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I have a good job and I'm going to school for electronic engineering. Will my DUI history hurt me when applying for a job?
I have 2 DUIs from 11 years ago.
Your offenses are old enough that hopefully employers will not judge you too harshly on your distant past. Those...
1 dui in 1994 -- 2nd in 1996 -- now a dwi in 2012 for rx drug which i taken by my dr.
how long will i lose my license if convicted for the 3rd -- am being charged 1st offense on 3rd -- 18 yrs since 1st -- 16 yrs since first one for alcohol and 2nd one for same -- question is hong will i lose my license -- i do know i can get dui or dwi for rx. also can i get a restricted license with these situations.
You really need an attorney in your case. You should interview several attorneys and hire the one that seems best for you.
3 dui in 18 yrs in virginia
how long will i lose my license if convicted of 3rd after 16 yrs from second and 18 yrs since first one
You should contact a DUI attorney in your area. In CA, DUI's are priorable for 10 years, so DUI's over 10 years apart...
How can I expunge my DUI record? its been 11 years since last conviction.
DUI in 2000 and one in 2002. entered a guilty plea on both but already have gotten my license back, paid my fines. please help.....
You can't get it expunged if you were found guilty in Virginia.
UK citizen arrested in Virginia for reckless driving, will be back in the UK on court date, what to do?
My husband and I are from the UK, currently visiting the US. My husband was arrested earlier today for reckless driving for driving at 100mph. He was released and given a court date for the end of October. By then we will be back in the UK, is it expected that he will have to attend in person or can we hire a lawyer to represent him in absentia? He will plead guilty, pay a fine, whatever he needs to do, we just want this to go away and to still be able to visit the USA again in future (if he is still allowed).
Have husband contact a VA attorney who handles reckless driving cases in the county where he was ticketed. Use the...
Do I still have to take the Va asap program to get my drivers license back?
I was arrested & charged with a DUI in 2007. I was sentenced to 1yr suspend license, a hefty i, and no probation. After wat I believe was my sentence, my lawyer requested that I at least be allowed a restricted license. The judge complied & allowed me on completion of the asap program. I lost my job shortly after and have still never took asap.. although the conditions of a "restricted license" was I complete asap 1st does that apply to a regular license & do I still have to take asap the able to get my license back even tho its well past the courts 1yr suspension?
If you go to DMV, you need to ask for a compliance summary. This will tell you what you need to do to be eligible for...
2 dui - one in 1994 - the other 1996 - now in 2012 got a dwi -will this be felony since it was 16 years and more since last one
am being charge for 1st offense for 2012 offense
No. To be a felony the three offenses must be committed within a 10 year period. However, the judge will see the record...