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I received a felony dwi and served 30 days. I was then put on probation. I applied for a move out of state and was denied.
I moved anyway. I know it's obviously a violation of probation. And a bench warrant is issued. I'd like to know what the penalties are. Is extradition a possibility? I now reside in PA. They have my living info in PA. I don't know how severe my actions of moving are. I'm looking to see what the full consequences are and then what I need to do to rectify them.
Not only is it a possibility but it is likely. If your felony DUI is an Oakland County and you picked the worst place...
Do is schedule a court date?
Arrested for dui in 2012. never issued a court date
You can contact the court to see if you have a warrant for the DUI case. Sometimes things get lost in the shuffle,...
Second DUI in Michigan
If you are convicted of 2 DUI's with-in 7 years in Michigan then your license is revoked for a year and you have to go in front of a board to appeal and get a restricted license. So here is my question, my first DUI conviction date was "9/11/2008", and I was just arrested for a second DUI on "8/23/2014" but I have not been convicted yet. If a lawyer was to delay the trial until after "9/11/2015" would this technically mean I fall out of the 7 year timeframe?
No lawyer could delay a trial in district court for a year. You are looking at a mandatory revocation for at least a...
I have a restricted license in Michigan. Can I get an unrestricted license in Colorado?
I have been off probation since Jan 2014 and have had a breathalyzer in my car since May 2013. I am currently going through the process of getting a hearing with Secretary of State, but they keep messing me around. I want to move to Colorado, but keep getting set back by this.
License restrictions tend to follow you from one state to another. My best advice is to get your license fully...
My car was legally parked on a residential street and was hit and totaled by a drunk driver, can I sue the driver?
I have a small loan on my car and after paying that off I may not have enough money from the insurance settlement without obtaining a larger loan or money out of my pocket to replace my car with a similar model. They were considered super drunk by Michigan law. What is my recourse?
Depending on the value of the car, you may want to consider proceeding in small claims court. I'm not sure what you...
I am on bond & have PBTs every morning @ the police station. Today I blew .012% but wasn't given a second test. What now?
I am not on probation, just asked to do the testing daily at my arraignment. I told the officer I have been sick and have been taking cough medicine, The machine was also acting up a bit before the test, and the officer did test himself once. It also states that if I blow positive, they must test me again 15 minutes later and record all readings, which he did not.
You should immediately go to a private lab and get an erg. This is a private test that can go back 72 hours from the...
2d DWI several months ago and have not received anything from court and was never arraigned? how to proceed?
I received 2nd DWI in the Spring and immediately checked myself into an in-patient facility for three weeks. It has now been several months and I have not received anything from the Court. All that I have is the paper temporary license that they gave me after I was arrested, which I guess is my ticket. I have never been arraigned, there is no court date on the ticket, and I have not received any notice whatsoever from the Court (of an arraignment or otherwise). Getting concerned and not sure what to do. Afraid to call the Court and trigger something happening. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
1st. Hire an attorney. 2d. check the clerk's office. There is probably a warrant for you for failure to appear.