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i was also ticketed with a small anout of cannibus but if i pay 300 bucks in two weeks that will be dropped
It depends if IL requires jail on a suspended license ticket. Even still, sometimes an attorney can fight your case or...
I am from Beloit, WI and have a Valid drivers license. I also have a concealed carry permit for WI though I know it is not valid in Illinois. I was arrested in Roscoe IL for DUI. My BAC was .285.I was also charged with transport of alcohol in vehicle and carry posses firearm in public in my vehicle. I am out on bond
Possible but the conceal, loaded and high BAC will work against you HARD Hire counsel. Lawyer up. Deal with the...
The day after my attorney advised me to get a Wisconsin license of which I did.I need to prevent Illinois from suspending me.Will this tactic work?I have no prior convictions but two prior arrests in Illinois for DUI.I was legitimately pulled over for speeding(10 mph over).I work in Illinois and need the occupational permit to be valid in Illinois.I am doubting that this will be effective.My residency is legit.
Might work until you try to Renee WI license. Then ifcyou are convicted of il DUI that will be flagged by federal law.
I live in IL. I have 2 DUIs.For my first one I received supervision. I was convicted of my second one and my license was revoked. My attorney and I are getting close to applying for a hearing with the SOS so I can get my license reinstated and the chances are pretty good that I will need to have a BAIID installed. The problem is that I dont have a car but really need one. I am still required to pay IL a 500 reinstatement fee even though I may not be fully reinstated so Is it possible to purchase a car, have plates registered in my name and have insurance after I am granted restricted driving relief by the SOS even though my license will not be completely reinstated per se but I am allowed to drive with restrictions/BAIID?
This excellent question and all of your other question should be addressed to your attorney rather than in this online...
should I refuse a blood test and take a year of driver suspension. Because I researched that personal injury lawsuits from accidents under the influence are still required to be paid even if I do a chapter 7 bankruptcy so I would be financially ruined forever I drive well under Valium it is just that I know people are money hungry for sue ing and even if I do a blood test I will still get suspended and sued as well any thoughts
It sounds like you are worried about getting into a wreck while driving after taking Valium. If you feel impaired, by...
I'm have a rdp in illinois and wanted to know if i leave work early am I breaking the restrictions of my rdp.
The answer to your question lies in the provisions of your RDP. Review it carefully for the permissible driving times.
so in 12/14/2011 I was able to reinstate my driver license and I had to fill sr-22 as a mandatory proof of responsibility for 3 years but my license has been revoked in May 25th of 2014 so I got a letter from the state saying that If I don't show proof of responsibility they will suspend my license (which I don't have anymore) and plates/registrations and I only have one vehicle that it's under my wife's and myself
I'm unsure what just revoked you again on 5/25/2014 but if your name is attached to the plates/registration of the...