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BAC 0.09
I was arrested last thursday for having a bac of 0.09, first timer. is it recommended for me to get a lawyer or just get a public defendant on the day of the court? and how does the stay and hearing at dmv work, because I requested one on the phone, the woman said I could only do it if I believed that I was not drunk driving, and hung up on me.
There are good and bad public defenders just as there are good and bad private attorneys. However, you're are only...
I was arrested for a DUI last year the officer stated I refused a chemical test but is missing pages from report, appeal?
I was taken to a hospital after being approached for DUI, I refused a blood test but submitted a breath test and officer informed me their device was nonoperational, I would not submit to second test with a PAS device. A DS-367 form I did complete officer sent DMV resulting in suspension of my licence but pages 2-3 were missing from DS-367....... DO I HAVE A CASE
Have you requested the DMV hearing within 10 days of the arrest if you did not you're probably out of luck as far as...
Is it a good Idea to reschedule my court date for a traffic ticket? Vc23136
I was told if I reschedule then there is a greater chance that the officer will not show up and testify, or that the case may be dismissed all together. Is this true? I do not want to get stuck with additional court fees. What is the worst case scenario if I do go to trial and lose? From my understanding I will retain my driving privelige regardless of the trial, as long as I win the DMV hearing beforehand. Because it is a vc23136 as opposed to vc23140.
Your understanding of the relationship between DMV and criminal proceedings is incorrect. Vehicle Code ยง23136,...
Does a DUI hamper obtaining a CCW
I'm facing DUI charges (first offence) and had already started the CCW process - would a DUI conviction cause my CCW to not be issued, or rescinded?
This is difficult to answer, the county sheriff decides who gets a CCW and criminal history obviously can play a factor...
My friend got pulled over for bad tags on his work truck he had 2 shots and 2 beers 5 hours earler none since that
passed all tests then he made him do the breath test agian thay put a tip on it he made him blow. then thay reset the device and made him blow it . gian same tip two times used
There really doesn't appear to be a question here. Normally, your friend would expect to have littel or no alcohol in...
Where do I get the paperwork for a dismissal of Cal penal code section 1203.4. I have fulfilled all the requirements.
I have successfully completed the probation, required classes and paid all my fines. I am and was a first time offender
What county? Sacramento? If so, they have the forms (CR-180 and CR-181, I believe) on their website. Search the...
For what reason(s) might a expungement-petition be denied?
I've completed all terms/conditions of 3rd dui probation- with a driving while suspended violation in march of 07. I was thinking of trying to get an expungement and wanted to know in advance the reasons why would my expungement be denied.
The judge can deny your petition for expungement for a number of reasons -- including the fact that you were convicted...