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Hoe long does an officer have to do breath test and blood work?
I have been charged with DWI and running stop sign. Stop sign was dismissed. I passed the touching nose-standing and counting-blew 0 on 4 test then had to go have blood work. Stop sign was at 4:30 in afternoon-breath thing was at 7pm. Blood work was at 8pm. Blood work has not come back yet-----how long does he have to do all of this?
How long is a piece of string? There is no firm answer to your question. Given the backlog that the SBI lab has, it...
How long does it take for a level 5 federal DWI conviction to show up?
I got pulled over on a federal property for speeding and the cop smelled alcohol. Long story short, i refused all test and lost license for a year while waiting for federal court. My court case came up after I got my license back. I was convicted of level 5 dwi, 24 hr cc, substance abuse classes, unsupervised probation and revoked licensed for a year. It has been 11 months and my dmv report says no convictions and drivers license active. I don't want to have future problems when renewing my license next year. I even went to the DMV after moving and got a new license with correct address 2 months ago. What do I need to do?
I understand your dilemma. I would not do anything to notify the DMV of the conviction. What appears to have happened...
I have already gone to court in NC for dwi and it has been over a year. Do i have to still take the classes moving to wv
Yes, there will be a hold on your driving privileges indefinitely until you do the classes. You will either need to...
Should I plead guilty or ride this out . plead guilty in a couple days after its been six months and no blood test back yet?
I thought i was being pulled so while pulling in a parking lot and looking in the rear view I hit a concrete pole.I decided to leave the scene and head home fast.I was clocked at 70 in a 45 and left of center,leaving the scene,property damage,no license because it was restricted for a previous DWI two years before.I pulled over when I seen blue lights coming up from behind.He did know what id hit and I told him some BS.I refused to blow,then taken to the station to blow said no but then yes.He said to late and was taken to the hospital to have my blood drawn.The arresting officer decided to become a state trooper and has never been in court.This Monday he will not be there again and my lawyer wants me to plead guilty on the DWI.The blood will not be there.Know the SBI is backed up. W 2 DO
It sounds like you may have good grounds to fight the charges based on the officer not being there and the blood not...
I am from Tennessee but went to court in North Carolina. i was charged dwi & child endangerment.
I pled guilty & got 30 days & probation. but the probation officer said i had to give her 250$ before even get put on probation??? wasn't goin to let me go home, had to appeal cuz wasn't told had to give $ to be put on probation??? they said its a new law? Because i live out of state i HAVE to pay 250 to transfer?? i don't care about transfer, ill do probation ANYWHERE!! please help me!!!
Talk with your attorney about this as they are in the best position to know the facts of your case and your situation....
I had a DWI 14 years ago. Could not show up for court. Now I need to take care of it. It was in NC, I live in CA>
A state agency is requiring me to resolve it to obtain a type of state Professional License. Being across the entire country it is not like I can just Go to the court house and turn myself in and walk out with a court date. I need to know the best way to take care of this. With the least amount of trouble.
In California, you can have an attorney make an appearance on your behalf. You do not even need to be present in court...
DWI conviction
A cop stopped me because he said he noticed I was failing to maintain lane. The result was he let me go no ticket...I then got out of car and was going to help a friend of mine that had a flat get to his car I had to pass the cops I was passing I said have a great night officer and walked to friends car he in turn came over and started talking to me again...he said he smelled alcohol and ask to do field test...I passed all then gave me breathalizer I blew .12 he arrest me for DWI shud I be arrested for DWI or public intoxication? Do I have a good chance on winning when I go to court with my lawyer?
You need to ask these questions of your own attorney. It looks like the office had a valid reason to stop you. The...