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Is there any Law or anything he or I can do so he can get reduced sentence for 4th DUI not a crime .
My husband was arrested for 4th DUI his currently serving his sentenced time he has to be in there for 438 days we want to know is there anything that can release him early his under AB 109 also he doesn't qualify for house arrest is there anything hi does qualify for .
4th DUI is a crime it is a felony. You should talk to his attorney that represented him for any recommendation that he...
Is this attorney a legit real lawyer or a scam please help me please
Christopher R.Kelley and associates
The website you linked is for David Chesley. Regardless, you can find out if a lawyer is actually licensed, what...
I was convicted of dui 5/13. I was sentenced to 60 hours-of classes which is a 9 month
Is it possible to enter an inpatient treatment center for 5 days hand have the court count the 5 days inpatient the same as 9 month program.
No. It's not. You can go back to court and request that, but I wouldn't hold my breath that the court will allow it.
How much time will i serve if I violated my probation for second DUI?
My boyfriend got pulled over without a license and was on probation for his second, he was arrested and our car was taken too
Its hard to say.. will the violation be his first violation of probation on this 2nd DUI? I would imagine the court...
I have a brother that was arrested in california for a FELONY DUI. He is on probation and he also is a two striker. ..any hope??
Does that interfere with his strikes? what are the odds of him winning the case? he was released this year and was out for at least 4 months...i just want to know the expected outcome for this case so i can be prepared. Thanks
There is no expected outcome. Your brother's outcome will depend on the specific facts and circumstances of his case....
I got 2 dui's. 2weeks apart.'08. Need to replace my residency card,changed last name after divorce.would it get revoked?
I finished everything the court assigned immediately. Cases were processed concurrent. I also got divorced,my ssn and dl were changed back to my maiden name.Im trying to leave the country to visit family for the 3rd time. I could try to replace my RC, would it get revoked due to dui's? or i could travel with documments that still show my married last name.(my previous rc and dl. Not expired). My ?' Is would they not let me back in? Would they know i changed my name?
No. Your PRS should not be revoked for DUI's. However a person can be denied NATZ and possible have their PRS revoked...
Can i expunge a d.u.i in california?
i want to expunge my dui from my record in california is it possible?
It is actually quite easy. First of all, you need to be off probation. If you are not off probation but have...