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  • Matteson Man Threatened to Kill Security Guard After...

    Thursday Oct 23 | via 

    A Matteson man was charged with threatening to kill a security guard from the Spencer's in the Orland Square Mall after his lady friend allegedly got caught stealing a spray "specially formulated to reduce the discomfort associated with oral sex." Vanessa Moore, 18, of Richton Park was spotted stealing a bottle of " Deep Throat Numbing Spray " from Spencer's, police said.


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  • Police: 1 Dead, 1 Injured In Richton Park Shooting

    Wednesday Oct 22 | via CBS Local 

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The arresting officer said he stopped me for my head lights not being on and nothing else. I went to court judge reviews video agrees that head lights are indeed on I won my rescission and my license where given back. Went back to court for the dui part of the case in front of a new judge whom agree that my head lights are on but states" you did swerve" while watching the video. In the court transcript there is nothing in print that was mention in that hearing its like the court reporter stopped typing its just blank. There is no ruling in the file in print however someone wrote on the court docket motion denied with no ruling or reason for the denial to quash. So my only guess is it was denied because the judge says the officer had probable cause to stop me for the swerve.
It sounds like this judge did believe there was probable cause to stop based on you "serving." Did you have an attorney...
So my DUI case is coming up in 5 days. I hired a lawyer about a month ago, and he never told me anything about not needing to go to court. I call him this week and he says "I don't think you need to go" because he said he can arrange for court supervision because this is my first DUI, and I have a pretty clean record except for a couple driving tickets. First off, does this make sense? Should I still attend? The thing I worry about the most is what if I don't show up and I somehow get absolutely screwed over because my lawyer told me not to and then obviously big consequences there. Lawyer said he's been busy and almost forgot about me. Any advice here on what to do, or question to ask lawyer will be huge. I’m very new to all of this. Thanks a lot!. I live in Chicago, but case is out town
I handle the vast majority of my classes without my clients present. Seems like you don't trust your attorney's advice....
I received a DUI two years ago in Illinois and was placed on two years supervision. I have paid all the court fees and complied with all of my sentence. I have documentation and receipts to as evidence to demonstrate this. Is it necessary for my lawyer to be at court with me for the termination date or will the judge simply verify I have completed my sentence? If my lawyer is required, will be request an additional fee for being there?
If you are in complete compliance, your attorney need not appear with you for your final court date. As for whether...
My license was suspended a long time ago. I had done the 75 hours of treatment for chemical dependency. I called and they said I qualify for a hearing. What else do I need to do? Any other classes? Can I just show up to the hearing since I did the 75 hours?
You will need to have a current evaluation report or old evaluation and current update. You will need to have proof of...
The bottle says use before feb 2015. I just want to make sure if they find anything in my system that I will be covered. The script and bottle have my name on it of course but it was refilled feb 2014. Thanks much!
If you are prohibited from taking narcotics a prescription may not save you. Stop using. If a test is positive, they...
Back in the early 90's I received a DUI that at court was dismissed and the disposition states SOL. I assumed that meant it disappeared from my abstract. But now 20+yrs later I see it is still there. Why is that? And can I get it removed?
The statutory summary suspension that accompanies a DUI case may show up, but the DUI shouldn't. If it does, you can...
I would want to apply for a RDP. I have 3 DUI on record that happened back in 2012 almost at the same time with a week and a month difference between each other. I have over gone all the treatments and aftercare. Also, two statutory summary suspensions were rescind, thus, i have only one in effect. Here's also a question: does the statutory summary suspension period start on the 45th day after the arrest or from the actual conviction date? If my summary suspension started in 2012 and I was convicted in 2014 and SSS was for three years then can i apply for an RDP? I have had an appointment with an officer in DMV wh told me that i'm eligible for a permit on 01/01/2015. I have a doubt. I do would need a lawyer to look at my record and, also, represent me for a formal hearing if I qualify
You are right to seek the services of a skilled DUI attorney. You should ask all questions of your attorney.