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I also completed Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation 3 years ago. Is that applicable as DDP?
I think you have to take DMV's course. I suggest that you call DMV and ask what you need to do.
I am building a case against my roommate without a lawyer. What statements/affidavits should I bring to court with me to prove that my roommate repeatedly used my vehicle without my consent? So far I have signed statements from locals stating when they witnessed it parked at his work place or on the road while I was out of town. He is pleading guilty to unauthorized use but I would also like to press charges for damages resulting from bad gas he stole from my landlord and then used in my tank, as well as theft of a controlled substance medication which I am prescribed that went missing from the vehicle during his unauthorized use. When he was initially arrested I neglected to tell the officers about the gas or medication and he is denying both.
This sounds more like a civil litigation matter; I have changed the practice area for you.
My husband is remarried and they live in a better school district. His new wife is also a teacher
Anything is possible. A Dwi arrest would be one of many factors a judge would analyze before determining what is in the...
She has custody, how do I protect my children.
I am not aware of any legal obligation for your ex to notify you of the arrest. If you think you have grounds to modify...
I spoke with a police officer today and he said it was highly unlikely that i can get an order of protection to force my daughter's mother to leave my house cause she is on the lease . He said there was something that i can file that can keep her from being high around me and my daughter. That is she does get high and is around us I can call the cops and have her arrested
I have no idea what the Police Officer is taking about.
jail, went to court the next morning and the judge gave me a court date from a month from that day. The week after that I left the states to my country because I had already bought the flight ticket a couple pf weeks back before the arrest. So my mom says i have about 3000 dollars in tickets and I think I have a bench warrant since i didnt show up to court. I also called the precint where I got held and asked if I flew in the country if I´d get arrested at the airport due to my bench warrant and the cop said no because its a local warrant not a federal one. I dont know whether to believe him but i think i would get arrested at the airport. I really want to go back
There is no way to know for certain if there will a hold when you attempt to enter the country. If there is a warrant...
I did not blow, and was not read my miranda rights prior to being questioned or placed under arreSt. I also was not issued a ticket but ttold that i told the officer i was driving...what can i do to help my lawyer who is a public defender win my case...please help
1) Be on time for court. 2) Go to all required counseling. 3) Wear a suit. 4) Keep your mouth shut don't blab about...