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  • Porn princess headed to prison on fraud charges

    Thursday Oct 16 | via SFBay 

    Jasmine Mitchell, daughter of notorious porn peddler Artie Mitchell, will be spending time in federal prison after being sentenced for credit card fraud and identity theft. As part of a plea deal, federal prosecutors say the 34-year-old Mitchell was ordered to serve 27 months in prison yesterday.


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  • Sonoma County Marijuana Bust Windfall: $1.4 Million ...

    Thursday Oct 16 | via CBS Local 

    SEBASTOPOL - More than $1 million in cash, along with gold and silver pieces, were seized from a Sebastopol home where a marijuana growing operation was found - a haul that appears to be a record for Sonoma County. The Santa Rosa Press Democrat cited search warrant documents as saying detectives seized some $1.4 million in cash and more than 1,400 gold and silver pieces after an August fire at the home on Blank Road near Highway 116.


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  • Daughter of porn tycoon Artie Mitchell sentenced in ...

    Thursday Oct 16 | via San Jose Mercury News 

    Jasmine Mitchell, the daughter of the late porn mogul Artie Mitchell of Corte Madera, was sentenced Tuesday to 27 months in prison for credit card fraud and identity theft, federal prosecutors said. Mitchell, 34, pleaded guilty to using counterfeit credit cards and a fake driver's license to obtain about $2,000 for gambling at the Graton Resort and Casino in Rohnert Park, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office in San Francisco.


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  • Rohnert Park Police Beats

    Friday Sep 26 | via The Community Voice 

    8:52 p.m.: A 44-year-old male arrested for obstruction, resisting peace officer, possession of burglary tools, possession of controlled substance and outside felony warrant on Robert Lakes Rd. 12:30 a.m.: An 18-year-old male and a 19-year-old female arrested for burglary, conspiracy to commit crime and battery with serious bodily injury on Country Club Dr. 1:38 a.m.: a 26-year-old male arrested for violation of probation on E. Cotati Ave. at Snyder Ln. 12:36 a.m.: A 19-year-old female and another 19year-old female arrested for DUI and hit and run property damage on Parkway Dr. at Snyder Ln. 9:57 p.m.: 53-year-old male arrested for unsafe turn, no proof of insurance, DUI and driving on suspended license on Golf Course Dr. West at Redwood Dr. 12:33 p.m.: A 38-year-old female arrested for battery on person, burglary, possession of controlled substance and violation of probation.


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Rohnert Park Law

I got a Drunk in Public in Oakland and I still am on DUI probation till October of next year Sonoma County. This is the first time. I have the blow devise in car never failed. I don't drink at all that was a first slip
I assumed that your question is, will this be a probation violation? The answer is yes but SO LONG AS YOU DID NOTY...
I was arrested in January for a DUI. It was reduced to a wet and wreckless. Our city 9 months later sent me a letter stating that the city is seeking reimbursement for costs associated with the investigation. The letter stated the fee was established by board of supervisors and adopted by city council. Am I obligated to pay? I left message at phone number they never returned call and received 2nd letter. I am unemployed and already strained by court cost. Will I get in trouble for not paying??
Certain government codes may make it allowable but it's usually in conjunction with a DUI where an accident was...
I came to in a parking lot adjacent to a gas station. I had been on my way to pay rent to my landlord. I left at 10:30pm and awoke at 11:15 to an EMT at my window with no recollection of how I had gotten there. I told the EMT that I felt confused and was worried I had a seizure. After declining a ride to the hospital (because it costs $1000 for a 2 minute ride), I was approached by police. They asked me to step out of the car and immediate went into field sobriety tests. I told them I had neurological problems and refused to take them. They arrested me and I asked to be taken to hospital. After about two hours they said they had obtained a warrant for a blood draw. I consented then (unknown results as of now). released from the ER and booked at 2:19am. Where do I go from here?
I'm going to change your practice are to DUI in the hopes you get some attorneys in your area to respond to your...
I was curious, they told me because I am pregnant that I can't do work release and that have to do the time. Is it possible to do a house arrest? I got arrested in Napa county
House arrest would have to be ordered by the judge. Have your lawyer make the request and if you don't have one hire one
He was arrested and released. I suffered head injuries and a broken neck. He totaled my car/ only my car involved/ hit tree. I had him on my insurance because we lived in community that required it. What legal options do I have?
You can sue him, but a key question will be whether he has insurance coverage that you could collect from. Some...
I was working as a temp for seven months for a warehouse company had nothing to do with driving anything. they then wanted to hire me. I Did a backround check and drug screen. Was told it would take bout a week to get the results for everything but 2 days after I sign the paper giving them the ok to check my backround I got a call from the temp agency saying dat I didn't get the job because something was n my backround. I call the H.R and she told me was because of criminal backround and it happen to be the wetreckless was the reason why I lost the position to be a full time employer not and ended up losing my job there as a temp. I just wanna know is that legal I mean the campany has no driviNg jobs. Can I file a Grievance
Can they do that? Sure they can. California is an employment at will state. You may be hired or fired for any reason...
AFTER LEAVING A bar fight in 2008, I was charged for a misdemeanor DUI (BAC 2.0 ) and several felonies surrounding the bar altercation. After a lengthy year-long trial, I plead down to one misdemeanor charge of battery. All other charges including the DUI were dismissed. I RENEWED MY DL in 2009 without incident. Four years later, a traffic stop in January 2014 resulted in my being cited for driving on suspended license and my vehicle being impounded for 30 days. I have 2 related questions: 1. SINCE I WAS never convicted of a DUI, how do I get the CA DMV to reinstate my license w/o my having to attend DMV mandated drunk school ? And 2. WHAT LIABILITY does DMV share for the money I'm out? For example, are they liable for impound fees, loss of work, or legal fees? Thanks.
The DMV and the court are separate entities. If you never requested a DMV hearing your license was automatically...