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I was in a car with a drunk driver while I was also intoxicated. The driver and I were both issued MIP's, but the police also found cannabis in the vehicle. It didn't belong to me, it was the drivers. The driver fully admitted that. Should I argue against the possession ticket? I never had anything on me, nor did I own any of the things found. Thanks for your help!
Speak with a criminal law attorney locally. Many offer a free initial consultation. If you are not guilty on the...
I was pulled over for speeding and the officers said they could smell alcohol. I did imbibe in alcohol many hours prior to driving and knew I was fine by then. They asked me if I would submit to a "field sobriety test". I said I would. I was wearing very high heeled shoes at the time and figured that they might inhibit my ability to walk a straight line, so I took them off. Being barefoot on blacktop proved to be even worse, as I stumbled off the line a couple times because the blacktop was hurting my feet .They said I failed. They arrested me for a DWUI. When I arrived at the jail, I submitted to a breathalyzer. It was well under the legal limit. I spent the night in jail and was bailed out the next morning.
Everyone pleads not guilty at arraignment. You should retain a good DWI lawyer from Avvo in your area to handle the...
I would like to be proactive if that is possible. Would entering into an alcohol program prior to my court hearing have any effect on my case?
Your first step should be to consult with a local defense attorney about your case and potential defenses. If you...
can they still charge me with felony
Yes. You need a criminal defense attorney. If you can't afford one themask for a public defender.
Up until a few weeks ago I've never even had a speeding ticket. I was pulled over for a broken headlight and ended up with a DUI. I blew a .10 at the scene then a .06 at the station about an hour later. I did not post bail so I spent the night in jail then went straight to court. I knew nothing about what to expect or what to do so I just plead guilty after seeing the .10 on the police report. The judge did not sentence me there but set a date for sentencing since they needed my record from another state. Now I've done some research and realize I probably should have plead not guilty and hired an attorney. Is that not an option now that I already plead guilty? Do I just show up to sentencing and cross my fingers?
I don't practice in WY, but I would recommend you contact a competent criminal defense attorney in your area to review...
just got of fenoly probation for them,will my four make it a fith?
Well, if you had four DUI's, and just got another one, that would in fact be your fifth.
My son was the psgr in a one vehicle accident some 6 mos ago. Both he and the driver had been drinking. It was determined by the investigating ofcrs that my sons acquaintance was the driver because of the steering wheel impression on his chest. He was arrested that morning. My son was not. This case still has not made it's way to court. It seems the individual arrested has plead not guilty and will not confess to driving the vehicle. The DA has questioned my son and he has stated that he is 100% sure he was the psgr of the vehicle. He is now being told that the DA may very well charge my son with the same crime. Can they do that? He has not been lying to anyone and doesn't know how to prove his innocents. There were no witnesses.
Yes. They can. What they are looking for is someone to be a witness against the other party because they're having...