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I was sentenced to probation for a year with random drug and alcohol screens. I was not charged with any drug or alcohol charges. Can they do this and how can they do this.
Yes, random drug and alcohol screenings are often a standard term of probation. And probation always involves obey all laws.
Never been in trouble before and Iv only worked in the car business and can't find a job with the subspention on it is there anyway to get it takin off my driving record and backround
No. Cannot seal or expunge admin suspensions.
This is his 2nd offense, 1st refusal. With these current charges, he is also be charged with child endangerment. Is there a chance he can be found not guilty?
There is always a chance but he should contact an experienced DUI attorney to assist. If you want to search for an...
Hi- I was stopped by a cop for sitting in the drivers seat of the car after being in a bar and I was tipsy. The cop took my licsense and looked it over in his car then had me get out of the car- He never did breath test or sobriety tests and never gave me a paper or ticket or anything. He told me to find a ride home and then he left. after talking with me sternly outside the car about having drank and being in the drivers seat- I was never charged. Will this still show up on my back ground check (BCI/FBI) or show on my public record or criminal record even though I was not charged? I am in the middle of becoming a foster parent and am really worried- I will never do this again as it is important to me to become a FP.
Your post is a duplicate please see my response to the other post.
I was recently pulled over and blew a .25, I personally don't feel that coincides with my actual behavior implying it didn't seem like I was that drunk. This is the first time I have had a run in with police ever and was very compliant with the arresting officer. I was pulled over for a marked lanes violation which is something I also refute and question how bad, if I even crossed it at all. I'm pretty sure the machine was the I-8000 too if that matters. I also felt although the officer gave me the option of the test, he seemed a little pushy in the way he worded things.
It is not out of the ordinary for a high tier DUI to be plead down to a regular DUI. However, it is unlikely that you...
My girlfriend was sentenced to a 3-4wk in jail treatment program, and served 3wks, before being put her in the program when she was first on the list, and, after I sent a certified letter to the Judge. She has lost her home, and will lose her job if she doesn't get out by the 6th of January. She will not graduate the program because it is beyond her incarceration date, so we are afraid that too will be held against her. She is a first time violation offense for a probation of OWI. She was not driving, but did drink. The attorney is going to file a motion for a moderation of her sentence, to get her out of jail, but I do not exactly know legally how we stand? How can the Judge hold her accountable, but not the court itself with following through of what they gave her on her sentence?
The court unfortunately is not in complete control over the program. The jail and sheriff are most likely in control...
He received 180 days on (what I believe) to be his 1st DUI conviction.
A 2nd DUI within 6 years carries a minimum of 10 days in Jail or 20 days if he refused or has a breath sample at or...