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  • Two arrested on drug charges after traffic stop in H...

    Friday | via West Virginia Metro 

    Two individuals were arrested Thursday night in Harrison County after heroin was found in their vehicle during an undercover operation and traffic stop. John Charles Wade, 27, of Salem -but formerly of McKeesport, Pennsylvania- and Price Javon Patterson, 28, of McKeesport, were allegedly found with two buns of heroin valued at $400 on the street and $6,841 in currency by the Harrison County Street Crimes and Drug unit, according to Sheriff Albert Marano's office.


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Can an intoxicated person give a statement that results in a search warrant?
An intoxicated woman was pulled ovr, charged with a DUI, and made a statement that resulted in a search warrant of an unrelated residence. Is it legal to obtain a search warrant on the statement of an intoxicated woman who was charged with DUI?
Sure, happens all the time. Clearly, even in her intoxicated condition she provided sufficient details that convinced...
Is it required in WV to have a interlock system in your car to get your DL back
I got a dui in december 2010 in WV but had a PA licence at the time im a resident of WV now and i was told to get my dl back i have to have a blow and go in my car for 9 months is there a statue of limitations to where i can wait a number of years before i try t get my dl back and not have to get a blow and go or is it something i have to do and is required to do before they will give my dl back cause i got my dl suspended in febuary of 2011 and it is now 2014 its been 3 years since ive had a licence i know i have to do the dui classes but is the blow and go still required after all this time
Had you had competent dui counsel back in 2010, and as a non-resident, you could have elected the six month no driving...
Is there any way in which one can have their DUI record expunged after a certain period of time?
Didn't have a lawyer (wrong decision) and pled guilty because I thought I had to. Was given the option to face prison time or home confinement...again, because I thought I had to.....
According to the West Virginia DMV: "Points for a given infraction remain on a driver’s record for two years after...
Round two...arrested for DUI in August...pulled over for 'high beams'...pled guilty as I didn't know the ramifications.
Recently received letter from the DMV of license revocation April 12th. Can challenge and represent myself or have an atty...grounds for challenging? I didn't refuse the secondary chemical test; no reasonable suspicion existed to initiate the traffic stop and/or detain me. Would this be a waste of time? I can have the arresting officer present....
You may want to speak with an attorney to discuss whether it is worth challenging since you have already been convicted...
Was pulled over Aug 30, 2013 for flashing my headlights and charged with DUI. Pled guilty.
This is the only reason I was pulled over. I blew a 0.19 and spent the night in jail. The next morning at my hearing...the Magistrate and bonds people were laughing at why I was pulled over. I pled guilty not wanting to rock the boat as I had never been in this situation before. I ended up with 30 days home confinement and just did receive my notice for suspension (January 9, 2014). Can I try to challenge the DMV and the arresting officer for not having probable cause to pull me over?
You would have been allowed to challenge the suspension of your driver's license if you or your Counsel were to have...
Pled no con. driving revo. dui lawyer told me no further action on license. Got suspended lawyer lied. Can i file appeal
Pled no contest driving revoked dui , no plea bargin and 30i days house arrest, 1500 dollors in the hole and licence suspended another 6 months. lawyer told me no further action on license
I'm hoping that perhaps your lawyer made a mistake, as opposed to lied. I suggest giving that attorney a call and...
Pled guilty in jan 2012 for dui, GOT REVOKED for 1 year. oct 2012 dri revoked pled no contest on jan 2013 , revo another 6m
What can i do to get my license back ive learned my lesson
I'd suggest calling your state's version of DMV, and seeing what they say before calling an attorney. Good luck.