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  • Police searching for suspect in Revere shooting

    Thursday Jan 22 | via WHDH 

    An opponent of Boston's 2024 Olympics bid has taken a first step toward putting a question before voters on next year's ballot. An opponent of Boston's 2024 Olympics bid has taken a first step toward putting a question before voters on next year's ballot.


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  • Revere Through the Years

    Wednesday Jan 21 | via Revere Journal 

    Joe Singer, a Revere native recently returned home after a tour of duty in Afghanistan with the Marines, was attacked by a group of youths a few doors down from his home on Crescent Ave. and suffered a serious stab wound. The former Broadway National Bank at the corner of Broadway and Central Ave. will undergo another name change with the buyout of BankNorth by TD Bank.


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  • Police Briefs 01-21-2015

    Wednesday Jan 21 | via Revere Journal 

    A Revere man is facing charges after an argument with his wife where he threatened to burn down the house last Wednesday, Jan. 21. Police were called to the residence on Sagamore Street around 11:52 p.m. for a domestic incident between a husband and wife. After the argument, the man threatened to burn down the house and he obtained a juice filled bottle and actually spilled some gasoline on the stairwell and landing.


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  • Just In: Fugitive arrested in Dominican Republic in ...

    May 7, 2012 | via Boston Herald 

    A Salem man charged in the 2012 murder of an Afghan war veteran outside a Boston nightclub has been tracked down and arrested in the Dominican Republic, authorities said. Peter Castillo was arrested Thursday night in the Dominican Republic by U.S. Marshals and was flown today to New York, where he is being held as fugitive from justice, said Jake Wark, a spokesman for Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley.


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Revere Law

In 2006 he was charged with DUI and found guilty in 2007. It was a one time occurence, and has not had any issues with the law, or DUI's. Can he be refused the job?
The livery company can refuse to hire him because of his OUI conviction. If they make an adverse hiring decision based...
having walked in on own with lawyer to clear the old charge he wore a bracelet 9 months with 3 day a week probation sign in no problems , court date came and lawyer hired did not perform defense at all. The lawyer did not litigate, perform argument or try to help or interject during repetitive statements made by the da all he did was facial expressions of surprise and raise his arm like "surprise" this man was sentenced to house of corrections for up to 2 1/2 years. what can he do. Can he get his money back from poor representation of a lawyer whom did nothing?
This doesn't make sense. I can try to figure out what you mean: he wore a bracelet for the first OUI and then got a...
the blood work came back all negative except .79ng/ml of adivan of which i have a prescription for covering anxiety and depression, how much trouble am i in? i live in Revere Ma 02151 and the arrest was made in Concord NH?
I assume its a .04. It should be dismissed
plus he was deported before. We was planning to get married next month (April 2013). Now i don't know what to do. If we get married in Brazil, he will be able to came back the USA? Worth apply to came back? Could you help me? I asked to a lawyer she said she brings him in 3 months after get married. She wants $ 4,000.00 for the process. Could you help me?
It is extremely unlikely that he would be able to come back, even if you got married. It MAY be possible in 10 years,...
I was arrested on an OUI charge and was arraigned today. I plan to plea QWOF and look for my hardship license immediately. What will happen if my QWOF plea isnt accepted by the prosecutors? Do I then plead guilty?
You should look into hiring an attorney. You can still ask the judge for a CWOF even if the prosecutor recommends...
i was told that i could pay 230.00 a month for 12 months i could only pay 3 payments i have no job and was wondering what they do to you when i now have to go back to court? I never have been in any trouble before like this? My boyfriend was gonna pay for me but he skipped town. He only won 4 dui's in mass and because he had the $$$$$$$$$$ got off....very sad because i had drove for him and never took the Breathalyzer because i only had two wines and banged a car in a supermarket pkg lot so when i came out of the store they arrested me for dui?????? I didn't have money for a lawyer even then. I just want to know on dec 23 2014 am i gonna haveto go to jail right then and there? please help
If you don't have a lawyer and can't afford one, ask the court for a lawyer to be assigned to your case. There is no...
I was convicted of a DUI in Virginia, and am a Massachusetts resident. MA is one of the few states that is not a member of the Interstate Drivers Compact, so in theory they don't' find out about the DUI (they have not yet). If I apply to a job based in Massachusetts with a MA employer, will the DUI show up on a background check?
I am not licensed in VA or MA, however, the DUI took place in VA and it does share information. I would expect MA to...