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How can I get my license back from a DUI
I received a DUI in 2005 in Caron City, NV while driving with a California drivers license. Per the court in Nevada I was to fulfill the DUI Program in Nevada. I completed the program and even carried a SR22 for 1 year. I was contacted this week that my license has been suspended because of the DUI in 2005 stating that I need to complete the DUI program in California. I need help because I am going to loose my job and DMV stated that I would not be able to get a provisional license for work I had to complete the California Program first. Any information that you could give me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time.
916-657-6525 is the # for mandatory actions unit at DMV. They have a list of all classes for all jurisdictions and they...
If I know a District Attorney in another county, would they be able to help with my DUI case in another county?
If I know DA in one county, would they have any way to help me with my DUI in another county.
They are prosecutors and not defense attorneys. They can always write you a letter of recommendation but DUI cases are...
I have a phone hearing with the DMV Driver Safety so they wont suspend my license how can I prepare for the hearing ?
I have 8 points on my license I received 4 in 2012 for 2 dui , and 2 in 2014 for driving under a suspended I also got 2 more in 2015 for also driving under a suspended. I have my license already and now they want to suspend it again . Is there a chance I can beat the hearing . I am currently a full time employee and soon to be college student and I am forced to drive. Will this help me ?
Forced to drive? Really?? Who is forcing you??? It won't help. Prepare to lose that hearing.
I got a second dui while on ptobation for my first dui. im afraid of jail time. no one was hurt during either cases.
how long do you think they will put me away for? i saw it is 10 days to 1 year.
You need to speak with an attorney immediately so that your he or she can protect your rights and possibly your driver'...
What to expect at arraignment hearing with 3 pending DUI's.
Resident of Sacramento. Received (1) DUI in Denver in December of 2014. Received (2) more DUI's in Sacramento both in February of 2015. DUI in Denver involved a minor accident with no injuries and BAC .30. Two Sacramento DUI's had no accident and BAC .33 and .38. Sacramento DUI's were approximately 28 hours apart.
You should expect to be arrested and taken into custody, at arraignment. Hat is especially true if you show up u...
Got a wet and reckless in 2007, and recently got pulled over and booked for DUI, what are my chances of getting 2nd wet and reck
The cops were called because other patrons of restaurant saw me in an altercation/argument. The police pulled us over as we were leaving the drive thru.
A wet reckless within 10 years will be considered a prior, so your current case will most probably be filed as a second...
My chance on getting DUI dismissed
I went out with friends and drank too much. They dropped me off at my car that was in a parking lot of a Home Depot. I called my best friend and asked her to come get me; she lives about 40 minutes away. I fell asleep and woke up to a fireman knocking on my window. The police came and He explained someone saw me and thought I was hurt and that's why they came. He asked me to do a breathlyser and I told them I would do a blood test. Anyways, I was booked for a DUI, they left my car in the parking lot. Anyway of getting it dismissed since I wasn't driving? I did have a DUI when I was 21, years ago.
I don't know if it will be dismissed, buy you certainly have a defense. Typically the prosecution needs to be able to...