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I got a DUI but was not behind the wheel when I was arrested but I told cops I was driving I was intoxicated badly though
My car ran hot and I walked to a store to get water from a near by store .The car was undriveable and I was pulled off to the side of road when I walked back to car that's when the highway patrol was there
Your admission if admissible is sufficient to establish the element of driving or control of the motor vehicle....
If the cop did not see me driving can I get a dui?
I have a lawyer we went to court and he was going to give me a duo so we are going to a higher court. A deer ran in front of my car and my car was totaled I was outside of the vehicle wen the cop pulled up. I dident think I was drunk so I did the breathalizer not thinking anything about it
Yes he can. How did the vehicle get there? I'm assuming you drove it. Contact a local MS DUI Lawyer for possible defenses.
What to do if arrested for public drunk?
I was locked up and charged with public drunk, I was not drunk at all , I wasn't breathalized or given a sobriety test what do I do !
You can fight it. Public intoxication requires a specific set of facts to be proven. I suggest retaining counsel to...
I'm from Mississippi and got a DUI in 2011 cand I have it remove off my recored
If I got a dui in 2011 can it be remove from my record
It appears to be possible for a first and only offense. If yours was, contact a Mississippi lawyer. You can use the...
If you take a narcotic 19 hours before driving and get pulled over for dui is there away of getting out of this
I took 2 xanax at 3am and at 9pm I had been sick with stomach by and was on way home from work and I pulled over onside of road cause I was ab to be sick and they didn't do a field test they said I was gonna have to go to jail for one nigt on suspended lic
"If you take a narcotic 19 hours before driving and get pulled over for dui is there away of getting out of this?"...
Does my son need to hire an attorney or is he OK to represent himself in this matter?
He was pulled over and given a dui because his car smelled like Marijuana. They did perform a field sobriety test but that's it. No blood tests or anything like that. He did plead not guilty because he says that he had not been smoking at that time. He said it could've been his coat that the officer smelled but it wasn't his car. Also, let me add that there were no drugs found in his possession.
He definitely need to hire a DUI defense attorney if he wants a realistic chance of beating the charge.
I got a DUI they said first offense I had one before ab 2years ago and need some advice
I have had a DUI before and I also was pulled over for suspended lic!!
The information provided is slim and I would suggest consulting with an attorney near Ridgeland. If they wrote you a...