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50 50 custudy wita dui
can i have a 50 50 custody of my doughter i i got a dui i got my licenses back is been about 2 years
Yes. If there is already an agreement for custody it will remain the same. Either party can petition the court to...
Is it a conflict of interest for an attny to represent someone in a DUI offense and also be witness/monitor in his custody case
the attorney is the defendants brother the case is in LA county the custody case had a 730 evaluation that determined alcolohism was a safety concern for custody the custody order references the DUI orders, but the attorney refuses to provide a copy
So someone subpoenaed your attorney to testify you in a custody case? - Conflict of interest usually goes towards...
Fight a DUI .10 alc level
I blew a .10 I am visiting from Bali and was driving my family's car I don't have one here. I'm supposed to leave back to Bali in January before my court it possible to get just reckless driving. I'm a sub teacher when I'm in ca and teach English in Bali
It is possible to get a reduction at that BAC level but a lot of things come into play. Was there an accident or what...
What can i do about this dui pending charge on July 30?
I was arrested 4th of july weekend. Pulled over in toy r us parking lot, not read my rights, passed field sobriety test from my point of view but they took blood at the station. On the citation they did not check off BAC level or anything, I had a couple beers early that day then ate BBQ then later that night have a couple while playing pool. They got half the people that were at the pool hall that night. Need some sound advice on how to proceed about this. I was not intoxicated or believe i was not over the limit from my understanding. This happened in visalia ca.
Nothing you describe is unusual for a DUI arrest. The only sound advice there is, is that you need a good DUI lawyer to...
What does it mean to have a sentence stayed in a driving conviction
In 2009 I plead guilty to driving on a suspended license and my sentence on the count record says "Sentenced stayed". The original suspension was in 2004 for 3 years. DMV says my license is revoked until 2013. I don't understand the discrepency
The DMV and the court system are 100% separate. The DMV not the court controls what happens to your license. Sentence...
DUI Felony
My fiancé was charged with a felony dui because it was his 4th. However, he was given as part of his punishment so to say that he would have to complete 6 months in an in patient program. We are wondering if there is anything we can do to avoid this since he will loose his job because of this and let's be honest is cutting people off from the ones that love and support them and sticking a bunch of people that have the same issue in a home together a good idea??? But his case was finalized last April and he hasn't had a drink since 2012 when his last dui was. We really need some legal advice and guidance. Thank you for your time.
What you are saying makes little sense. You said that he stopped drinking in can that be as he was...
Dui license suspension
DUI license suspension questions. I was convicted of a DUI in January in my personal vehicle. The DMV suspended my license for 6 months then send me a letter to disqualify my commercial class B for 1 year. My questions are 1. When could i start driving my class C regular driving again 2. Will that downgrade my commercial class B license? So how long do I have to wait if I want to receive my commercial license back? Do i have to take the test again 3. do i have to retake the test after 1 year? 4. So if i want my license back right now they will downgrade my class b to class c and if I wait one year i still have to retake the test again. Then what is the difference?
1. It depends. On a DUI there are typically 2 suspensions. One suspension is 6 months from the court conviction, but...