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What does 23103A vc mean in my dmv record?
I was charge with dui but was brought down to wet reckless
That is the code section for a reckless driving, and it is probably the wet reckless that was reduced from a DUI. If so,...
First offense dui with 2 counts of child endangerment ...
I did 25 days in jail and released with so many conditions. that i simply couldn't do. 1 year 1/2 of weekend work release, 52 weeks of child abuse class plus a alcohol class. .due to work it was impossible. i have a court date coming and need a attorney . I'm now ready to face And do what needs to be done
OK. Sorry to hear about this. I do not know your question. Do you have a question?
Officers never saw me drive. Approached my vehicle two hours post breakdown and last drink. Can BAC RESULTS BE CHALLENGED??
I was given a DUI charge after being stranded on the freeway over two hours after I had last drank. They gave me a field sobriety test and I blew over the limit. My question is ..Don't they have to know what your BAC level was at the time you drove?? Or can they just make the assumption your BAC two hours later is unchanged?? I know for certain I wasn't drunk. I tried to elaborate and give them the details, but was told to tell it to the judge. Cant I easy bring doubt as to the results?? Shouldn't they have wanted to know these things? I was told by officers at the station I couldn't even be charged being keys weren't in ignition. Do I have a good shot at beating this?? I did have the remainder of liquor in my car(bagged). Just to have my belongings gathered once truck arrived.
Both of your statements are correct. The DA has to prove your BAC at the time of driving. HOWEVER, VC 23152 also...
Ex recorded sex tape while I was drunk in hotel room in California. What legal actions can I take?
My ex recorded us having sex after drinking alcohol at a hotel room. I blacked out and barely remember having sex until I vaguely woke up naked and saw him connecting a camera to his laptop. The next morning I saw the videos in the camera, and angrily deleted the sex videos. I asked him to delete any copies he had, he said he didn't save anything. This was in California about 4 years ago. I still worry about it in the back of my head for the past four years, and I don't want to live in fear for the rest of my life that he has the power to distribute videos of me being naked. What can I do?
You can contact the police, and should, but the statute of limitations may have passed. Let the police ask the...
DUI Class completed after completion date = Bench warrant Issued.
I completed my 18 month program two weeks ago. Apparently, the class was supposed to be cone by September, unbeknownst to me. Now, I check the mail and there is a bench warrant because I did not finish the class by the allotted time due to me using up all the allowed absences. I have a date and time to show up to court, but I wanted to know what are the possible outcomes for this. I called the clerk's office but all she said is that I needed to show up. I would much rather have a public defender or an attorney to go in for me, just in case they would want to arrest me right then and there. Thanks!
Relax. If you completed the class and the program submitted the certificate of completion, you'll be fine. The judge...
No probable cause for DUI arrest exists. Used an old dent on my car as the reason for contact.
Parked car with ignition off, eating fast food with a friend. Sheriff Deputy, stops and knocked on window asking for roll down. Points to an old dent and asked if I was in an accident. Told him "No" the damage was old. Officer stated that that he smelled alcohol on my person and ordered me to do a field balance test. Stated that I passed. He then asked me to take a PAS test and I refused. He stated that if I refused I would go to jail. I took the test and registered a .08.6% He then arrested me for DUI.
You need to retain an attorney and challenge the legality of the stop. There are several attorneys from San...
I had charges of drunk in public,and resisting arrest that were both dismissed. But DA amended a third charge of 415 infraction?
Was offered three separate plea bargains that I turned down, finally DA ends up dismissing both M148, M647 charges and adds a third of I415 on. Why dismiss the others, and add one more? What does this third charge after dismissal on other two mean, and why?
Why do this? To obtain a conviction of some sort. The fact that the other two charges were dismissed first really...