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Since I have a felon on my record, it keeps me from doing many things, (certain jobs, travel, etc) Can it possisbly be reduced to a gross misdemeanor, or in some way taken off my record? I live in MN now. The felony DUI was in FL in 2007. All probation ended 2 yrs ago. No violations during probation or since then.
You should probably post this in the FL DWI section.
My husband got a DWI driving his car, but because my car's title is also in his name, they want to give me "Whiskey plates" as well. Is there a way to change my title to just my name? Maybe have him sign a document saying he wont drive my car?
This a very frustrating part of the DWI law. My advice is to contact a DWI attorney to go over your options in more detail.
It's my second DWI within 10 years. First one was almost 7 years ago. Barely blew over the limit at an alcohol content of .083. The judge specifically told me I only had to do the MADD impact panel, home monitoring for 17 days, and voice recording for my probation officer. I also did an alcohol assessment even before my final day in court.
Did the judge order you to follow the recommdations of that assessment? Did the assessment recommend the DWC Level 2?...
Was revoked due to DWI. Has been only 4 months. Case was settled for careless driving instead due to completing requirements before court. The night of the citation had no choice but had to drive to work. No speeding. Officer ran plate. Was in process of reinsting license that night. License is now reinstated and valid
The court might tell you that you aren't required to go to court for this offense, and you can just pay the ticket. Do...
I recently hired a dwi lawyer, of course this is my first time and I do not know much about how laws or lawyers do there job. My lawyer that I paid half already says just wait till court date and we will go on from there. I don't know if he even investigated my case nor did he gather any information about my case. Is that really how it works that my lawyer waits till court date and never informs me about anything else?
Every lawyer has a different approach, but above all you should be comfortable with how your case is being handled. I...
I'm 41 years old with no previous criminal record, first offense. Arrested early hours of Thursday, October 9th. Car was towed, and has since been recovered. License plates were taken. I have two jobs requiring me to commute, and two disabled children that I take to various therapies so a license is a must for my family's well being. I am desperate for help with what is by far the biggest mistake of my life, but I live paycheck to paycheck. I'm terrified that because of a lack of available funds, my family will suffer immensely.
If you cannot afford to hire an attorney and attorney will be appointed to you in court. You have a constitutional...
I missed my Implied consent dates since the courts/ DMV sent my revocation to an old address, however I won my Criminal case, Can I appeal the impled consent?
You can always try. The 30 day filing deadline is a very strict requirement, but if you never received a notice, and it...