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  • Man to spend holiday with family before year's stint...

    Tuesday Dec 23 | via Herald Gazette 

    A 33-year-old former Owls Head man was allowed to spend Christmas with his family before reporting to jail Dec. 26, where he will spend the next year in custody. Jeffrey Dorr Jr., now living in Alabama, pleaded guilty to charges of failure to appear, violating conditions of release and operating beyond license conditions or restrictions Dec. 23 in Knox County Superior Court.


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  • Man gets 90 days for felony assault

    Friday Dec 19 | via Capital Weekly 

    A 49-year-old Rockland man was sentenced to two years in prison with all but 90 days suspended after he pleaded guilty Dec. 19 to a felony domestic violence assault charge. Robert E. Crowe Jr., was arrested Oct. 5 and charged with assaulting a woman he shared an apartment with after Thomaston Police Officer Olaf Sigaud heard a man and woman shouting at each other and investigated the disturbance.


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  • Man with violent history gets fine for domestic assault

    Wednesday Dec 17 | via Herald Gazette 

    A 52-year-old Cushing man, who was convicted of manslaughter for the 1994 beating death of a child, admitted to a charge of domestic violence assault and was ordered to pay a $500 fine Dec. 17 in Knox County District Court. Harold Clarke Jr., although he entered a guilty plea, contested the allegation against him, saying the Dec. 9 argument was a verbal confrontation only.


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  • Sixth District Court

    Tuesday Dec 16 | via Capital Weekly 

    Jillian Falcetano, 36, of Union, operating under the influence, $500 fine, license suspended 150 days, unlawful possession of scheduled drug, dismissed. Franck Foulon, 29, of Miami, Fla., operating under the influence, $500 fine, 48 hours in jail, license suspended 150 days.


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  • Man arrested for carrying knife collection in car

    Friday Dec 5 | via Herald Gazette 

    A 29-year-old Rockland man, on probation for a 2013 domestic violence assault conviction was arrested for carrying machetes and various knives in his car. Joshua Smith was arrested in Thomaston by Knox County Sheriff's Deputy Jeremy Joslyn Nov. 28 after he was caught possessing a dagger, box cutters, machetes and buck knives.


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  • Police say Rockport man slapped woman after she refu...

    Monday Dec 1 | via Bangor Daily News 

    A 31-year-old Rockport man made his initial court appearance Monday after police said he slapped a woman who refused to help him to get his stuck sports utility vehicle out of a yard. Eldon B. Bennett was arrested Thanksgiving morning by Rockport police Officer Cooper Plaisted and charged with felony domestic violence assault, criminal operating under the influence and operating without a license.


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Rockland Law

I had a car accident exactly a month ago am worried I am going to charged with an OUI? I had two drinks and was driving home. I briefly went in the other lane while a car (cop) was coming and I overcorrected and crashed into a tree. I was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. A cop came to the hospital and took my blood for an alcohol test. He said he would contact me in a week about the results. It has been over a month and am wondering if I should still be worried about getting an OUI. How long do the cops have to charge me with a DUI?
You can always call and ask them.
I was caught drinking underage the other night at a college. It was my first offence of any kind and my first time even having alcohol. I was given a civil violation ticket and instructed to call a number and pay a fine or go to the court date on the ticket. The officer recommended paying the fine. My friend was with me and mentioned he wouldn't be able to become a cop now. The officer said that is not true and that this wont show up on job applications or anything. I am just curious to know how I should handle this and where it may show up in the future. Thank you.
I am curious about the "civil violation" ticket. The violation by you will not show up on a job application. It may...
State A-Maine State B-Colorado
There's a ton of "ifs' in that sentence. The general rule is one state is going to respect the suspension of another state.
stopped for weaving., clean record
What would you like to know? You haven't asked a question.
Recieved a CWOF with a 24d assignment three months ago and am wondering if the suspension associated with that in mass will follow me to Maine.
In Maine a "conviction" results when there is a finding of guilt and some sentence has been imposed. A CWOF sounds like...
If one cop said you are all set have a good night.Can the second cop charge me after I was cleared?
Absolutely; however, you can always call the first officer as a witness to challenge the allegations against you.
If my license was revoked for one year in VA for a DUI and I never had it reinstated in VA but the year has come and gone, am I able to apply for a license in Maine. Do I need to reinstate it in VA if I am now a Maine resident?
Maine will not issue you a driver's license as long as you remain under suspension in VA. Until you do what it takes...