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I live outside of Ohio, but received a first offense high-tier OVI while visiting there a few years ago. I returned for court, pled guilty and served 3 days, with an AIP requirement. I have not attended the AIP, and there is now a bench warrant for failure to appear. Because I'm not a resident, attending the AIP is seriously prohibitive. Is there anything I can do to get the AIP requirement dropped? I need to clear or pay the ALS to renew in my home state.
You could probably attend a course outside of Ohio that satisfies the requirements of the AIP class. You would need to...
I was arrested for OVI (due to OHP seeing the warning label on my Norvasc bottle) & also MARKED LANES, hereafter "A" & "B" charges respectively. I took an independent test & showed no trace of alcohol or substance. Prosecutor was surprised by the discovery by OHP & offered to dismiss the OVI charge (the "A" charge) if I do not contest the 4511.33 (the "B") charge. ALS was vacated w/o cost. However, court records state that the "B" charge -- which I thought I was pleading "NO CONTEST" to -- was dismissed due to a "plea agreement" & the "A" charge was amended from OVI to 4511.33 M4 & I was later convicted of this amended charge. As an immigrant in the education field, I face job and INS complications. Arrest record also shows OVI. Can arrest records be destroyed or inaccuracies amended?
Yes, this is hard to do but possible. You will need an attorney to advocate for you now to see if anything can be done...
My wife wants to divorce me. I'm now worried about custody, because I've got 2 DUIs and a restraining order from a previous marriage. The DUIs and the RO happened about 15 years ago. Can they still affect my custody case? No criminal charges since then. Nothing in my current marriage. My son is 6.5.
I am not a custody or divorce lawyer. You should consult with one. Generally it is an issue they will reference, but...
im on probation for a underage back in june. i was recently arrested by an undercover saying i was drinking when i wasnt. they didnt perform any sobriety tests, they searched and seized my car without permission, and then they proceeded to let me go. what will happen in court if i fight the charge against me?
If found guilty of the charge, you will be sentenced accordingly. You haven't listed the charge so it is difficult to...
Is there any thing I can do to prevent these horrible past mistakes from ruining my life forever.I want to be licensed by the state in my profession Im going to school for.Thank-You.
Some States allow expungement of past arrests and criminal convictions. You should consult a criminal defense attorney...
I am getting a probation violation for a ignition interlock violation. Are they gonna make me serve the remainging time in ?
The court can impose part or all of your sentence if there was a violation of probation. Now, that being said, you...
He had a beer with dinner at 5:30 and didn't take the boat out until 8:00. He had to blow and nothing showed up. The ODNR said it was broke and made him give a urine sample
If he had no alcohol in his system, hire a local OH DUI lawyer to fight for his innocence.