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My first DUI was in WI 20 years ago My 2nd was 2 1/2 years ago in MN My 3rd a month ago in WI I have a WI attorney. My WI attorney mentioned that i should sit down w/a MN lawyer and discuss ramifications, steps to take, ect. I am a low income individual I've attempted to contact Pro Bono attorney's w/very little luck. I need to sit down w/a knowledgeable MN attorney and go thru some ?'s at an affordable rate. My question(s) is this: Do you happen to have/know of (A) a receptive,knowledgeable pro bono outfit in the DUI arena in Hennepin Cty preferably close to MG, (B) a knowledgeable attorney that i could sit down with for a half hour or so for $50-$100. Sorry, but i am just not having any luck and want to be proactive w/this. I've been assessed and am going to a 48 hour class. tia
Attorneys here do not solicit clients. I suggest you make a few phone calls. Tricia Dwyer Esq.
So here are the details and the latest occurrence. I was convicted of 2nd degree DUI in MN in Oct 2014. The vehicle in the case had its forfeiture case in December and lost (not surprised). The vehicle was worth over $15,000 and in MN statute, it was to be returned to lender. The vehicle was released to my lender on 01/16/2015. I was discussing the next steps on the vehicle and the repossession supervisor with the lender asked me what I wanted to do with the vehicle. I asked him my options and he said I could let it go to auction and from there the remaining balance would need to be settled. He then asked me if I wished to pick up the vehicle pending payment of storage and towing $1500. The paperwork did NOT state "DO NOT RETURN TO OWNER". Would I be able to pick it up? via tow truck?
This is a good question. I don't know that anyone will be able to give you an answer. The statute seems to contemplate...
I have WI counsel. My attorney advised me to speak w/a MN attorney as well. (He didn't exactly say when, but initial ct date is @ the end of Feb) I have parents who live in WI & i grew up there. I've read (Karyn Missimer) posts about the Ntl Dr Register & Interstate Compact so i'm not completely clueless. She (Karyn) suggests that someone in my position obtain a Lic in WI and hope the DA agrees to charge me under the WI license. So my question is, what is your experience with this & is it subjective if I have a WI license? meaning, if i get a WI license and get charged under it, when i go to get a MN license in the future, can they impose penalties? tia.
Call WI DMV, indicate to them you are not a resident of WI, but rather a resident of MN and find out when you're...
I was raped and tested for DUI on the same night. I don't know what I blew, but I don't believe I could've been over the limit considering the amount I drank (three beers, one shot) in a seven-hour span. My car has been released from the investigation pertaining to my rape, after they inspected it for evidence. The rape case has been dropped due to a lack of evidence. However, my car is still being held in the impound lot for the DUI, according to the officer that originally handled my case that night. I called an attorney for advice, and he informed me that it isn't within their rights to hold my car with no prior convictions (I have a clean record) and no results regarding the DUI that may incriminate me. The urine sample could take weeks to process. What do I do to get my car back?
Ya. I don't see a legal basis for them to hold the vehicle here. You can retain a lawyer to help you both with...
I am being charged with my 2nd gross misdemeanor dui. The first one I received was in december of 2012 and that one I blew a .24. The next jan 1 I blew a .23. This is where it gets strange. I hit a pole while I was sober drove home started binge drinking for about 15-20 mins. It was my parents car and they were furious with me and being drunk I got very emotional and so I called the police and told them I got in an accident and Ive been drinking. They came to my house did some test and arrested me. I don't know if they will believe that I wasn't drinking when I got in the accident so what can I do?
There is a specific defense in DWI cases called post-driving consumption. It is a defense that you must raise at a...
if Minnesota police do need to have a current/active license to operate a breathalyzer, how does one get proof of this? thanks
Talk to your attorney about this and they will get that information during discovery.
guilty. I have Ataxia, so my balance is off and so failed the field sobriety test several times. The state told me that it came back positive for narcotics, but no one told me of what drug(s).
All good questions. First let me say that it is best to talk with an experienced DWI attorney in person or over phone...