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They said I failed the field sobriety test but when I got to the station and they gave me a breathalyzer I blew a .00. The charges were dropped in court. I am actually trying to become a police officer and I know you need to be honest with things but is something that they cant find out on a background check? Is it like I was never even arrested and there is no record of the arrest? Thanks
DWI is not criminal in NJ and therefore is not on a CCH. It is on your abstract but only if you plead guilty or are...
I went to the bar for the first time in 8 months. I left and got lost and realized I was too Intoxicated to be driving so I pulled off the road and parked. I tried calling for someone to come get me, no one answered so I fell asleep in my car. Next thing I know I'm outside my car at 4am with flashing lights behind me and two officers asking me to step on the white line. Okay so facts: I left the bar at 1am. I unfortunately did not pull far enough off the road, my car was slightly sticking out. I was asleep from 1:30 to 4 am. Bac was a .17 . I went to court today and pled not guilty... Will I be able to bargain outta this?
There are many issues that come up in DWIs. In yours in particular comes the issue of operation, and the policy issue...
I am looking to buy a breatlizar from bactrack S 80 that is approved by DOT/NHTSA. However, my friend told me to buy another unit that can store data which are more expensive. Or maybe to video type when the test is taken. My question is can data stored by these devices be used as evidence to fight a DWI charge? How about if she videotype while take the breath sample? it is a christmas gift for a young person and I want to make sure that I buy the correct unit. Of course you should not drive when you drink but I think this type of devices are a must and very helpful. Pls advice. Thanks
There is no way having that device will help someone defend themselves against a DWI charge. I can envision scenarios...
I received a DUI charge in NJ (.1) in September 2012. I was working and living in NYC with a demanding job. I pushed the court case for months through letters to the judge. I would recurve a new court date in the mail. I did not see that the last date was not rescheduled and issued a warrant. I let it go for this long. Last November my license expired as well. I have a work trip in two Chicago. I need to fix this. I let this go on because I had been driving to work for so long and now this will affect so much more. What do I do ?
YOu've put yourself in a tough spot. Your only option is to hire a lawyer and deal with the DUI charge. You will not be...
I was pulled over for DUI and taken in for a blood test at a nearby hospital. four vials of blood was drawn and the hospital made me sign some consent papers. 1) if they believe i am under influence, are they right to expect someone sign papers ? later i was taken back to the police station. i saw these four vials of blood on the police officer's table. 2) shouldn't these stay with the hospital ? i did not question the officer at that point. I was dropped off home after that. Appreciate any answers to #1) and #2).
Under recent case law a warrant or informed consent is needed. You may have strong viable defenses. Where did this take...
Keeping the DWI in mind: My auto insurance policy renews in August. My thinking is that if I continue paying through January, and the months thereafter, my rates will not go up until August. Is this the case? Or do my rates go up as soon as I get my license back in January? Thanks for your help!
This is really a question you should address to your insurance company or agent.
o I was in an accident yesterday. I was waiting for the light to turn red literally 5 blocks away from my house when a stupid drunk driver rammed me from the back. I was with my step dad. He got out of the car to prevent the bastard from leaving cause he was trying to leave. I got a pic and his license plate quickly before he left. He had the nerve to throw a can of beer out onto the street like that was going to help him. He had two other people in the car and Virginia plates. Before he left he stopped next to me and said no traffic..Then left. I went to the hospital with my step dad and we both have sprained backs and necks. His is lower back and mine is upper and lower.
I would contact the law enforcement in the city where the accident happened immediately and file a report. Give them...