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My video has been altered which is hard for me to prove because of no timer on the video.
There is no requirement that a DUI video have a timer on it, but if you have evidence of an alteration then your lawyer...
was in a friends car , they were parked , one of the other kids in the car handed the bottle to my son , while he was getting in the car , and the police gave him a ticket
you should hire an attorney to avoid his having a criminal record following him for the rest of his life.
Video has no timer on it. I am looking for a professional reasonable forensic analysis that can analyze certain sections of my DUI cd and provide evidence of editing.
Sorry, this is a question and answer site and solicitations for are not allowed. Many DUI attorneys in your area...
Dui happened in March, date has been moved forward to a future date.
This question to too broad to be answered on this site. You need to consult with an experienced attorney in the Tampa area.
I live in Tampa and was recently in a crash that resulted to me being taken to the local hospital. While at the hospital a deputy showed up and asked my consent to a blood test . I told him no. I noticed when I was discharged from the hospital my drivers license was taken from my wallet which someone later told me if I refused the blood work they would take my license. How do I get my license back? And would they have enough to arrest me later? Thanks for your time
Blood draw cases are complex and require a degree of skill and experience that not all DUI defense lawyers possess. I...
First offense. No prior criminal records.
It's possible that the state attorney will consider a reduced charge of reckless driving. I would suggest you consult...
I am In riverview fl now charges are in albany ga 1993
YOUr question appears to ask about "Statute of limitations". The charges originated in Georgia, so a Goergia lawyer...