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Is a DUI considered a "serious" misdemeanor?
I applied for a job at the airport and one of the questions asked if I had a "serious" misdemeanor but I wasn't sure what a DUI is considered so I put no, I've had 2 interviews already and of course they're going to do a background check, should I bring it to their attention?
It's a fairly serious misdemeanor. It's odd question for them to ask, but it will be revealed, so you should probably...
Never received DUI citation in mail
I was in a DUI car accident and crashed into a boulder. no other party involved. Police and medics arrived at the scene and told me that i would be getting a DUI. I had broke my leg severely and was rushed to the hospital for surgery and stayed there for 5 days. It has now been three weeks and i have not heard back from police.
you may not receive a notice to appear in the mail. Our office has been seeing an increase in arrest warrants for this...
On probation for Domistic volince and got a DUI
Hit a frence becouse of flat tire left the car there went to my house 6miles away to get my husband and a jack had a drink at home becouse I was shaken up police came to my home and c arrested me for DUI
OK, so you hit a fence and went home for help, while you were there you had a drink and the police came. Are you...
After DUI Dismissal
My arrest was 4/2013, i went to court for this may 12, when i asked the court clerk to clear my fta she hit me with the dui 6 month suspension, now my case is dropped and i need to know if this suspension has to be served or not. I called dmv and they tell me to contact Mandatory actions unit but they dont answer. on top of everything i blew a .758(at pd) and was 22, i blew .083(field breathlyzer). should i wait for court to update dmv? or keep trying the dead number MAU
I'm sorry, but I can't figure out what happened. You say the DUI was dismissed, but you also had an FTA. The DMV...
Can a firefighter make a citizen arrest for a DUI?
I was driving through an accident and a fireman waved me down and told me to stop and wait because he said I was driving recklessly. I waited and then a cop shows up and I ended up being arrested for DUI. The report I got from the DMV says that the fireman did a citizen arrest and that the cop took over after. Can they do that? Is that enough reason to stop me? Thought they need to see me drive etc. I wish I would have just continued on...
Yes, a fireman can make a citizen's arrest. Retain counsel.
Wrongfully arrested and charged for DUI. Will i need an attorney?
I was wrongfully arrested and charged for dui, i had too much to drink so my friend was my designated driver. when we got out of the bar and to my car, person who parked in front of me accuse us of hitting his car and called the police. Cops came and question us and gave me the breath test, of course i was drunk but i wasnt driving. Police made their mind that i was the driver and arrested me. From the damages of both our vehicles, it seems someone had side swiped both our cars while we parked. To even accuse me of doing that is ridiculous sense we both parked on the left side on a one way street and out damages is on the right side. They have taken my license. This is my first time being charged with anything. Im seeking legal advice on what to do. My friend is my witness.
Are there witness(es) that say they saw you cause the damage? Were you drinking before you got to this place where your...
Will i do time for evading a dui check point?
I have a suspended licence in 2002 for two dui s. In 2012 i got two back to back driving on a suspended licence, did 5 days. Two months ago i did a u turn a block away from the dui check point a motor officer stop me i pulled over, he gave me a ticket and impounded my car. I had to walk home with a ticket to appear in court. I read the ticket and it states evading a dui check point. Am i in big trouble when i appear in court? I was not even drunk, nor do i even drink alcohol or beer.
Are you in "big trouble?" Depends how you define big trouble. If your license is still suspended and the suspension is...