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  • Police charge Florida woman with felony for lying ab...

    Friday Mar 6 | via SavannahNow 

    Savannah-Chatham police have filed felony charges against a Florida woman they say misrepresented circumstances that led up to a fight that left her companion with injuries on Feb. 2. Angel Little, 36, of Riverview, Fla., will be charged with filing a false police report after she and her companion, a 38-year-old man, became involved in a fight on Bay Street near Bull Street after early that morning, said Julian Miller, police spokesman. She initially told police the couple had been attacked, beaten, kicked in the head and face and robbed by five to six males who left in a maroon sports sedan.


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  • Suspect arrested in fatal Riverview stabbing

    Monday Mar 2 | via ABC Action News 

    Charles Cline is accused of stabbing the man, whose name hasn't been released by deputies, during an argument over whether the man had hit on Cline's fiancee, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. The man, 38, called 911 about 2:55 a.m. Sunday saying he'd been stabbed, deputies said.


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Riverview Law

I was arrested for a dui but, charged with a careless driving, why do i still have to take dui school
dmv still requires dui school? but not convicted of dui only a careless driving ticket
Congratulations on your breakdown, but your lawyer should have explained to you that Court and DMV are separate and...
Can police officers that work for certain agencies submit a dui video with out a timer on it ?
My video has been altered which is hard for me to prove because of no timer on the video.
There is no requirement that a DUI video have a timer on it, but if you have evidence of an alteration then your lawyer...
My son received a ticket for underage drinking, do i need a lawyer or just pay the fine .?
was in a friends car , they were parked , one of the other kids in the car handed the bottle to my son , while he was getting in the car , and the police gave him a ticket
you should hire an attorney to avoid his having a criminal record following him for the rest of his life.
Can anyone recommend a detail oriented place that can visually analyze a DUI cd video and provide me with the spectrograph ?
Video has no timer on it. I am looking for a professional reasonable forensic analysis that can analyze certain sections of my DUI cd and provide evidence of editing.
Sorry, this is a question and answer site and solicitations for are not allowed. Many DUI attorneys in your area...
What are motions, how can they help a dui case and how many different motions are/can be used? How does the process work?
Dui happened in March, date has been moved forward to a future date.
This question to too broad to be answered on this site. You need to consult with an experienced attorney in the Tampa area.
Consent to blood draw at hospital for DUI
I live in Tampa and was recently in a crash that resulted to me being taken to the local hospital. While at the hospital a deputy showed up and asked my consent to a blood test . I told him no. I noticed when I was discharged from the hospital my drivers license was taken from my wallet which someone later told me if I refused the blood work they would take my license. How do I get my license back? And would they have enough to arrest me later? Thanks for your time
Blood draw cases are complex and require a degree of skill and experience that not all DUI defense lawyers possess. I...
I was arrested for a dui (1st one) and a blew a .08/.09 in Tampa fl. Since I blew low on this test, can I get a wet-wreckless?
First offense. No prior criminal records.
It's possible that the state attorney will consider a reduced charge of reckless driving. I would suggest you consult...