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Before Arrest: Breath Test Is (Usually) Voluntary When performing a DUI investigation, many officers will attempt to get you to perform what is called a Preliminary Alcohol Screening (PAS) test befor
This is my second DUI offense. I was arrested because I blackout and crash into the neighbors yard. I submitted to a blood test and it came out that my bac level was .08. I was restrained from the officers and was tackled resulting from bruises and cuts.
There may be lots of issues regarding your case that an attorney would have to find out about in the discovery process....
Found guilty in Contra Costa Co, Walnut Creek (now Martinez) on 7/25/2007. Have not been driving since and would like to drive again. All fees and fines paid for and have a current SR-22 on file.
No. That was part of the agreement. You wouldn't like it for the court to come back years later and say "I know we...
Despite the downward trend in incidents of drunk driving in recent years, statistics show that there is a DUI-related fatality every 45-60 minutes in the US. This may be why most states have cracked down on drunk driving by increasing statutory penalties, especially for repeat of...
If you are convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) by a trial court, you still have a right to appeal the court's finding to an appeal (sometimes called appellate) court. This appeal is not automatic. Appellate courts are very strict about when appeals are filed. There is ...
Quise aplicar en un trabajo y me dijieron que si limpiaba mi record podria calificar y nesesiti saber lo mas pronto possible y me mandarian a una escuela para estudiar y tener experiensia y eso es lo unico que me sierra las puertas el (DUI)
Please ask in English and maybe Ill be able to answer.
A DUI conviction typically includes probation, which is designed to deter repeat behavior and ensure that you stay out of other legal trouble. If you are arrested for a serious crime while on probation, you can have your probation revoked. Your DUI probation conditions will depend on where you live,