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the clerk at the probate court says duis go back 5 years and so does the governor's website. I just want some clarity to this issue. I was approached by an off duty cop while sitting in my friends driveway sleeping/passed out with the keys in the ignition and running. a uniformed officer came and hooked me up after off duty fellow gave me breathalyzer.
DUIs stay on your record for life. So, you have two DUIs in 10 years. If convicted, this would be your third in 10.......
I go to school in GA but am a FL resident. I have been convicted of DUI and have paid my fine. Can I get a hardship license to drive to school? If so how do I go about doing that as a FL resident? Also, will this hardship license allow me to drive home as in FL?
If you have a Florida license, then this will be a question for the Florida Department of motor vehicles. The courts...
I contacted one lawyer and he said they might want me to come back to the state to face the charges,Is there any way i can got this dui case dismissed for being so long ago? Is there any way this can be taken care of with me not being in that state,i am in very hard times right now like many other people out there that are low income like myself.I did have my licence in ca where i live now,but i was waiting for my renewed licence to come in the mail and they have not arrived.I called dmv in CA to see what was going on and they told me there was a hold on it in ga for a DUI.Will this cost me alot of money to get this taken care of? and how long do you think it would take? PLEASE HELP!!!!!
It is very, very unlikely that your case would be dismissed just for being so old. You have probably heard people talk...
my father-in-law & i was caused to go off an embankment going 70 in a 65 mph speed limit after another vehicle came into the right lane where i had been & i swerved to avoid it. 2 witnesses seen what happened & gave statement to police. father-in-law went to hosp., & the state patrol smelled alchohol, did the field sobriety- passed all tests, took eye test 2 times. the police said after all the field sobriety tests that i "wobbled" doing the line test & that is why i was getting charged for dui. is that circumstancial evidence for a dui charge?
You need a local DUI/DWI lawyer, now. You can lose your license before you even get to court.
I live in Ga. I've been charged w/ DUI. 3 beers w/ dinner. An hour later i was pulled over. 2 breathalyzers & a field test. I was never told the results. I didn't ask. Thought the breath test would tell all when i was booked. That didn't happen. They drew blood instead. Is that normal procedure? Do you think the officer was fishing for something else?
The officer may have suspected that there were additional substances in your system. Blood is a little out of the...
We're not sure what to do. He hasn't been able to drive in over three years and is going to school full time.
You should contact his attorney and speak to him or her regarding you case. It is not unheard of to have your case...
1 week ago after leaving an event I was driving home and stopped at a roadblock and arrested for DUI. 2nd DUI in 5 years so a serious matter which an attorney has been hired to represent. However, this morning I received a letter from a detective saying that my vehicle was involved in a hit and run that same day. I'm assuming backing into a car or something. I don't recall any of this happening but don't want to dispute. The detective wasn't in the office today. Should i tell him that I was involved in a dui that same day or just answer the questions he has and offer to pay for any and all damages immedeately to avoid court and intensifying my legal matters. Would this detective (from a completely different county) have the information that vehicle was involved in DUI?
Speak to your attorney before returning any calls.