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  • Matteson Man Threatened to Kill Security Guard After...

    Thursday Oct 23 | via 

    A Matteson man was charged with threatening to kill a security guard from the Spencer's in the Orland Square Mall after his lady friend allegedly got caught stealing a spray "specially formulated to reduce the discomfort associated with oral sex." Vanessa Moore, 18, of Richton Park was spotted stealing a bottle of " Deep Throat Numbing Spray " from Spencer's, police said.


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  • Police: 1 Dead, 1 Injured In Richton Park Shooting

    Wednesday Oct 22 | via CBS Local 

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Richton Park Law

Does it matter who get to represent me or is the outcome going to be the same regardless of who represent s me
You definitely need to speak with an attorney to discuss your options. You may be able to challenge your statutory...
I have a Wisconsin license, convicted of DUI in Illinois, I also work in Illinois. Can I get an RDP to travel to and from work? I am also required to do work release as well. I would travel from Twin Lakes, WI to Palatine, IL. Thanks for any and all your help.
To apply for an RDP, you must go through the informal/formal hearing process During your consultation, you must...
Hey all, Got a DUI and went on probation while living out of state. Got a job in a different and forgot to email my probation officer for 2mos because Of working 60 hour weeks and PO issued a warrant. No excuse and I'm not making any but how can I get this removed? I really don't want to go out off state because I'm all the way on the west coast or face any jail time. I've completed all the other terms of probation FYI.
I am not an IL lawyer so I cannot comment on matters of IL law or procedure. However, had you asked this question in...
My ex did not have valid drivers license for over 10 years. After our separation, court ordered him not to drive our kids without valid drivers license. About two years ago he got his RDP, then he told that he's getting his permanent drivers license in September of 2013, which didn't happen. He extended his RDP on July and he was ordered to install BAID in his car. He drove without it from July, and said that he got it installed on October 10th or so. Is it possible?? From what I read he had to install it within 14 days here in Illinois. Reason I am asking is, because I don't want him to drive our children around when they are with him, because he has a drinking problem. Is there any way I can obtain copies of the records so I know for sure? Thank You!
14 days. They may catch that on his next monitoring report. But of course they can't prove he was driving with the BAIID
I had 1 DUI supervision in 2000, 1 DUI conviction in 2004 and the Aggravated DUI in 2008.
If you have had a prior conviction you can't get it expunged. Silly rule, but that's the rule.
I had stalled my car in a rough neighborhood after an event. I personally called the police for help. They gave me a field sobriety test and the officer said I was borderline. They ended up towing me to the station and had me call a friend for a ride home. I was given an "Accident Report" for a single vehicle but nothing along the lines of a ticket or citation. I was never breathalyzed or put in handcuffs. Did I just luck out with a slap on the wrist? Is there a way to see if I have a court issue?
It looks like you lucked out since you were not given any tickets. If it happened in Cook County you can look up your...
I got two dui's almost two years ago now two months apart. I was placed on court supervision for both of them. I have completed everything the court has asked me to do ( community service, drug and alcohol classes, victim impact panel, aa and na meetings) the only thing i havent done yet is paid the fines. I will pay the fines as soon as the supervision is over, so the sooner i can get it terminated the sooner i will pay the fines.
It is possible. You have to file a motion to terminate supervision early. I would suggest you pay your fines first as...