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The court issued me 12 weeks of classes for a wet and reckless that I got last May but the DMV issued me 18 months because it is technically my second DUI. I was able to get my record for my first one sealed because I was a minor when I got it, so the court recognized it as my first but the DMV recognized it as my second.
Do an 18 week as ordered by the DMV to satisfy both.
I was arrested for DUI in California in June 2011. My license was suspended until December 2011. I fought my case and the DA delayed until April 2012 at which point I was convicted of the DUI per se charge and found not guilty of driving under the influence. California then suspended my license again for another 4 months from April 2012 until August 2012. Considering that both punishments were for the per se charge. Have I been a victim of double jeopardy?
No, it's not double jeopardy. I agree it's a pretty awful law, but it's not double jeopardy. I'm assuming your...
What is the best way to report a DUI on a job application? A plea of no contest to V C Section 23152 9/3/2004?
It depends on the question you were asked. If it's "were ypou ever convicted of a crime"answer yes and explain the...
I think my question was straight forward enough that I don't need to add more details.
It can always be found on your driving record so I'd be concerned that an employer will think that you were lying which...
It was my first speeding ticket but my license was revoked y was it nt suspended instead?
You will need to pay off the fines before it will be reinstated. Maybe you can call the court and add your cases on...
it has been almost 3 years since dui. as of now, i am enrolled in 18 mo. dui school and allowed my restricted license as soon as i pay my fines. i can get my full license back in a couple months or so... but not if fines arent paid. i have been making monthly payments of $100 and still owe over $1600. at this rate, i will never get my driving privileges back
There is a saying a companion of mine used "The open mouth gets fed,". Go to the clerk of the court set a hearing on...
was my dui dropped?
Letter from DMV? Has your APS Hearing been completed? Did you get suspended after that Hearing? Without more info,...