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  • Multiple stab wound victim found in 'A' section

    Wednesday Apr 22 | via The Community Voice 

    Late Monday night, officers from the Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety responded to a call and were dispatched to a home in "A" section concerning a fight between two males. They were told that weapons were involved.


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  • Sentenced: Rohnert Park Man Supported Luxury Lifesty...

    Thursday Apr 16 | via 

    The 20-year-old rented a $240,000 McLauren sports car, bought a BMW and rented a $12 million vacation home in Glen Ellen for parties. A Rohnert Park man was sentenced to nine years and four months in the Sonoma County jail this morning for manufacturing fraudulent credit cards that he used to buy gift cards at Safeway stores in the Bay Area.


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  • Rohnert Park Safety Check Leads To Arrest For Suspec...

    Sunday Apr 12 | via CBS Local 

    CBS San Francisco Connect With Us At KPIX 5 PROGRAM GUIDE: KPIX 5 TV Schedule WATCH: A Glimpse Inside The Working KPIX 5 Newsroom Breaking News Send news tips, video & photos, and video to the KPIX 5 [] CONNECT WITH KCBS Welcome to KCBS All News 740AM & 106.9FM on! LISTEN LIVE RIGHT NOW: KCBS Live Audio Stream LIKE KCBS Radio On Facebook: KCBS is the Bay Area's only all news station, serving listeners with [] ROHNERT PARK - A man suspected of possessing a gun outside a Rohnert Park market on Friday evening was arrested, according to the city's Department of Public Safety.


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  • Man suspected of carrying gun near Rohnert Park park...

    Sunday Apr 12 | via KRON 4 

    A man suspected of possessing a gun outside a Rohnert Park market on Friday evening was arrested, according to the city's Department of Public Safety. Around 5:40 p.m. Friday, public safety dispatch responded to a report of a subject sitting in car parked in front of A&L Market at 1435 E. Cotati Ave., department officials said.


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  • Petaluma Man With Gun Arrested Outside Market on Eas...

    Saturday Apr 11 | via 

    Two were arrested Friday evening after a citizen reported a motorist was sitting inside a vehicle in a East Cotati Avenue market parking lot with a handgun on his lap, according to the Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety. Dispatchers received the call at 5:40 p.m. that a male was seated in a vehicle, parked in the lot directly in front of A&L Market located at 1435 East Cotati, The caller reported that the driver had a handgun in his lap and was speaking with another subject at the open driver's window, police said.


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Rohnert Park Law

Emergency rooms dealing with accident victims do not need warrant to take blood. Get an attorney to review your matter.
I didn't do my community hours after judge. Modified my probation. What is most likely to happen, will I have to do jail time?
Dui offense in 06 have 3 year probation got 2 extentions 1 year modification from judge haven't done my community hours 240 hrs. Done none. Due dec. 1 2011 can I just pay money payments or do I have to go to jail?
You can expect the prosecution to seek proceed on the violation of probation that they likely have already filed...
I had a wet reckless charge back in Dec. 1998. I was given 3 years probation which i was off for since March of this year.
I recently got a drunk in public on Wednesday August 17th. Since the DUI was a wet reckless charge and not a DUI charge my question is Do i have to do any jail time for this drunk in Public since i was off of probation previously.
A wet reckless is usually punishable only by fines and some kind of short alcohol awareness class. It is possible,...
Arrest Charges Vs Court Charges and Live Scan
If a Police report shows an arrest as being for a Felony DUI (vc 23153), but the charges were filed in Court as a Misdeameanor DUI (vc 23152) first offense, what information would actually show on a Live Scan report? Would the Felony part still be listed,even though it wasn't filed that way?
Thank you for your question. A live scan report would show arrest for a felony, but conviction (assuming that...
Will wet reckless be offered as officer said? He convinced me not to be arrested, get blood test, was that appropriate?
2am pulled over for not using turn signal at stop sign in residential area, no other cars around except cop car behind me. I blew .08 bac. Officer said I could be arrested & spend hours at lockup being booked, posting bail, doing blood test, or I could be released now to parents custody. My brother who had a few drinks was in the passenger seat & yelled out the window for me to request a blood or urine test. He said they don't want to process all the paperwork. Officer told him urine test is no longer offered, call parents & be quiet. They arrested him for public intoxiation because he was "interferring" with their work. Officer told me I'm very cooperative, passed all field tests & will probably get charged with a wet reckless. He let me go home w/parents. I'm 27. No prior offense
You cannot be charged with "wet reckless." That is a charge the prosecution can reduce a DUI to in plea negotiations,...
Do I need a lawyer for an ui citation and i blew under .08
Was released to my 18 daughter.CHP did not take my licence but issued a temp one
Of course you need a lawyer for your situation. You know that. Hire an experienced DWI attorney now.
Cop made a HUGE mistake on my ticket, how do i deal?!
I was pulled over because my license plate light was out. My license was suspended at the time so my car was impounded. This happened 3 days ago, I was reading over my ticket and I noticed the cop put that i had an alcohol level of .08 or higher. I hadn't been drinking AT ALL. he didn't breathalyze me or do any sobriety tests. What do i need to do to fix his error?!
If you have a date to appear on a DUI charge in Sant Rosa, I would suggest hiring excellent local counsel as soon as...