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  • Suspect in 2012 Boston shooting added to federal wan...

    Friday Oct 17 | via 

    A man being sought in the 2012 fatal shooting of a military veteran in Boston's Theatre District has been added by the US Marshals Service to its 15 Most Wanted fugitive list. Peter Castillo was identified by Boston police as the shooter in the May 10, 2012 killing, according to a statement from the Marshals, but he allegedly fled to New York and then to the Dominican Republic shortly after.


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  • Police Briefs 10-15-2014

    Wednesday Oct 15 | via Revere Journal 

    More than 7,000 residents and businesses lost power for a few hours on Sunday afternoon as a result of a blown electrical relay mechanism. National Grid responded to a blown relay system in the Ward Street area, and it took a few hours to get things back up and running.


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  • Peabody: Assault and Battery With a Dangerous Weapon...

    Tuesday Oct 14 | via 

    At 3:28 p.m., police received a report of suspicious activity on Lynnfield Street. Caller reported that a suspicious vehicle in a red truck pulled into his driveway and took his trash.


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  • Feds say duo extorted club

    Thursday Oct 2 | via Boston Herald 

    Two alleged septuagenarian mobsters - including the purported acting boss of the New England Mafia - were placed on house arrest yesterday on federal extortion chargesa stemming from an alleged scheme to chisel $50,000 in protection payments from a Revere video poker machine company for the past seven years. Anthony "Spucky" Spagnolo, 72, and his alleged henchman Pryce "Stretch" Quintina, 74, both of Revere, pleaded not guilty in U.S. District Court in Boston yesterday to conspiracy to interfere with commerce by extortion.


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  • Woman Arrested Following Stabbing in Old Burial Ground

    Tuesday Sep 30 | via Harvard Crimson 

    Cambridge Police arrested a woman who reportedly stabbed her boyfriend in the Old Burial Ground cemetery following a verbal altercation early Saturday morning. Revere resident Mariel Teves, 24, was arrested at the scene for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, according to a Cambridge Police Department report.


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Revere Law

In 2006 he was charged with DUI and found guilty in 2007. It was a one time occurence, and has not had any issues with the law, or DUI's. Can he be refused the job?
The livery company can refuse to hire him because of his OUI conviction. If they make an adverse hiring decision based...
the blood work came back all negative except .79ng/ml of adivan of which i have a prescription for covering anxiety and depression, how much trouble am i in? i live in Revere Ma 02151 and the arrest was made in Concord NH?
I assume its a .04. It should be dismissed
having walked in on own with lawyer to clear the old charge he wore a bracelet 9 months with 3 day a week probation sign in no problems , court date came and lawyer hired did not perform defense at all. The lawyer did not litigate, perform argument or try to help or interject during repetitive statements made by the da all he did was facial expressions of surprise and raise his arm like "surprise" this man was sentenced to house of corrections for up to 2 1/2 years. what can he do. Can he get his money back from poor representation of a lawyer whom did nothing?
This doesn't make sense. I can try to figure out what you mean: he wore a bracelet for the first OUI and then got a...
plus he was deported before. We was planning to get married next month (April 2013). Now i don't know what to do. If we get married in Brazil, he will be able to came back the USA? Worth apply to came back? Could you help me? I asked to a lawyer she said she brings him in 3 months after get married. She wants $ 4,000.00 for the process. Could you help me?
It is extremely unlikely that he would be able to come back, even if you got married. It MAY be possible in 10 years,...
I was arrested on an OUI charge and was arraigned today. I plan to plea QWOF and look for my hardship license immediately. What will happen if my QWOF plea isnt accepted by the prosecutors? Do I then plead guilty?
You should look into hiring an attorney. You can still ask the judge for a CWOF even if the prosecutor recommends...
I am moving to Massachusetts from Florida for a job. I was wondering if I am convicted of my pending DUI and granted a hardship license in Florida if that hardship license will, "transfer" to Massachusetts with me? What would I need to do for the Massachusetts hardship license process and would it be different than applying for a normal license (which I am familiar with)? Thank you for your time.
first get the Florida license before you worry about transferability. You can contact the RMV and ask.
I took a plea deal in a NH DWI case resulting from a suicide attempt stemming from emotional abuse (I did not move the vehicle, but the attempt used non-controlled pills in alcohol, resulting in the charge and plea). I got a 1-year interlock period to get my license back after a three-month suspension. However the judge said that after a year I may get the conviction reduced to a violation (civil offense) resulting in insurance returning to normal. Now I'd like to move in with my new significant other in Massachusetts. 1. In NH, there are no "Cinderella" licenses. If I move during my interlock period, will it trigger a two-year interlock period in MA? 2. If I move before I get my offense reduced to a violation in NH, but later do, will my insurance drop in MA? Thank you.
Consult an MA attorney, but my understanding is that the interlock device, which you agreed to have installed on your...