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I got pulled over almost 3 years ago. Was texting and swerved . Officer made me blow at scene didn't tell Me what it was. He was harassing me and took me into precinct. He wanted me to take chemical blood test , I refused. I didn't know my rights and wanted to speak with someone . He refused to let me call anyone . PS arrest and currently pending charge . They recently offered the one year probation plea .. But I don't want DWI on my record . Do I have z chance with trial!
Everyone has a chance at trial. However, without more details it would be very difficult to properly evaluate your case....
I like to go ahead and apply for my citizenship application, i have plenty of good moral letters from local legister and local community organisation also i have been thru with OASAS (alchohal related consuling which is new york state approved organisation) successfully. Kindly advise me should i apply for naturalisation ?
This question would be better suited under the immigration law section. With that said, reach out to the immigrant...
I got into some trouble with drugs which culminated in a dui in 2008. I was released from a 3 year probation early (I completed1.5 years probation), completed drug treatment and have been drug free for four years. I am graduating with my bachelors in December and am trying to decide on my post graduate plans (law school or education masters). I know this conviction is a major impediment to future employment; in fact, in this economy it has already been an issue in obtaining rather menial employment, in spite of a successful solid work history in management. Please help me in determining what recourse I have for my past foolish digressions. Thank you.
Of convictions, dui convictions are the hardest to get off the record. All convictions are hard to get off the record...
This happened five years ago and now I am starting graduate school for education this summer. The school is sending me a finger print kit to send them so they can see my criminal record. Will my record detail my arrest under the DUI and that it was brought down to a speeding violation (might have been reckless driving) or only show the violation? The only thing that shows up on my DMV abstract is a speeding violation from 2 years ago, not the DUI incident. I don't know if that's a good sign or not.
It should not show the original charge but rather the final disposition. However, reckless driving is a misdemeanor...
I also completed Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation 3 years ago. Is that applicable as DDP?
I think you have to take DMV's course. I suggest that you call DMV and ask what you need to do.
I am building a case against my roommate without a lawyer. What statements/affidavits should I bring to court with me to prove that my roommate repeatedly used my vehicle without my consent? So far I have signed statements from locals stating when they witnessed it parked at his work place or on the road while I was out of town. He is pleading guilty to unauthorized use but I would also like to press charges for damages resulting from bad gas he stole from my landlord and then used in my tank, as well as theft of a controlled substance medication which I am prescribed that went missing from the vehicle during his unauthorized use. When he was initially arrested I neglected to tell the officers about the gas or medication and he is denying both.
This sounds more like a civil litigation matter; I have changed the practice area for you.
My husband is remarried and they live in a better school district. His new wife is also a teacher
Anything is possible. A Dwi arrest would be one of many factors a judge would analyze before determining what is in the...