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1999 - 19 years old .02 but under zero tolerance. Completed all classes license reinstated 2000 2001 July - DUI - 2001- November - DUI .24 I went to court for the second two at the same time. I'm off probation. I also went to repeat offender dui class. Paid in full. Went the whole first year in Santa Barbara at CADAand had the second phase left which was 6 months. I relocated to Sac. About 4 years went by and I didn't do anything but work and forgot about the class. Well CADA in SB has lost my records. Do I have to start over ? Or since it's been so long do I even need to take the classes anymore please help ! Thanks
Contact DMV Mandatory Actions Unit in Sacramento. It sounds like you might have to start all over. You probably have a...
Hello I was convicted of a DUI a little over a years ago. Since then i have finished all of the requirements to have an unrestricted license. I am looking for a new job and future employers may do a back ground check. With the dui show up on my record? If So is there any thing i can do about this?
It is highly likely that it will show up. Once you have completed probation, you can make a motion pursuant to Penal...
I've been charged with a DUI and chose to take the blood test however the results are still unavailable and my arraignment was postponed for 2 months. I have a hearing with DMV over the phone in several days so I'm wondering if they'll still be able to suspend my license based on the officer's report and the field sobriety test alone.
Most likely the DMV will be asking for a continuance of your hearing. You need to retain an attorney right away. An...
I am from CA, went to school in FL. I graduated school last year and started working on a temporary contract in FL. I did not send back my CA DL b/c of that, but I did not intend on returning to CA b/c I was waiting for my full time offer. I have gotten that offer now. My court case was March, completed the FL DUI education program and am now in treatment and finishing community service. I went to the B of Admin Rvw and they told me that my name is on the NDRA and I have to my name off. I called the CA DMV and was told me that they'll send me an affidavit, I send them a fee, and I file my SR 22 in FL and do not apply for a CA DL for 3 years. I talked to a lady and she said I couldnt drive for 6mnths or I had to come back and complete all ed. rqmts. How do I handle this ?
You should speak with a FL attorney about this or Florida DMV .
I received no ticket, went to all court dates when told case was dismissed. I didn't have a lawyer. DMV still says it's a DUI and it counts as a second.
It's probably the administrative suspension from the arrest. You can obtain a copy of your driving record from the DMV...
3 years after a DUI I had my case expunge, now I would like to pursuit my license but how much would it cost and do I have to take a LVN refeasher course prior to reinstatement case
What specifically was the reason for the LVN revocation? I ask this since a typical dui is not considered a crime of...
I plan on transferring my 5 year probation from CA to WA. My child's mother (no marriage) lives in Washington and her and her family are willing to help me get back on my feet. I have a job already lined up in WA so I was wondering will not having a spouse or immediate family there lessen my chances of my transfer being approved? Also Can I claim one of her siblings as my own for the transfer or is that illegal?
Before you can transfer probation you need to get approval of your probation officer, judge and probation department is...