules. I put an ignition lick in b4 i was sentenced but then the DOL said I don t qualify for a IIL! The man at guardian is stunned and says he had other Ore .customers who have them. now I m paying for this leash on my car and can t drive and Ore, can t do anything until my suspension is off. I m so confused, my suspension is done april29 2014
To get your Oregon license fully reinstated after a DUII conviction, you must first wait out the suspension period, and...
What are statute of limitations on felony DUII in Oregon? Is there anyway to get charged with it past that statute of time? If u never went to any court dates for it, not even the plea. Or do u have to go to some, is there any difference it would make?
You mention not going to a court date, not even a plea. This is a little confusing because if you missed a court date,...