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Dirst time offense
I was pulled over with a friend who had not been drinking. I had been drinking at the house but I was not driving. The officer said he smelt alcohol and asked to breathalyz us. I blew a .41 and my friend blew a .000. The officer said I would receive a letter in the mail about something. When I go to court do I need to plead guilty or what do I say
You're missing out on a few details here. Are you over 21? Were you given a citation? If so what was the charge? If you'...
If I just got charged with dui and I had 1 in 2007 and 2005 will it be my first or third conviction?
the clerk at the probate court says duis go back 5 years and so does the governor's website. I just want some clarity to this issue. I was approached by an off duty cop while sitting in my friends driveway sleeping/passed out with the keys in the ignition and running. a uniformed officer came and hooked me up after off duty fellow gave me breathalyzer.
DUIs stay on your record for life. So, you have two DUIs in 10 years. If convicted, this would be your third in 10.......
My license is suspended in NYC,I just moved to Rome Georgia,will I be able to get a drivers license in Georgia ?
Or can I get a license for work in Georgia ?
You're not supposed to be able to. If you are suspended in another state Georgia will not issue you a Georgia License...
If I had a work permit that had been revoked with out my knowledge and was served habitual violator status to the wrong address
and didn't know my permit was revoked how an a ten year old charge affect my current status because I was a minor at the time and an adult at the time of five year suspension but 2 year permit was not available to me cause of the ten year old charge
This question makes no sense.
What happens in Probation administrative hearings in Georgia.
I'm in a program called aftercare after successfully completing another program called daily report center. Both are intense state probation. I've served 2 years on papers and have less than one left but I have first offender act. I was supposed to go to aa/na meetings to get signatures but didn't. I signed them myself. Now I have a probation admin hearing in the morning. I told the P.O. That I honestly did sign them myself because it's hard for me to work and go to meetings. He said that he will recommend to his supervisor that I just finish the program. My question is what is most likely going to happen?
Often the judge will adhear to the P.O.'s recommendation. If the P.O. decides to issue a probation violation then you...
I have received a DUI in GA as a FL resident. Can I get a hardship license to go to and from school or work for GA?
I go to school in GA but am a FL resident. I have been convicted of DUI and have paid my fine. Can I get a hardship license to drive to school? If so how do I go about doing that as a FL resident? Also, will this hardship license allow me to drive home as in FL?
If you have a Florida license, then this will be a question for the Florida Department of motor vehicles. The courts...
Took breathalyzer 3 times and told i wasnt doing it correctly. did field sobriety test and was told I refuse to do test corrctly
never showed me any results, never offered a blood test. Machine the first 2 times didnt give the reading he wanted told me to do a feild test, thought I passed since they had me do another breathalyzer. Then they said I refused to corrctly do the test and took me to jail. Arrested for DUI but refusal of breathalyzer test.
You definitely have some issues that need to be evaluated. You need to speak with an attorney about your case as soon...