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My bf got arrested for a dui in Las Vegas august 1. He wasn't given permission for a phone call and the police officer didn't tell him his Miranda rights. He is now going to court in September. This is his first time offense. He is supposed to renew his deferred action and we are wondering if that dui would deny him the deferred action and he would loose his good job and get deported. We are from California.
You need to contact a Las Vegas DUI attorney IMMEDIATELY! In California you have only 10 days from the incident to...
Blood draw, the thing is that the officer dont know or didnt notice but I was under the influence of methamphetamine,and they thought I was only drunk...Well i want to know if when they took my blood will that come out asa well and will affect me? And if when i go 2 court will they drug test me again that same day?
Unless the police put down that they believed you were a alcohol drug combo you will not be analyzd for drugs if your...
I was waiting for a cab ride on the shoulder of Gilmans Springs rd. Just this past Wednesday, when a truck driver hit me in the back ,but only clipping my left ARM shredding my jacket and injuring my left terrified some one is out to hurt me and will not walk anywhere. I feel like im in danger and very afraid. Changing my Life and I want justice for myself & others that may be at the risk of that faulty driver. He should have stopped at the minimal. Thank GOD Im still alive ,however, I feel very terrified & shocked to have Gone through this traggic experience.
Yes, you can sue him. Hopefully, you got his driver's license or a witness saw the accident or you reported it to the...
i told my counselor that i need to summit proof of completion (paperwise) and she didnt knew about but just told me to wait that they were going to send electonically to the Sac. dmv... is this right? i have to show proof by 1/11/12
The Provider of the classes should notify the Court. You did not get a certificate, because they do not want you to...
I refused the roadside test. I received a 1year APs....only 14weeks to go. The DMV said No Problem with license re-instatement, in march. I need to erase the DMV records ...HOW? ........DUI dropped to a 1point illegal lane change.
You need to request a new hearing. To do this you get a DS702 form. To be successful hire an attorney. Robert Driessen
The DA dropped the DUI to a illegal lane change 1 point. I refused the Test ie; APS suspension. 14 weeks to go till 12months is over.
You need to request a new hearing. To do this you get a DS702 form. To be successful hire an attorney. Robert Driessen
I need to find out where and how to obtain the form, i am almost done with 1year Admin Per se, only 14 weeks to go. I dont need to reverse their decision , ; just have it removed from the RECORDS. I only plead to a illegal lane change 1 point total
Check out DMV website. They have a section for forms. You can also do a search on that site. Google!!