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I have the interlock installed and the man that installed it said that pizza, ashtma inhalers and certain types of gum would cause the interlock to fail. I consumed all of these within 10-15 minutes of being pulled over. I blew a .14 at the station, but was not given breathalyzer at the scene, should I have been?
You should discuss this with the company that installs these devices. Courts use these devices because they are...
It is my only offense evvveerr
Unfortunately, DUI's cannot be expunged from your record.
I've been told that driving another person's vehicle in WV while under the influence can cause them to get a dui as well. Is this true? And is it also true for married couples?
It's a WV myth and not the law in any state in the United States. DRIVING under the influence requires that the person...
Do they require anything of the employer?
If you have lost your right to drive, you've lost your right to drive in all circumstances. Check with the DMV if there...
Hearing was postponed numerous times. Cop did not show in hearing 6 1/2 years later but was allowed to call to testify but lawyer was not informed of this. So many things have changed in 6 yrs.
I can't fathom a situation where a cop testifies 6 1/2 years later unless you were the person who caused the delay....
He hasn't driven or tried to get his license since the suspension.
Call WV DMV in order to determine what is outstanding on his drivers license.
18 months causing me to loose my job. The first DUI was in 2010 and keeps getting delayed then was arrested again for 2nd DUI in 2012 also no convictions. Clay Co. charged me with driving on suspended and gave me 30 days in jail which was appealed. I am having a terrible time trying to get my license back and have not been convicted. My breathalyser was zero on both tests but failed the test because of my bad knees. Please help
With the way that the system is set up in West Virginia, and also most other states, you do not need to be convicted of...