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  • Polish man faces prosecution on sexual exploitation ...

    Wednesday Dec 17 | via Ruidoso News 

    Andrezj Zbigniew Cebo, from Poland, and his attorney, James Walker with the Law Offices of the Public Defender, listen as 12th Judicial Districe Judge Karen Parsons describes the charges against Cebo on Nov. 26. A man from Poland has been waiting more than a year to go to trial on three counts related to the sexual exploitation of children. On Nov. 26 Andrezj Zpigniew Cebo appeared in District Court in Carrizozo for an arraignment and heard the charges against him with the help of an interpreter located in Massachusetts.


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  • Ruidoso, Ruidoso Downs Police Department calls

    Tuesday Dec 16 | via Ruidoso News 

    Paintballs: On Nov. 12 an officer on patrol observed paintballs spattered on several new vehicles at a vehicle dealership on U.S. Highway 70. The officer had learned of previous reports in reference to paintballs and was watching for them. Fourteen new vehicles had been paintballed one or two times each, hitting the windshields, grills, windows and/or bodies of the vehicles.


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  • 2012 Ruidoso McDonald's kidnapper to serve 41 1/2 years

    Thursday Nov 27 | via Alamogordo Daily News 

    Kenneth Kauley and his attorney, James Walker, with the 12th Judicial District Law Offices of the Public Defender, listen as Judge Karen Parsons sentence Kauley to 41 years in prison for kidnapping, attempted murder, burglary and stalking charges for an incident in May of 2012 in Ruidoso. CARRIZOZO >> A man who pleaded guilty to first-degree kidnapping, second-degree attempting to commit first-degree murder, second-degree armed robbery and fourth-degree aggravated stalking has been sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison - if the prosecutor's hopes come true.


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Ruidoso Law

I had a DWI driver at 2:30 am that damaged my property, and vehicle (no injuries to myself or family). Now his insurance company does not want to pay me the estimate amount I received for the property damage work. Adjuster says that the estimates are too high. I want to tell the adjuster that when the Police knock on your door at 3;00 am, and you have older children, that your mind wonders if they are injured or dead. I do not like to sue, but if the company keeps messing around for $1,500.00 I will have to make them spend a lot more in Court costs. Is this something that can be pursued in the Court?
Absolutely No Point. Contact the DA who is prosecuting the DUI driver and turn your damages over to him. The judge...
Was visiting Ruidoso, went to eat a burger and fries and had 3 beers during the timeframe of 10:00 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. -- got pulled over for going 40 in a 30 (did not know the speed limit this being first time there), officer proceeded to do sobriety tests and blood test charged me. Girlfriend was also in the vehicle -- she ate/drank everything that I did. I am 5'9 and weigh about 205 lbs. She is 5'2 and weighs about 130 lbs. The officer did one test on her and proceeded to allow her to drive in order to follow as he took me to the ER for a blood test and then to the police department. I do not believe that I was intoxicated and moreso, don't understand how he could think that I was, but yet not think she was looking at her weight and size. Seems a little bogus to me.
You are going to need a New Mexico attorney to represent you on the DWI. It is a fact of life that DWIs in today's...
I was arrested on dui. in 2001 while visiting the state. I went home (out of state) never to return. I recently tried to get a D.L. in the state of New Mexico.I was given a printout I still had to take care of the problem in ILL.I called the police dept. who made the arrest 12years ago The told me I still had I warrant for failure to appear.How long does this arrest stay on there books. Can I get a D.L. in any other state without going back to ILL.
The statute of limitations has been satisfied because charges were filed. Furthermore the statute of limitations does...
I was convicted of dwi first offense in January 2005. My license was revoked for one year but I never obtained an ignition interlock in order to have my license reinstated and it's been revoked ever since. It's been more than 9 years and I have not been convicted of another dwi/dui since. Am I able to just reinstate my license like normal since it's been so long? Thanks
No. The revocation period is a "floating" time period. It will only start when you 1) have an ignition interlock...
I payed my fines,finished counseling but in those 6 months of my probation i never heard word from the treatment center,will i still have to go to treatment and do drug tests after i completed my,6 months probation?
If your sentence required you to complete the counseling, yes. In Florida the probation period for a misdemeanor DUI...
Got stop at a cross walk cop was directing traffic and decided to stop the traffic for the pedestrians and got in front of the my car and said I almost hit him and got pulled over then arrested I blew .16
Most likely no, since the last one was 16 years prior. However, Texas could make the terms of the plea bargain really...
Trying to keep him for a month or 2 til he sees the judge won't release him til he sees a judge is that possible?
A judge can impose up to 90 days on a first dwi offense in New Mexico under Nmsa 66-8-102. I would talk to the attorney...