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Can my case be dissmissed or won ?
I was arrested and charged with a mesdemeanor dui. Throughout my arrest my Miranda rights where not Read to me I passed all the sobriety test given to me prior to being arrested. At the end I submitted to a blood test... Results have yet to prove my Alcohol level... What can I do
The answer is: maybe. It really is impossible to know. You don't provide facts nor should you. There is a lot that you...
Would someone for sure go to prison for a 4th dui in 12 years plus evading the peace officer?
No criminal back ground other than DUIs. This person is an alcholic and needs help not prison
Nothing is "for sure" because although a 4th and evading a peace officer may be aggravating factors when it comes to...
Need a pro bono attorney willing to help. Received a DUI in Nov. 2013 while on sleeping medication. No memory of event.
Medication is part of class action law suit for "Sleep Driving". I am currently unemployed after 35 yrs. due to this incident. I also have a wrongful termination case ongoing, nut need help with this. Do you know someone in the Fresno area that can help. I have some documentation related to medication.
I'm in Virginia and can't help you. But you should click looking for a lawyer tab not posting a question as many...
Will I be granted my exemption for my IID?
I have been ordered by courts to install an IID for one year after driving on a suspended license in my old roommate's car back in 2013. Case resolved 2015. I have a non-owner's insurance policy (I neither own a car nor have access to one, but still prefer to have a license so a period of time without incident can pass while having it), and live alone (no longer in contact with the roommate aka owner of car). I filed for an exemption, and the DMV denied, stating they think I still have access to the vehicle. The vehicle was never picked up from the impound, they turned it over to the lot. They asked I send a letter stating I don't have access to the vehicle. I am sending it, but do you think I will be granted exemption? All it is is me stating I dont have access to the vehicle. Worried.
You should hire an attorney to deal with DMV Driver Safety Mandatory Action. They are one of the worst government...
Will my neighbor be getting charged with DUI?
My alcoholic neighbor was involved in a "suspected" DUI on 2/4/15. He abandoned his disabled vehicle after driving on the rims because he blew all the tires out hitting curbs along the way. He then attempted to walk home, was confronted by concerned citizens and held down until the police showed up. He appeared to be extremely intoxicated and was slipping in and out of consciousness. The police showed up and arrested him then took him away. One hour later he was back home with a ride from his wife and she said he was not booked or charged with anything. We are confused and outraged by this. I called the police and they would not acknowledge anything happened. (Never mind the path of destruction, helicopter, police, fight, obvious impairment and the fact my home security captured it all)
Only the District Attorney's Office in Fresno can truly answer this question. Sorry.
I need a lawyer that has family, DUI, and criminal background Fresno free consultation that takes payment
Child custody, special needs daughter mother filed 7/14 full custody, and ud, pct mother caused dv father filed to mother had lawyer write agreement both signed dropped to mother filed 2 rto first one denied, 2nd 3 days different judge granted move out
The reason your not getting responses is that you posted the question under the practice area ETHICS. I am reposting...
Stature of limition expires for my DUI case expires in 1 month, what to do after?
My case expires on February 17,I have a little over a month to go, I was told to do nothing g and lay low, can please someone be more elaborate and in detail on what I need to do wit the DMV and what I need to do to seal or expunge the arrest? Please advise
You did not pose an immigration related question and I will re-tag for you.