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i was also ticketed with a small anout of cannibus but if i pay 300 bucks in two weeks that will be dropped
It depends if IL requires jail on a suspended license ticket. Even still, sometimes an attorney can fight your case or...
I am from Beloit, WI and have a Valid drivers license. I also have a concealed carry permit for WI though I know it is not valid in Illinois. I was arrested in Roscoe IL for DUI. My BAC was .285.I was also charged with transport of alcohol in vehicle and carry posses firearm in public in my vehicle. I am out on bond
Possible but the conceal, loaded and high BAC will work against you HARD Hire counsel. Lawyer up. Deal with the...
The day after my attorney advised me to get a Wisconsin license of which I did.I need to prevent Illinois from suspending me.Will this tactic work?I have no prior convictions but two prior arrests in Illinois for DUI.I was legitimately pulled over for speeding(10 mph over).I work in Illinois and need the occupational permit to be valid in Illinois.I am doubting that this will be effective.My residency is legit.
Might work until you try to Renee WI license. Then ifcyou are convicted of il DUI that will be flagged by federal law.
His issues seem to be emotional....does that help or hurt him. Will he ever get to drive again. He has never been arrested or had any issues with the law. Now it's twice in one month.
I believe there are two things he should be doing to help himself at this point. 1) He needs to get himself an...
I know I will get a letter but what will happen if they reject my explanation
If you are dependent and they reject your explanation the RDP will be cancelled and you cannot reapply for a year. If...
I found out the decision was unfavorable. What can i do?
If you are referring to a hearing officer to try to have your license reinstated, you should consider speaking to an...
This occurred in 2008. Consequently, I got another DUI in 2009 and they used the latter mentioned DUI to convict me of my 5th-sending me to prison for 6 years. I tried to resolve this issue with my attorney and the State but was told there was no warrant for my arrest. The advice being never go back to that County. Is there anything I can do to resolve this issue with the lest amount of pain to me. It would be a travesty to lose my job and family all over again. Also, is it ever going to be possible to drive again? Thank you.
While it might be a travesty for you to lose your job and your family (again??) apparently you have learned nothing....