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How much should I expect to pay for a DUI expungement?
I see all these places advertising for $200 and then some places charge $2,000. What should I expect? What is typical?
Nothing is typical because lawyers are different and more importantly expungement are different. Some are a lot more...
Will a DUI expungement help me get a SENTRI pass?
Do expungements help when it comes to that at all or is it just up to the US Border Patrol?
I have clients with dismissed duis who have then been able to obtain SENTRI passes. Keep in mind that there is no true "...
If my friend had a Dwi in Texas 3 years ago and the case was sealed, then got one in Cali now, would that be considerd
would if be considered first offense in the state of Cali or 2nd?
The fact it was "sealed" is not determinative. What is determinative are the specific elements of "DUI" offenses in...
Penalty for driving a car without an IID when everyone else was intoxicated?
Back in June I had an IID restriction on my license. I drove a car without an IID because I was the only sober person. The car ran out of gas and I didn't speak up to the cops at the time out of fear and the owner ended up with a DUI. Later, I told the truth to the DA and the PD and have been subpoenaed. The PD says that the DA may try to charge me with a probation violation. What could happen to me if I testify instead of pleading the 5th? My restriction ended in December and I am no longer required to drive with an IID
Before spending any money you could benefit from meeting with an attorney to discuss further. Even if you decide not to...
4th DUI, does he needs a experienced DUI attorney?
My friend just got his 4th DUI in 5 years. The last DUI he served 180 days in a court ordered facility where he paid to reside. He was allowed to keep his job reporting back to the facility after 8 hours. How likely is it that he could get the same? Could he get house arrest, ankle monitor? No accident involved & a lower BAC. Thank you.
I think you know the answer. YES, he needs a very good local attorney and he needs to admit himself to a residential...
Received 1st offense dui with BAC of 0.18. Have RN license. How do I choose best criminal defense attorney via avvo?
No priors on drivers license or professional license. When using avvo, what is more important while researching lawyer? amount of endorsements (if so is the importance of how many recently or in total?) , amount of client reviews (also is importance of total reviews or most recent within last 6 months), or percentage of DUI cases? If lawyer contributes to avvo, does it enhance their promotion on the site?
A lawyer's participation in this site does not enhance their AVVO rating--which is a mysterious thing indeed. It...
Hello, I recently started a new job in hometown but I know I have active warrant for DUI three in San Diego.
I currently have been for two years living in Sacramento, and years prior to my short lived stay in San Diego. I received a wet and reckless at age 20 and dui at age 22 followed by Dui 3 at age 23. I never went to court regarding dui 3. I now work at a very good job at Apple. I also am engaged and have my first child on the way. I do not want to lose these things due to something hanging over my head. I want to know cost of fighting/settling my dui case without losing my job. Is there any hope? I cant take off120 days to go jail I am the only provider at this time. Options if any??
First, you need to have the bench warrant recalled in San Diego. An attorney can try to do this for you, but some...