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I have a warrant for my dui for not finishing my classes and not showing up to court, the cops have showed up to my house and gave me a ticket to show up to the clerk instead of arresting me and booking me. When i show up to the clerk, do i have to pay a bail since i have a warrant? or will the clerk give me a court date if i put my name on calendar. will the clerk arrest me or have to make me pay the bail? the officer said she will just put my name on calendar but i dont know how the bail works out. if i do have to pay bail, do i pay it to the clerk?
It is not possible to say without more. A qualified attorney can help you through the process and advise upon your...
She has major anxiety issues, bipolar disorder, etc.. There are official documents that show that she has been hospitalized due to her conditions in the past. She wants to avoid jail time, if possible.
Then she likely has a warrant for her arrest. The best way to avoid jail time, for both the warrant and the underlying...
I called DMV when I left the program in March to serve 1 year in jail (in LA county that is 9 days) rather then being on probation for 5 years. When I left I called the DMV and asked if I could get back into the program and get my license back. They said the program was good for 2 years from termination date. I re-enrolled in June and completed 12 months of 18 months yesterday. The school sent the DMV verification of the 12 month of completion. But today the MAU said that I had to complete the entire program. I am on a DMV order for the program as my probation was terminated early, so the court does not have any oversight at this time. But what do I do to get the DMV to reissue the CDL? I have been waiting forever to get my license back and the DMV has gone back on their word!
Are asking about getting a full unrestricted license back or a restricted license? To get the unrestricted, you must...
First DUI, violation of probation is due to driving with suspend license. Had a lawyer and haven't heard from him. Sherrif's came to my house yesterday. What can I do? Need a lawyer with payment plans and that can represent me ASAP.
14601, probation violation, and first time DUI, plus the warrant hearing can go either very well or very poorly...
I was pulled over and blew a.095. , the car wasn't even moving when pulled over I was stopped too long at a red when no cars were around because my friends gps was lagging on which direction to go. Anyways the officers liked me and felt bad so they said they will take a long time for us to get back to the station for a blood test. It took an extra hour and 44 minutes to get to the station for the blood test, they said they think I shouldn't worry about it because my bac would probably have got to at least .08 by then. My question is when I left the station the officer checking me out said there was no record of them taking my blood and that I was charged just on the .09 ( they only wrote .09 even though I blew .095) . Is it possible they will ignore that my blood was taken or is that illegal.
Stay off line with any further statements against interest and hire a DUI attorney ASAP; you are in real trouble and...
arrested after car was in a solo accident, no injuries, car impounded. took breath test and went to hospital for blood test. was told 1.9 was his reading. spent the night in jail. he was given his license back, no paperwork indicating a suspended license. first offense. needs his license for attending college.
To be honest with you the .19 reading and getting his license back are now supposed to happen. Therefore, I feel there...
I live out of state and had a .13 BAC.
There is a range. Just contact a few of us on Avvo to get quotes.