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his lawyer said it don't look like speedy trial will work it has almost 2 years he said he would try for that but it don't look good
No lawyer can answer your question without knowing the reason for each adjournment in the case.
I have a misdemeanor warrant in FL from 2007. When will it max out or expire?
I doubt it ever expires. Re-post your question on the Florida Avvo page.
also if i attempt to make pmt now, is it possible i would have jail time for not paying? also i wanted to add after all this time could there still be a warrant issued?
Contact an attorney and make arrangements to pay the fines. Yes there could be a warrant but an attorney needs a lot...
This is my first DWI arrest, I have no criminal history and a perfect driving record.
You need to speak with an experienced New Jersey DUI defense attorney to discuss the maximum penalty that you would...
I understand NY has a AGG-DWI charge. Will the NY DMV recognize my high BAC in NJ, and suspend my license according to NYS law?
NY will likely view it as a "common law" DWI. Assuming this is your first offense, your NY license will be revoked for...
A family friend is a CO in town, and called in a favor to reduce the charge to a "Common Law" DWI. I am wondering if I should accept this deal (which means no jail time, but still remains the fine, misdemeanor, and being reduced to a conditional license for 6 months, and installation of ignition interlock in my car), or if I should hire an attorney to try to get it reduced further. I have no criminal record and no moving violations on my vehicle - this is the first legal trouble I have ever been in. I know I made a huge mistake and I know I have to pay for it, but I'm afraid of carrying this for the rest of my life and never being able to live my life the same again. I am only 26 years old and was planning on a career change soon.
A DWI is a serious offense. You should have an attorney represent you on this.
Five years ago when I was 19 I got in an accident after drinking and injured my passenger. They postponed the court date so I could keep my license, as I was driving to college and work at the time. Now, five years later, my lawyer called me saying they want to bring it up again. I now live in another state, graduated with my bachelors, and have a full-time job of which I have no time off. How is this not a violation of the statute of limitations? Or at least a violation of my right to a speedy trial? There is no way I can travel 14 hours to sit in traffic court for something that happened so long ago.
It's not traffic court. They have 5 years to prosecute a felony depending on the arrest/arraignment situation. Speak w/...