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I got arrested 3 times in southern california in april 2013 #1 for misdermeanor indecent exposure in walmart and assault on a police officer, posession of $10 worth of marijuana #2 pubic intoxication charge for beer #3 public intoxication charge for beer. I'm on summary probation for fictitious money. 9 months before I got taken to a mental hospital by california cops for a evaluation for 1 day and I'm on SSI and social security for head trauma and have been diagnosed with peranoid schizophrenia, bi polar and severe TMJ illness and I have warrants on all these cases because I was seeing a therapist for these cases in alabama.
I don't understand the question but I think that you are asking if the new charges would be a probation violation. It...
I got pulled over for not turning on my signal light at about 2:34a.m. on 3/20/2014. At least that's what I was told after he had asked me if anyone in the car had been drinking earlier that evening. I was honest enough to say that I had a couple earlier that evening. He proceeded to do the sobriety test after i told him that the pavement wasn't even and I had a fractured knee in the past. So he told me to go ahead and continue on this side and it was a drive way. So i did and failed. He asked me if i wanted to blow thru the breathalyzer or have blood drawn and I refused both because I've heard bad stories about them. It was a C.H.P. that pulled me over not a police or sheriff. My whole thing here is can this be dismissed? He picked on me. There was no traffic.
the good news is that the CHP should have a video of the encounter including your driving and why the officer actually...
I got pulled over after 2am on my drive home from friends house.the officers reason for pulling me over was that I swerved Between 1 and 2 lanes. He asked for my license ect I gave it to him. He them asked me to get out and do the field . The sheriff keep messing up on what he was instructing me to do. But I still did what he asked. Also he had me doing the test going up hill I didn't get offered a breathalyzer at the scene, he just took me in. There I had my blood drawn forcefully. With out my consent . But I still did it . There they said I had a bac of .08 with a up sign idk what that means. . I made my dmv hearing it's not for another month I won't be able to afford a lawyer. What are my chances with a public defender getting it reduced. Or dismissed. No prior problems with law
Good. The blood, and maybe all the rest of the evidence, may be suppressed. You should consider finding the money to...
My license was suspended in 2012 for a failure to pay on a failure to stop at a stop sign. I recently got pulled over and got a driving while suspended ticket. Soon after the ticket, I reinstated community service from another county to remove the suspension. (I was doing the CS before I got the DWS ticket, but wasn't able to complete it. (I assume this proves I knew about the suspension)). My arraignment is tomorrow, but I still have 18 hrs left before the suspension is removed. Should/Can I plead not guilty, finish my CS, then plead guilty on the trial date? Or plead guilty at the arraignment? I guess it comes down to weather or not reinstating my license will ease the punishment.
See what the offer is from the prosecutor and decide from there. It is premature for anyone to answer this question...
I was given a dui,and my vehicle was broken down on the freeway.i did admit to having a drink or so before driving.i was there in total about a hour and a half.i was going to just sit tight til daylight.I had the vodka with me i bought earlier that eve,and took a few drinks from it,i had nothing else to i was getting very some point i called 911 and asked them to send truck to tow me to a hotel for the nite.they did ,and a short while later a cop car came up behind me.he said my eyes were buggd out and red,and i smelled like booze.but I had graves disease which made my eyes bulge,and stay very red and irritated!! How would any of you approach poking holes in this as defense???
There a quite a few issues raised by the facts that you have provided. Also, some information is missing. What type...
I was pulled over and asked to step out and take some field sobriety tests. I did good on the FST, so next the officer asked me to take a Pas breathalyzer test. I told him I prefer to take a blood test. I was taken to the station and told I need to take a breathalyzer test because a blood test was not available. I refused and told them I will only take a blood test. They were unable to get a phlebotomist there to take a blood sample and I was released a few hours later with a notice to appear ticket vc 23152(a) DUI and a 30 day temporary license for the refusal. I contacted the dmv to schedule a hearing to contest the license suspension.
I have one of those cases right now. They can and they do. Good fact that can be very helpful though.
No physical symptoms on police report of a person exhibiting a .22 bac. Officer says I missed a stop sign. No FST done. Officer said I refused. Officer last dui training was over ten years ago. No video/audio. Is there a defense?
Very possible. You need an attorney for both the criminal and DMV matter. Get one ASAP. Andrew Roberts (818) 597-0633