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I know that the zero tolerance law Pplies to the probation term of your DUI and it states that you are not to have any measurable amount of alcohol or etc.. At 0.01% or you get you second or subsequent DUI. is it the same for the 10 year 10yrlookback period?
Seems like you know the answer to the question. "Zero Tolerance" applies to those under 21 and those on DUI...
Contra costa county, 3rd dui in 10 years, no accidents or kids in car
Based on your blood alcohol level, avoiding any jail time will be a tall order. You need a good, local DUI attorney to...
I got a DUI a while back which I failed to take care of in a timely manner because of personal issues. I was caught driving without my license (which I would have had if I had gotten the IID installed in my car) which extended my probation, got my car taken away, and landed me a 10 day jail sentence. I have a job and would likely get fired if I were to spend 10 days in jail. Thankfully work project is an alternative to jail. However, while reading my paperwork this evening to find the address, I noticed that the paperwork says I needed to sign up for work project within 2 days of my court date?! I missed this entirely before and am currently very panicked. I was going to sign up tomorrow and had no idea there was a deadline. Is there any way I can still sign up? What are my options?
Go and see if you can sign up. You should also check to see if there is a warrant for your arrest. If there is an...
I was convicted of DUI a couple of years ago in CO, and I had a previous from about 25 years ago when I was going to college there. Because of this, it is automatic jail time which I was not willing to do, so I went back to my home in CA and now I have an outstanding warrant in CO. I need to travel there for a family issue in a couple of weeks and I am concerned I will be arrested--like cops waiting there to either pick me up when I come in or when I go through the airport to leave. Sounds paranoid but should I be worried?
Yes. worried because you have a warrant or two outstanding. Yes you could be arrested but that is unlikely unless you...
The moment I pulled away from my home, I knew the police were following me. The officer stated to me that he stopped me for rolling a stop sign but this is incorrect as I was aware the police were following me the moment I left my home and well before I encountered my first stop sign, so I was being careful. Is there any way I can make this lie of his help me? I took a blood test over a breathalyzer. I hit .08 on the nose. Is .08 a DUI or is exceeding .08 a DUI? Lastly, the possession - it was half a pill of Hydrocodone in a plastic bag found under the driver's seat according to the officer. I've never used opiates, and it won't be found in my blood. I have an idea as to who may have accidentally left it there. What is my preferred way to proceed?
The DUI statute(s) are VC 23152(a), driving under the influence and VC23152(b) driving with a .08 or above, since your...
1st dui 2006, 2nd 2007, 3rd 2009 completed 90 day residential on 2nd due to disability have not been able to attend 18 month program but havent had license for4 years how do i go about getting my licence back? (1st dui 2006, 2nd 2007, 3rd 2009 completed 90 day residential on 2nd due to disability have not been able to attend 18 month program but haven't had license for years how do i go about getting my licence back?
You can't get the license back until you complete the program.
mitted Dui For Anti Anxiety Medications I Was Not Driving I Had Cut An Ex Officer Off In Traffic And He Was Angry, Followed Me Home, Called Police I Invited Them In Kindly Stupid, Yes I Had Two Young Daughters Getting Ready For Bed They Just Arrested Me This Was Jan 1, 2010 Years Go By, My Anxiety Comes From Ptsd And It Still Is Treated At Night So I May Sleep By Klonopin Which I Dont Even Like To Take But I Have Too At This Point I Can Go A Week With No Sleep Witch Is Dangerous As Well I Moved Closer To My Family In Maui And Got My License Back Then Had Custody Issues So Had To Return To Sacramento Area I Was In A Neighborhood That I Thought Was Nice But Obviously Not. This story is longer but in a nutshell was in trouble for not giving info on whatever was being investigated an was bookd
What is the question? A lot if detail, but no question.