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I don't recall refusing any of the alcohol test. I guess I must have so will I lose my license?
It depends. When you say "DUI Test" do you mean Field Sobreity Tests (FST's), or the Preliminary Alcohol Screening Test...
East LA Courthouse
No but a private attorney should be able to appear for you if its a misdemeanor
I live out of state and need to find someone to deal with my dmv hearing and court case.
You need to search for a dui attorney that is local to the court where your case is located. If the attorney has...
I got stopped for tinted windows I had a beer and a half to drink I blew a 0.09 and had blood work and came back at 0.11 what are my chances of getting it down to wet and reckless or even dismiss?
You had a beer and a half and had .11 bloodwork? You do need a good lawyer if you want any shot at getting those...
I am from Tennessee. I was travelling through California and got a DUI, my first one here. I have 4 priors in Tennessee and the last one was a Felony. What is going to happen to me here? All of them within then years.
You are very likely facing felony charges in CA. CA can use out of state priors against you, however that does not...
For the past seven years since my DUI I was not able to finished 18 months DUI program. I started several times but was forced to dropped. Reasons are: working 24/7 as a caregiver, moving different places, not able to drive (lived alone), sickness for 2 years. Now I live in rural area 55 miles away from the nearest school, no transportation. How can I convinced Mandatory Action Unit to let me take classes online. This is only option available to me but Law in CA doesn't let CA residents to do this. Is there someone can help me with this matter?
Sorry, but the DMV is a beast regarding these issues. There is no online option.
I would like to know what would the scenario would be if I get my case dismissed in court. I am currently attacking the probable cause for the initial traffic stop. The suspension is effective starting on January 31, 2015 and it is for 4 months. How would I go about getting my license back? Should I request a departmental review? I am aware of the fee of such a request. Hope to hear an answer soon. Compton Courthouse, Los Angeles County
The probable cause may be contested in both the DMV hearing and by pre trial motion in court. If you are successful in...