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Emergency rooms dealing with accident victims do not need warrant to take blood. Get an attorney to review your matter.
Dui offense in 06 have 3 year probation got 2 extentions 1 year modification from judge haven't done my community hours 240 hrs. Done none. Due dec. 1 2011 can I just pay money payments or do I have to go to jail?
You can expect the prosecution to seek proceed on the violation of probation that they likely have already filed...
I recently got a drunk in public on Wednesday August 17th. Since the DUI was a wet reckless charge and not a DUI charge my question is Do i have to do any jail time for this drunk in Public since i was off of probation previously.
A wet reckless is usually punishable only by fines and some kind of short alcohol awareness class. It is possible,...
If a Police report shows an arrest as being for a Felony DUI (vc 23153), but the charges were filed in Court as a Misdeameanor DUI (vc 23152) first offense, what information would actually show on a Live Scan report? Would the Felony part still be listed,even though it wasn't filed that way?
Thank you for your question. A live scan report would show arrest for a felony, but conviction (assuming that...
2am pulled over for not using turn signal at stop sign in residential area, no other cars around except cop car behind me. I blew .08 bac. Officer said I could be arrested & spend hours at lockup being booked, posting bail, doing blood test, or I could be released now to parents custody. My brother who had a few drinks was in the passenger seat & yelled out the window for me to request a blood or urine test. He said they don't want to process all the paperwork. Officer told him urine test is no longer offered, call parents & be quiet. They arrested him for public intoxiation because he was "interferring" with their work. Officer told me I'm very cooperative, passed all field tests & will probably get charged with a wet reckless. He let me go home w/parents. I'm 27. No prior offense
You cannot be charged with "wet reckless." That is a charge the prosecution can reduce a DUI to in plea negotiations,...
AFTER LEAVING A bar fight in 2008, I was charged for a misdemeanor DUI (BAC 2.0 ) and several felonies surrounding the bar altercation. After a lengthy year-long trial, I plead down to one misdemeanor charge of battery. All other charges including the DUI were dismissed. I RENEWED MY DL in 2009 without incident. Four years later, a traffic stop in January 2014 resulted in my being cited for driving on suspended license and my vehicle being impounded for 30 days. I have 2 related questions: 1. SINCE I WAS never convicted of a DUI, how do I get the CA DMV to reinstate my license w/o my having to attend DMV mandated drunk school ? And 2. WHAT LIABILITY does DMV share for the money I'm out? For example, are they liable for impound fees, loss of work, or legal fees? Thanks.
The DMV and the court are separate entities. If you never requested a DMV hearing your license was automatically...
Back in July I got a DUI. I've done almost everything, (just the rest of the fine to pay) and I'm eligible to get the restrictions on my license taken off this month. I lost the letter the DMV sent me with the date I could do so. I was wondering if there was a site link or something easier than actually going down there to check to see if I can yet, or am I screwed on that and need to quit losing things ? Thanks, Jack
Call DMV Mandatory Actions at 916-657-6525.