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  • No clean getaway for laundry room robber

    Thursday Jan 22 | via The Jersey Journal 

    ROSELLE PARK - A man who allegedly took about $15 in quarters from a washing machine coin box in an apartment complex laundry room failed to make a clean getaway after being confronted by the superintendent. Police responded to an apartment complex on East Westfield Avenue in answer to a call about a suspicious person at 2:53 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 15. The man had been seen entering the complex by the superintendent and, when confronted, ran away.


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  • Police: Washing-machine burglar stole $15 in quarter...

    Wednesday Jan 21 | via The Jersey Journal 

    ROSELLE PARK - A Newark man was arrested last week after he allegedly stole $15 in quarters from inside an apartment complex's washing machine and led police on a foot chase. Borough police say they were called to an East Westfield Avenue apartment complex shortly before 3 p.m. on Thursday, Jan 15., for a report of a suspicious man in the building.


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  • Police Activity Report

    Thursday Jan 15 | via Roselle Park News 

    On Thursday, January 15th, at approximately 2:53 p.m. Roselle Park Police responded to an apartment complex on East Westfield Avenue for a report of a suspicious male who had entered the complex who was confronted by the superintendent then quickly fled the area on foot. Patrolman Angelo Marino located and made contact with the individual who reportedly led him on a foot chase through neighboring yards into Roselle.


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  • Union County Man Indicted For Kidnapping, Sexual Ass...

    Friday Jan 9 | via 

    The 52-year-old Westfield man who was arrested last year for the kidnapping and sexual assault of a 23-year-old Roselle woman was indicted on 15 charges on Friday. Ricky Suepoi was arrested last summer after he allegedly beat, stabbed, and attempted to sexually assault his victim at the Shelbourne Motorsports in Roselle where he worked.


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  • Baby burned & more: NPD blotter

    Tuesday Dec 30 | via Observer 

    Police responded to a River Road residence, at 11:30 p.m., on Dec. 21 on a report of a baby being hurt. Police said the mother of the 1-year-old boy was heating milk in a bottle on the stove.


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Roselle Law

Trying to get a dui suspension which started in 2008 amended to "you have served enough of your suspension". previous one was for 10 years also but that's completed. someone mentioned to me to get an experienced attorney and file a motion in court when it happened. It can be done. any help?
A legally imposed NJ DWI sentence cannot be amended to less than the term prescribed by law (in your case 10-years...
I recently received a first time DUI out of state in WV. In WV a DUI is also considered a criminal offense. I will be entering a deferral program through that state of WV which will require a conditional guilty plea. Upon completing this program the DUI will be dismissed. One year later I will be eligible to have the charge expunged. I plan on applying to a nursing program in about two semesters which requires a criminal back ground check (NJ). With this said, will this charge show up on my NJ criminal background/prevent me from entering into the nursing program? Thanks!
You were prudent to reach out for help. You may have to disclose the arrest. Read the application carefully and...
They said I failed the field sobriety test but when I got to the station and they gave me a breathalyzer I blew a .00. The charges were dropped in court. I am actually trying to become a police officer and I know you need to be honest with things but is something that they cant find out on a background check? Is it like I was never even arrested and there is no record of the arrest? Thanks
DWI is not criminal in NJ and therefore is not on a CCH. It is on your abstract but only if you plead guilty or are...
I went to the bar for the first time in 8 months. I left and got lost and realized I was too Intoxicated to be driving so I pulled off the road and parked. I tried calling for someone to come get me, no one answered so I fell asleep in my car. Next thing I know I'm outside my car at 4am with flashing lights behind me and two officers asking me to step on the white line. Okay so facts: I left the bar at 1am. I unfortunately did not pull far enough off the road, my car was slightly sticking out. I was asleep from 1:30 to 4 am. Bac was a .17 . I went to court today and pled not guilty... Will I be able to bargain outta this?
There are many issues that come up in DWIs. In yours in particular comes the issue of operation, and the policy issue...
Richard barros hillside nj. Dl suspended since 2007. Was also incarcerated 3 weeks prior to accident. For tivkets so i already knew i was suspended n couldnt drive therefore i didnt drive but am being blamed for it.
If this case is 7 years old, there probably isn't anything you can do. You should have gone to court and raised that...
I have two DUI convictions, one "attempted DUI" from FL(no fingerprinting done) and my last in 2008 in NJ. I have since sobered up(had a serious problem) and have gone to counseling and meetings since then, thankfully. My father has been naturalized for several years now and is urging me to get naturalized as well but I'm very worried that my past will prevent me from becoming a US citizen. Do I have any chance? And what to do I need to provide if I get to an interview? None of these involved damage to people or property.
This is not actually a dui question but an immigration question. I will change the practice area for you to immigration...
I really dont have much to spend, will it really be worth it to get a lawyer over a public defender? It is my first offense and I also have a reckless driving ticket as well.
First of all, you didn't have a BAC of 1.5, or else you would be dead. Perhaps a .15, but not a 1.5. As for "it is...