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Have not been in trouble since other then seems like every 6or seven years i get a driving on supended lic realy just drive back and forth to work. Please help
Sorry, but you are out of luck. DMV will require you to complete the program before reissuing a license.
Classes are competed I missed days due to not knowing I missed an exit interview so I had to repay 351 for a 10 minute meeting
I think it's about time you hired a defense lawyer to represent you.
I'm 6 months pregnant and found out I have a no bail warrant. I haven't violated my probation in anyway. Although I haven't paid for a few months. Can I go in and pay the full amount without having to turn myself in? If not how long will they hold me for?
You're pregnant so why risk jail. Many judges won't use the pregnancy as a mitigating factor because their reasoning...
My brother was charged for a DUI in the state of California, his blood alcohol content level came back below .04% however our lawyer told us that the DA is unwilling to dismiss the case because the car accident (my brother was involved in) involved another party. They want to charge him with a DUI misdemeanor and a 1-year license suspension. My parents want to know if a trial is necessary for this case considering the fact that my brother was not legally intoxicated. We would like to know our options and whether this case is necessary for trial under California law? -brother refused the alcohol breath test on site the car accident scene -was taken to jail, tested there for his alcohol level content -spent a few days in jail -came out on a bail -no injury to other party
You are foolish if you think the case can be beaten without a lawyer. Although your brother may not be presumptive DUI...
I leave in California. i got two DUI one in 202 and second in 2003. I completed the 18 month DUI classes between 2006 and 2007. I never got i Certificate of completion my self i was told it was going to be sent directly to the court. back in 2007 my immigration status did not allowed me to get a driver licences, so I never new that the certificate was not sent to DMV. Recently i became eligible to get a DL and I was told i need to provide prove that i completed the program. The DUI school i went to stated that they are only required to keep record for 4 years, so they don't have it. I went to the court and i was told that is not in the file probably because at the time i did not have a DL, so it did not get filed. please help!
I wish we could help, but you'll probably need to repeat the class. Sorry, but, it's better than being deported right?
I have two previous dui's and part of my probation is not consuming any alcohol. If I got a violation of probation for consuming alcohol (my only violation) and the case was dismissed when I went to court, if I admit to drinking during a trial later referring to someone else's case, are they able to recharge me for violation of probation?
You can't get a probation violation if you are not on probation.
Living with someone on informal probation seems difficult, but does everyone have to stop drinking and not have alcohol in the house? My mom is on informal probation, and we are planning to move into a new place as roommates, the person we are moving in with drinks heavily and also occasionally smokes. Does he have to stop drinking if we live with him? Even if my mom is completely clean of alcohol, does he have to get rid of the alcohol in the house while shes there?
You need to familiarize yourself with the probationer's probation conditions. Those conditions have no impact on you,...