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What steps should I take
I was recently charged with a dui. I just received a letter from the DMV that they are not suspending my license. Due to the fact that on the ticket the officer did not check a box if I passed, failed or denied the breath test. My ticket also doesn't show my blood alcohol level. Not sure what I should do next.
You should immediately set an office conference with a well-respected DUII lawyer. The initial conference is often free,...
False arrest? Friend passed field sobriety, passenger arrested for open container, and meth pipe in her bag, friend arrested to,
Police told friend they were arresting passenger but not friend. police said they're reading her rights but not being arrested. friend asked if police could retrieve cellphone from purse. police find marijuana ands small amt meth in purse.Then they arrest friend but no charges filed until jail release 2 days later, friend passed machine breath test 4 times0000 then made to wait for expert to arrive and retest.passed. When released 2 days later,Friend given 4 tickets with 2 different courts driving under the influence and meth poss 1 court then marijuana and reckless driving 2nd court. friend showed up 1st hearing,court has no record says must be waiting on UA results given in jail. Friend goes to 2nd court hearing, not on docket told 2watch mail Whats up? Thank youI 4 your valuable time.
It's hard to tell exactly but it sounds like your friend may have been told that the prosecutor was not filing charges...
How far off can a breathalyzer be?
Hi, I was recently pulled over and had a breathalyzer test, I came out .08 bac. Now on the sheet it has a control sample that came out .08 and the expected value was a .085, basically saying the machine was off by .005, do you think that would hold up in court?
That's actually an acceptable number for the control and doesn't mean the machine was off. It actually, weird as it may...
I got a dui in washington state
i got a dui in washington state about 6 years ago and a driving on suspended in oregon about 5 years ago dmv said nothing is on my record but the suspension in oregon for not paying cout fees I live in oregon now and have for past 5 plus years what can i do to get my liscence back without paying the 600 dollars i owe because i cant get work or to work without a liscence now...
Generally speaking, when the DMV suspends a drivers license because a person fails to pay fines/fees to a particular...
DUI conviction in Illinois over 10 years ago.
How long can a DUI be held against me from another state? I have been denied getting my license back twice now from Illinois even after seeing evaluators and treatment specialists, and providing all documentation. The reasons it was denied seem to be ludicrous (IE "petitioner does not understand full ramifications of the conviction") what should me next steps be? Can an Oregon attorney help or would I need to get one licensed in Illinois?
In order to get an Oregon driver's license, you will need to clear your status in Illinois and be eligible for...
I was told I have to take classes, in order to get my DL back. At the time my Dl was expired. I was interviewed 3 times,they
Said I didn't need help, there are so many that do need help, they need to go first. This DUI happened in 2010. I need my Dl .What do I do?
Take the classes that you were directed to complete in order to get your DL back.
I'm a Oregon division until end of year about Interlock device
I received a 0.6 in Oregon in December of last year. I have a California license. I have completed my classes. All I have now is to pay court costs and cost of Interlock until end of year. But CA DMV is clear. No notice of arrest; diversion; or interlock system. If I removed interlock from my car or rental car and stay out of Oregon, how would police know? The CA DMV says that Oregon DMV may not even report this to I am out of diversion completly in case I flunk diversion. We don't have diversion in CA. I not even a duii; in CA, I'm a wet reckless. I recently got pulled over in a rental by CHP and that had no notice from my CA driver's license that I was on diversion. This is a hypothetical question only, of course.
I do not follow your question. You may want to rephrase it. If you are told that the CA DMV may receive notice from...