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Dui help
I was arrested in California for my 2nd dui with a BAC of .14. My first was nine years ago. From the time I was arrested to now, my wife and I have moved to Washington and I want to know if I will still have to do jail time, and how it affects my drivers license in Washington. My wife is soon to deliver our second child and I would really prefer not to be in jail when she goes into labor.
You should retain an experienced attorney right away.
I received a felony DUI conviction at 21, and five years later, I'm wondering what are my options?
I received five DUIS in around one year of time, at the age of 21. I was sentenced to 16 months in state prison, however did all my time in jail since I was a non-violent offender. After jail, I enrolled full-time in community college and have been working towards my AA in Psychology and hopefully will transfer to a UC. I was not able to obtain employment following the felony conviction, and thus, have not made any payments to the courts. I owe multiple courts money and had no way of paying, however I know this is likely not a valid enough reason. Honestly I'm afraid of going to court and being taken into custody for non-payment, but I have to try to resolve this in some way if i ever hope to be licensed as a Psychologist. No payment=NO HOPE for expungement? Do I have any options?
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you have no options but to pay. You cannot go to jail for non-payment. Since...
I got charged with a DUI in PA with a CA id on me. Now CA DMV suspended my licence. Why?
I completed the PA ARD program and got my charges expunged. Why does the CA DMV still require me to take classes and get an SR22 to get my licence back?
Because that's what the CA DMV does. Sorry. You'll have to follow their demands. They learned of the conviction and...
I received a ticket for driving on a suspended license from a DUI. What can I do to stay out of jail?
I lost my job a few months ago because I was in jail for the DUI. I am hopefully starting a job next week, but that is dependent on me not going back to jail for this offense. What is my best course of action in this situation?
Locate an experienced criminal defense lawyer in your area, who specializes their practice in DUI DEFENSE, make an...
What is the difference between the zero tolerance law and the 10 year look back period? And what is the minimum BAC requirement
I know that the zero tolerance law Pplies to the probation term of your DUI and it states that you are not to have any measurable amount of alcohol or etc.. At 0.01% or you get you second or subsequent DUI. is it the same for the 10 year 10yrlookback period?
Seems like you know the answer to the question. "Zero Tolerance" applies to those under 21 and those on DUI...
I got my third dui in 10 years, BA was over .20, is it possible to avoid jail time? Has that happened in the past ? No jail time
Contra costa county, 3rd dui in 10 years, no accidents or kids in car
Based on your blood alcohol level, avoiding any jail time will be a tall order. You need a good, local DUI attorney to...
I'm late signing up for work project (DUI Sacramento). Help?
I got a DUI a while back which I failed to take care of in a timely manner because of personal issues. I was caught driving without my license (which I would have had if I had gotten the IID installed in my car) which extended my probation, got my car taken away, and landed me a 10 day jail sentence. I have a job and would likely get fired if I were to spend 10 days in jail. Thankfully work project is an alternative to jail. However, while reading my paperwork this evening to find the address, I noticed that the paperwork says I needed to sign up for work project within 2 days of my court date?! I missed this entirely before and am currently very panicked. I was going to sign up tomorrow and had no idea there was a deadline. Is there any way I can still sign up? What are my options?
Go and see if you can sign up. You should also check to see if there is a warrant for your arrest. If there is an...