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This is my first criminal offense (DUI for opiates/morphine) and already had my arraignment. Will I be drug tested at my court date? Like will the police possibly take me to the hospital to get blood taken like when I was arrested? Or do you normally only get drug tested at probation/your first drug evaluation if they lessen it on a plea deal to neglegent or reckless (im guessing it will be lessened on a plea deal since it is my first offense and my pd said MOST LIKELY that is what will happen on a first offense) thank you!
Drug testing is usually only done once someone has been sentenced, as a condition of probation. You mentioned that you...
I had a DL issued in Indiana but was Revoked/suspended... Failure to validate ss#... I already called Indiana and explained to them that I cannot get a valid ss#...Indiana told me they can't do nothing about it till I give them a ss#... what can I do to fix this? Because washington wont give me a DL till that revoked/suspension is taken off in Indy...can you help me please?
Why can't you get a Ssn? Because you are an undocumented immigrant?
My husband got pulled over and blew a .116 and .122. This is his first time. The car was towed and he was driven to the police station. They let him call a friend to take him home. He still has his license and they didn't mention about taking it away. They gave him a form "Request for DUI Hearing", and let him go. What does this mean? Is this consider an arrest? What do we need to do? Thanks.
"Request for DUI Hearing", and let him go. What does this mean?" -He has 20 days to request a hearing to challenge the...
About 8 months ago I was arrested for my first DUI. Went to the station and had a BAC of 0.09. I've done pre-trials and will probably have to set my case for trial. I've been told that my case is an easy drop to neg 1 or reckless driving..but apparently negotiation is not an option right now. Kind of nervous
In my experience, State prosecutor's in King County are not currently reducing to Negligent or Reckless driving on the...
will they combine all of them together from one state to another
No. You'll have to deal with each case separately in each state.
a random group of teenagers saw what happened and ran after the guy but by the time the cops showed up he was bloody i wasn't so the cops where more interested in the teens then the guy who kicked me. now my neck and lower back hurt like crazy.
you should get a copy of the police report that was filed. collect whatever contact information you can on the...
I am pending a DUI charge from February of 2012 in the State of WA. The case is now at a point of either pleading guilty or going to trial. I am due to relocate to Los Angeles the last week of July for work and I am not getting a straight answer from anyone as to the following: A) Will the WA State criminal charge "90 day suspension" show as served concurrent with the WA State administrative suspension that was served completed if the CA DMV goes to issue me a license? B) WA State requires first time offenders to have an IID on their vehicle for one year in order to operate a motor vehicle in the state of WA. Since I am moving to CA, would this still be required? If I get the IID installed in WA and later get a CA license, will I still need it?
Don't ask WA attorneys to comment on CA law unless they are licensed in both States! Generally, if you have a...