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Can I get my license reinstated in Arkansas where I'm moving to with a dui charge 3 years ago in Washington state?
I was charged with a dui 3 years ago, as well as violated my probation about 6 months later. I have been in the process of moving to Arkansas and need to know if it will effect me getting my license here.
Most states require you to satisfy all licensing requirements in the state you are coming from before they will give...
My son is facing a possible Marijuana DUI in WA state, but it sounds really hokey. Should we consult with an attorney?
My son was driving and a spider came down on it's web right in front of him he tried to flick it away and then it came back and he lost control of his van and hit a telephone pole. The officers came out and immediately assumed he was high, they performed a field sobriety test in a ditch. When I arrived the officer had him sticking his tongue out and flashing a light in his mouth (it was dark) and said it was green (his tongue). They said they were arresting him for DUI, he was not taken to the hospital until after 11 pm (the incident happened @ 7:00pm) for blood work. Also, this happened in May of 2013 and he did not hear anything about this until the end of Dec and just recently he was told his blood work was inconclusive, so now they will be retesting the same blood again.
Anytime you have to ask the question should I consult with an attorney, the answer is yes. If it seems shady to you,...
Can you refuse probation on a 2nd DUI in Skagit County in Washington State?
I am not looking to retain legal representation as I'm indigent and forced to use the public defender. I use Marijuana for medical reasons that do not fall under the legal definitions of Washington and fear more trouble if denied access as per the rules of probation. I feel confident that I can control myself in the confines of my cell for the maximum sentence however I know added fines and sentencing for probation violations could exceed the original sentencing terms. I get what I did was wrong and am willing to take the punishment but not over the course of however long they keep me under their thumb. I really feel I'm on a slippery slope into a life of absconding from justice if I'm forced into it. Please help! Can't I just do the maximum and then leave with only fines to repay Was?
I really don't understand your question. You can have the court deny probation and sentence you to the max sentence....
My husband has a DUI and recently spent a night in jail for domestic violence and after that ICE picked him up at our home..
Was he tooken because of the domestic violence? Will he get deported? The charges were dropped by me but he was on his way to court for it when ICE picked him up.
Criminal convictions can significantly impact a non-citizens ability to remain in the United States. You need to have a...
Served a 2yr sentence for dui drugs. Did treatment. Can Ipay my fines and get license?
I seved 2 yrs for 2 drug dui. One no refusal.2nd refusal. No alcohol involved. Do I need interlock? Can I just pay my fines in full and sr-22 and proof of treatment?
The best people to answer this question and your issues after the fact is DOL. Call 360-902-3600 they will be able to...
Can a canadian citizen with permanent resident status living in the U.S. with a deferred prosecution dui travel to Canada?
I am in the process of deciding if I should opt for deferred prosecution. 63 years old, no criminal history, first offense but feel I have an alcohol problem.
If you are a Canadian citizen, Canada is not going to prohibit you from entering your own country with a DUI. DUIs only...
Plea of not guilty at first DUI appearance?
Got charged last Friday for first DUI and went to court today with a DUI attorney who I met with prior to court and decided we are going to go the deferred route as I will benefit from treatment and won't have to spend time in jail or lose job and I am wondering about when we were in court the lawyer said a plea of not guilty? Is this a pretrial diversion for my deferred prosecution and will be changed to guilty at next court appearance?
If your lawyer had you enter into a diversion program or deferred prosecution then a not guilty plea was the right plea...