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Got a restricted license due to first offense DUI which allows me to drive to/from/course of employment, and to/from DUI program. I am required to do 2 days of community service via the Sheriff's Work Program. Can I drive my car to these court ordered programs as well? and to the Sheriff's station for the initial interview? These are part of the requirements of my DUI conviction, so shouldn't they count as a "DUI program"? Thank you!
No. Unless you were convicted of a DUI in one of the pilot counties of Sacramento, Alameda, Tulare or Los Angeles and...
My son got pulled over Saturday for a DUI. He was .09 (one point over the legal limit). He has no priors. He has never been in trouble. He was booked and spent 7 hours in jail. They gave him a provisional license. They did not tow his vehicle. He goes to court in April. We can't afford a lawyer. I've never been in trouble, neither has he. We do not know what to expect or do. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
He has 10 days to schedule a DMV hearing. If he does not request one, his license will get suspended, no questions...
I found a few errors in my DUI Police report. I was stopped at 2215 & the Trombetta advisement was 2101. Is it possible that my saliva from a straw at the bar was collected before I was stopped? The reason why I ask, there was this man in the bar insisting on buying me a drink and then he disappeared and my empty glass was gone as well. The poilice report states that I initially refused the Field breathilizer test, and he then states that he placed me under arrest, and then I said I would agree to the test. He failed to mention in the police report that he threatened me with 2 years suspended license, "do you understand that?". The other observation I see is that at approx 2215 hours he pulled me over and my breathilizer tests were at 2225 & 2229, that's not 15 mins wait.
Wow. You have a lot of questions. I will answer one, and leave the rest to a DUI attorney. If can can afford one,...
I was in a parking lot with two flat tires looking up numbers to call a tow truck. When a cop arrived I got out of the car explained to him the situation and showed him the two tires. He smelled alcohol on my breath and started administering the field sobriety test and a breathalyzer. I kept telling the cop I was not driving, in fact was looking up phone numbers for AAA to tow me. They took me to the police station where I tried to give the breath test but the machine could not get a reading. The kept me in custody overnight and charged me with VC 23152 (A). I have proof that I did not drive for a long time before the cops arrived. My fitness band automatically records when I sleep and it shows I slept for 3 hours and 20 mins prior to the cops arriving. Can I get my DUI case dismissed?
It may be difficult, but not impossible. I recommend that you contact a few attorneys for a free consultation to...
This is my first time arrest and with BAC of 0.08. Can I delete this arrest/criminal record?
Assuming that the local prosecutor chooses not to formally charge you with DUI in court, YES you may have the arrest...
Does it really not make a difference that the passenger, who ended up getting hurt, knew that his driver had been drinking with him and got in the car knowingly (as knowingly as a drunk person can)? Is the passenger also being drunk any help to the defendant's case?
No and no.
I was arrested for (148), I spent night in jail, I was given a court date. Last week I got signed letter from filing DA saying they've rejected case for filing at this time and I do not have to report to court. My questions: 1. can I obtain the police report to determine what the officer wrote - how do I do that (just go to police station and make request)? 2. Can/should I pursue a 851.8 petition to convert the arrest to a "detention only" (how is this done)? 3. Officer initially arrested me after I said I would sue him for harassing and roughing me up [I was not injured] (he called his supervisor and he told me his supervisor said he "had to" arrest me because I threatened a lawsuit) - will requesting police report or further pursuit of matter trigger DA to reconsider and file case?
You should consult an attorney that handles both criminal and civil rights cases. Firms like mine and those of the...