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I don't recall refusing any of the alcohol test. I guess I must have so will I lose my license?
It depends. When you say "DUI Test" do you mean Field Sobreity Tests (FST's), or the Preliminary Alcohol Screening Test...
East LA Courthouse
No but a private attorney should be able to appear for you if its a misdemeanor
I just got out of jail and ordered to complete MADD, SCRAM and DUI classes. I did 5 months (half time) for my third DUI. What if I currently dont have all that money for all those programs? Do I put myself back in Calendar? Will the judge lock me up if I tell him I'm not well financially @ the moment ? Thank you
You should contact the attorney that represented you in court, he or she should be able to advise you about what to do....
I got a dui back in 6/2010. On my last day of my DUI classes my counselor told me you dont need to come back ill send everything Never sent nothing i had a warrant for my arrest for failing to complete my classes got arrest judge let me complete everything i did everything was completed in my classes and paid all fines. license got suspended at the time of my dui i was caught driving without a license i got a ticket. Went to the DMV got my license back took proof to the DA he told me if my dui court found out i would go to jail for probation violation thank god it didnt i got an extra 3 yrs of probation for that ticket as of this month im free. I want to enroll in school but when they run my background my criminal part comes out bad "10 yrs los angeles county. Can i expunge this?to enroll?
No. You cannot. No expungement is even possible until 10 years down the line, and it's only been 4.
Hi, My house is 2 blocks from a bar which I occasionally go. When I go I have a 3-4 drinks and walk back home. My question is ,can I be stopped and charged being drunk in public (I'm not stammering, not stumbling, not disturbing peace,etc). Can I be still arrested and charged? What's the BAC for walking in CA? Thanks,
There is no BAC for walking in CA. You could be arrested for drunk in public if it appeared to the arresting officer...
3 month later after dui was arrest for suspended license no criminal history in the past 10 years
If the offense is over ten years old, a petition for expungement can be filed. It is within the discretion of the...
Me and my family got hit by a drunk driver we were all OK minor back ache's and we got a lawyer they told us it was such an easy case because obviously we got hit and he was drunk...didn't turn out that way they took over six months (they charge more like that) and set us up with chiropractors. We all went got treatment and later they just ended up taking most of the settlement we were basically left with nothing all because we agreed over the phone that they can sign our names for us without us looking at the final paper work.
Request to see the settlement check, the breakdown of funds, and a copy of the signed retainer agreement.