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I was convicted arrested for a DUI in oct 2012. and was convicted in feb 3013 (BAC .11). I am filing a motion to terminate probation early and to have my record expunged. The reason is that i am currently unemployed and looking for a job, I have submitted lots of applications but i have not had any success yet. and i am worried that employer are doing a back ground check and are passing up my application because of the DUI. this is abnormal behavior for me. I am normally way more responsible than this; even so, i have committed myself to never putting myself in that situation. I am currently writing my early termination and expunge statements and want to know 1.) is there a format i should follow. 2.) Is this successful in Sacramento?.
Most counties have a packet of information showing you what to file and what forms to use. This may be available online...
1999 - 19 years old .02 but under zero tolerance. Completed all classes license reinstated 2000 2001 July - DUI - 2001- November - DUI .24 I went to court for the second two at the same time. I'm off probation. I also went to repeat offender dui class. Paid in full. Went the whole first year in Santa Barbara at CADAand had the second phase left which was 6 months. I relocated to Sac. About 4 years went by and I didn't do anything but work and forgot about the class. Well CADA in SB has lost my records. Do I have to start over ? Or since it's been so long do I even need to take the classes anymore please help ! Thanks
Contact DMV Mandatory Actions Unit in Sacramento. It sounds like you might have to start all over. You probably have a...
Hello I was convicted of a DUI a little over a years ago. Since then i have finished all of the requirements to have an unrestricted license. I am looking for a new job and future employers may do a back ground check. With the dui show up on my record? If So is there any thing i can do about this?
It is highly likely that it will show up. Once you have completed probation, you can make a motion pursuant to Penal...
My nephew turned 21 this year. He is not a drinker, never had a beer or glass of wine. After having 1-beer on birthday, was pulled over for a "California Roll" & ticketed for DUI, also. He was taken to jail, ordered for court. Is to perform community service & attend classes for 6 months. First offense, does not drink/never will again! Was informed the classes are $200 for each class that he attends. How often are the classes (i.e., once per month for six months)? He cannot afford this cost & neither can we. What other alternatives does he have?
The DUI class providers if in Sacramento county, do not charge $200 per class. Probably closer to around $900 for a 6...
Ok about 9months ago my husband was an idiot and was driving a motorcycle in California, he did not have a mc license so when he was doing 100+ and the chp attempted to pull him over he kept going increased his speed and "eluded" the officer, subsequently he wrecked this bike and then ran from the scene, the next day he was found in the vicinity of the crash walking down the street with a broken arm, so they said he was on that bike and in that accident. But the bike was not registered to him or insured. Now these charges have come forward. Looking for good legal defense counsel if there is any???
You have many options, use the find a lawyer tool for a good traffic attorney and get a consultation. Good luck, hope...
I've never been arrested for drug charges cuz I don't do drugs. I was arrested in July of 2013 and my PD says none of the mistakes made in the police report matter. Also my field sobriety test was not done in front of a camera. I left my drink unattended in a house I was moving my cousin out of and the people there were into drugs and could of put something in my drink. I'm five months pregnant never in trouble and the charges were brought up on me nine months after arrest. I lost my daughter in family court to her dad because of this. I'm a medical assistant and work as an in-house caregiver. This happened in placer county, ca.
Your PD is in the best position to give you advice. The PD has the advantage of seeing the police report.
I've been charged with a DUI and chose to take the blood test however the results are still unavailable and my arraignment was postponed for 2 months. I have a hearing with DMV over the phone in several days so I'm wondering if they'll still be able to suspend my license based on the officer's report and the field sobriety test alone.
Most likely the DMV will be asking for a continuance of your hearing. You need to retain an attorney right away. An...