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Back in July I got a DUI. I've done almost everything, (just the rest of the fine to pay) and I'm eligible to get the restrictions on my license taken off this month. I lost the letter the DMV sent me with the date I could do so. I was wondering if there was a site link or something easier than actually going down there to check to see if I can yet, or am I screwed on that and need to quit losing things ? Thanks, Jack
Call DMV Mandatory Actions at 916-657-6525.
i wanted to know so if they do a dmv record check up for a job what will show up
10 years. That's how long it counts as a prior as well. You can get your own DMV history from them directly.
I am at inpatient rehab right now for 30 days I still have 1 more court hearing this month, I'm scared what will be my judgement, I only have public defender helping me.
The Judge has wide discretion as to how to sentence you in such a matter. There's no guarantee he/she will give you...
What will happen to my driver license i got 2nd DUI last December while I'm on probation with the first one, my BAC was over .08 and then I got pull over with break lights out plus suspended driver license, what will be the consequences?
Maybe. Depends on what happens with DMV. You could be looking at an extended suspension without restricted license if...
I got a Drunk in Public in Oakland and I still am on DUI probation till October of next year Sonoma County. This is the first time. I have the blow devise in car never failed. I don't drink at all that was a first slip
I assumed that your question is, will this be a probation violation? The answer is yes but SO LONG AS YOU DID NOTY...
I've had a license for 16 yearsthen under investigation for nearly two years for a complaint of me taking narcotics no proof was taking off to job for documentation no other problems
The California nursing board requires you to report any convictions. In fact, they likely already know, and if you do...
Just wanted to know.
It matters on the county. There are four counties within California wherein the court actually requires proof of...