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  • City Pilots Program to Give Vandals Neighborhood Jus...

    Saturday Sep 13 | via 

    People who commit crimes that affect a community's quality of life -- such as graffiti and vandalism -- will be given a chance to avoid criminal charges if they agree to make amends to the community under a new program announced today by City Attorney Mike Feuer. A mediator and volunteer panel made up of people from the community will decide how the crimes should be addressed, and may direct perpetrators to paint over graffiti or repair the items that were vandalized.


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  • City Attorneya s pilot program aims for restorative ...

    Friday Sep 12 | via LA Daily News 

    Continuing his efforts to address neighborhood issues, City Attorney Mike Feuer announced plans Friday for a pilot program to involve community members in punishing offenders on quality-of-life issues. “The Neighborhood Justice program is part of a larger program on what this office can do as part of our community justice initiative,” Feuer said in a meeting with reporters at his City Hall office.


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  • Larry the Lawn Chair Pilot

    Wednesday Aug 27 | via BellaOnline 

    This is the most recent version of this True Urban Legend that I have found. The Airborne Lawn Chair A truck driver that had always wanted to learn to fly, but who's eyesight was too bad, came up with an alternative.


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San Pedro Law

can i have a 50 50 custody of my doughter i i got a dui i got my licenses back is been about 2 years
Yes. If there is already an agreement for custody it will remain the same. Either party can petition the court to...
the attorney is the defendants brother the case is in LA county the custody case had a 730 evaluation that determined alcolohism was a safety concern for custody the custody order references the DUI orders, but the attorney refuses to provide a copy
So someone subpoenaed your attorney to testify you in a custody case? - Conflict of interest usually goes towards...
I blew a .10 I am visiting from Bali and was driving my family's car I don't have one here. I'm supposed to leave back to Bali in January before my court it possible to get just reckless driving. I'm a sub teacher when I'm in ca and teach English in Bali
It is possible to get a reduction at that BAC level but a lot of things come into play. Was there an accident or what...
I was arrested 4th of july weekend. Pulled over in toy r us parking lot, not read my rights, passed field sobriety test from my point of view but they took blood at the station. On the citation they did not check off BAC level or anything, I had a couple beers early that day then ate BBQ then later that night have a couple while playing pool. They got half the people that were at the pool hall that night. Need some sound advice on how to proceed about this. I was not intoxicated or believe i was not over the limit from my understanding. This happened in visalia ca.
Nothing you describe is unusual for a DUI arrest. The only sound advice there is, is that you need a good DUI lawyer to...
In 2009 I plead guilty to driving on a suspended license and my sentence on the count record says "Sentenced stayed". The original suspension was in 2004 for 3 years. DMV says my license is revoked until 2013. I don't understand the discrepency
The DMV and the court system are 100% separate. The DMV not the court controls what happens to your license. Sentence...
I have completed all. My attorney stated that since i already completed 18 months of Alcohol education on my prior, the was no req. for it on this case, nor was it stated on my sentencing sheet. I just called DMV, MAU and the lady, stated my license is revoked for 3 years which i know, when i asked what can i do to get it reinstated, she said 12 months of an 18 month Alcohol class, when i said my terms and attorney stated i didn't need to, She says,'Either do it or DON'T" (someone didn't get laid i guess) and hung up. I called my Alcohol class and they are sending me my completion on the second DUI showing i finished my 18 months. What are my options at this point? Any help would be greatly appreciated, the attorneys on this board are so knowledgeable. Thank you and GOD BLESS.
The DMV and the court are two separate things. In order to get a license back, the DMV can require you to do things...
This was a sheet that was filled out and given after being booked for suspicion of DUI. This pink piece of paper outlines personal belongings at time of booking. It shows a date 7/14/14 8:30 AM at a court for arraign date. At the time of release from an overnight stay at Los Angeles County Jail, a yellow DUI ticket was issued with a court appearance date in October. There is confusion to know if it is still a requirement to go to the date specified on the pink sheet which shows 7/14/14, or if its just mandatory to go to the date specified on the yellow ticket. If anyone can please help and write about what it means for this arraign date? Thank You!
When were you arrested. The October date seems right if you were released. Ask your attorney.