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Why did was the DA not ready to press charges? (DUI)
I got in a minor accident in a parking lot and when the police showed up they gave me a sobriety check. Which I did well, but admitted that I had a Prozac in my pocket that didn't belong to me. They searched my vehicle, found nothing. But took me in on a DUI because they said my eyes looked funny and didn't know what the pill was. I had been in an accident with a semi truck less than two months prior and had to have brain surgery and a metal plate put in my head. Because of my TBI I had been depressed which is why I was taking a friends Prozac. There might have been traces of marijuana and possibly cocaine but that would've been from almost a month prior to my arrest. When I showed up to court I was told the DA wasn't ready to press charges. Is that good, bad, or irrelevant?
Anytime the DA fails to file charges on your arraignment date it's good news, however, you may not be out of the woods....
I got a second dui while on ptobation for my first dui. im afraid of jail time. no one was hurt during either cases.
how long do you think they will put me away for? i saw it is 10 days to 1 year.
You need to speak with an attorney immediately so that your he or she can protect your rights and possibly your driver'...
What to expect at arraignment hearing with 3 pending DUI's.
Resident of Sacramento. Received (1) DUI in Denver in December of 2014. Received (2) more DUI's in Sacramento both in February of 2015. DUI in Denver involved a minor accident with no injuries and BAC .30. Two Sacramento DUI's had no accident and BAC .33 and .38. Sacramento DUI's were approximately 28 hours apart.
You should expect to be arrested and taken into custody, at arraignment. Hat is especially true if you show up u...
My chance on getting DUI dismissed
I went out with friends and drank too much. They dropped me off at my car that was in a parking lot of a Home Depot. I called my best friend and asked her to come get me; she lives about 40 minutes away. I fell asleep and woke up to a fireman knocking on my window. The police came and He explained someone saw me and thought I was hurt and that's why they came. He asked me to do a breathlyser and I told them I would do a blood test. Anyways, I was booked for a DUI, they left my car in the parking lot. Anyway of getting it dismissed since I wasn't driving? I did have a DUI when I was 21, years ago.
I don't know if it will be dismissed, buy you certainly have a defense. Typically the prosecution needs to be able to...
Got a wet and reckless in 2007, and recently got pulled over and booked for DUI, what are my chances of getting 2nd wet and reck
The cops were called because other patrons of restaurant saw me in an altercation/argument. The police pulled us over as we were leaving the drive thru.
A wet reckless within 10 years will be considered a prior, so your current case will most probably be filed as a second...
I was arrested for dui after an accident when I was brethalyzed at the station where i was found over the limit.
at the scence i was asked if i was on any medication and who my doctor was. my case shows that declaration in support of subeona duces telcum/jsab was filed for my medical records. will/can my past history of alcohol use in my medical records(years ago) be used against me in the case?
Probably not unless alcohol was found in your system but make sure to tell your lawyer about it.
I haven't taken care of my DUI in over 3 years. No contact whatsoever. Will that resolve itself?
Pleaded guilty, spent 5 nights in jail. was never read my rights. passed the drunk tests but failed breathalyzer. I live in sacramento now and I cant get a hold of them to fix this.
You should consult with an attorney where the DUI occurred. It sounds as though you have already been found guilty by...