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  • Photographer donates to Milton shooting victim

    Yesterday | via Cape Gazette 

    Fifteen-year-old Marlon Martinez-Hernandez remains paralyzed as a result of a November shooting outside of his Milton home. Local photographer Pamela Aquilani has announced she will donate 10 percent of all sales of her work from Wednesday, April 1, through Labor Day to assist Marlon's family in paying for medical care.


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  • Police Investigate Attempted Robbery of Rehoboth Piz...

    Thursday Mar 26 | via WBOC-TV Salisbury 

    REHOBOTH , Del.- The Delaware State Police are currently investigating an armed robbery of a Rehoboth area Pizza Hut restaurant that occurred late Wednesday night. Police say the preliminary investigation has determined that the incident occurred on Wednesday, March 25, 2015, at 11:00 p.m., as a 33 year old female employee of the Pizza Hut, located at 19068 Coastal Highway, Rehoboth Beach, was preparing to close the restaurant.


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  • Man sought in attempted robbery of Pizza Hut

    Thursday Mar 26 | via Cape Gazette 

    At 11 p.m., a 33-year-old woman employee was preparing to close the Pizza Hut at 19068 Coastal Highway, Rehoboth Beach, said Sgt. Richard Bratz of the Delaware State Police.


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  • Georgetown man charged in purse theft

    Wednesday Mar 25 | via Cape Gazette 

    A 63-year-old Georgetown man faces charges after police say he took a purse from ReNove Med Spa in Rehoboth Beach. Police saw Edward L. Hack walking in Rehoboth March 23 and connected him to the March 16 theft after the victim identified him, said Chief Keith W. Banks of the Rehoboth Beach Police Department.


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  • Rehohoth spa purse theft suspect arrested

    Tuesday Mar 24 | via WMDT 

    On Monday, Rehoboth Beach Police say they arrested 63-year-old Edward Hack, of Georgetown, for the theft of a purse from the Renove Med Spa back on March 16th, 2015. According to the report, an Officer noticed Hack walking in Rehoboth on Monday, and was then positively identified by the victim.


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  • Information sought on Rehoboth purse theft

    Wednesday Mar 18 | via WMDT 

    Police in Rehoboth are looking for information, after a man apparently walked into a health spa, and stole a woman's purse. Rehoboth Beach Police say on Monday, Officers responded to the Renove Med Spa on Rehoboth Avenue, for reports of a purse theft.


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  • ICE Sweep Nets Arrests of 2,059 Fugitive Criminal Al...

    Monday Mar 9 | via News Max 

    Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced Monday that it arrested more than 2,000 people during a five-day nationwide sweep targeting fugitive criminal aliens, including gang members and people wanted for crimes including robbery, rape, and child pornography. The enforcement operation, officially dubbed "Operation Cross Check," targeted "the worst of the worst criminals," Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Monday .


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  • Three arrested after four month long drug investigat...

    Tuesday Mar 3 | via WMDT 

    A four month long investigation into the sale of illegal drugs from a home in Rehoboth Beach, has wrapped up with three arrests. Delaware State Police say on Monday, around 7:30 AM, the Sussex County Drug Task Force, along with the Sussex County Governor's Task Force and DSP Special Operations Response Team, searched a home on Spruce Road, in the Pine Valley Mobile Home Park in Rehoboth.


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  • Lewes man accused in multiple Rehoboth burglaries

    Feb 26, 2015 | via Big News 

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  • Convicted sex offender faces new sex-related charges

    Aug 7, 2013 | via Delaware Coast Press 

    The Delaware State Police Major Crimes Unit has arrested a convicted Rehoboth Beach sex offender after police say he solicited sex to a minor. The investigation began Aug. 2 after the mother of a 17-year-old boy found texts on his cellphone from someone named 'Jim Moore' requesting sexual favors in exchange for money, state police said.


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Rehoboth Beach Law

Is it proper for a Delaware police officer to cite someone for Walking Drunk on a Public Highway, but release them immediately?
Delaware Law Chapter 175/2211 (b) "Any person incapacitated by alcohol except where apprehended under a criminal charge, shall be taken into protective custody, and forthwith brought to an approved public treatment facility for emergency treatment. ..." Delaware Law Chapter 175/2203 Definitions (9) "'Incapacitated by alcohol' means that a person as a result of the use of alcohol, is unconscious or has his judgment otherwise so impaired that he Is incapable of realizing and making a rational decision as to his need for treatment. ..." Can a person really be drunk enough so that, as a pedestrian, they are a hazard to themselves or others or property, yet they are still capable of making a rational decision as to their need for treatment?
You must have a reason for asking since your question and self-answered narrative seem more rhetorical than need based....
I received a subpoena in the mail as a witness for the state involving a DUI/Car Accident. I don't wish to go. Do I have to?
I understood that is the subpoena came by mail and not by a sheriff hand delivering then I don't have to honor the subpoena. True or not true.
It sounds from your description like this is a criminal case. Delaware Super. Ct. Crim. Rule 7(d) says that service...
I was arrested for a suspected dui andd was not read my rights, even after i asked the officer to read them to me. Is that legal
I am also only 17. Can they question me without my parents?
Yes. Yes. Common myth--Miranda rights are not required. They are only required when and if police have you in a...
Is my Delaware Drivers License valid even if my PA license is suspended?
I am recently working through penalties for losing my license in PA for a DUI offense but after the occurance of this offense I moved to DE and got a DE license before my PA license was suspended. PA did not take my DE license. Is it still valid in DE for me to drive in Delaware?
Your best option here is to call your local Bureau of motor vehicles, or alternately, to check the status of your...
Upcoming DMV hearing for a DUI charge.
My atty has submitted a motion to suppress all evidence hearing. I was not witnessed driving by anyone. The cop arrived at the store's parking lot after a call from the store. I was standing outside in the parking lot. The motion says that the cop lacked the necessary reasonable and articulable suspicion to stop and arrest me and the cop did not witness any erratic driving. The atty also wrote that the arrest was illegal and that my 4th amendment rights were violated. I was supposed to have the suppression hearing the other day but it got continued. Should I submit parts of this motion during my DMV hearing?
No. It's called snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory. As a non-lawyer, you may miss out on the long term defense...
FYI--Rehoboth, DE DMV hearing officer finds in my favor
Kelly Case, Michael Reid, Robert Dreissen, Michael Sensor--My DUI atty is a public defender--the officer did not show. I had also spoken to another atty and he said that the officer didn't witness any driving so there is no reason for the arrest. So, I had answers on both ends--but I didn't have to say anything today.
Since the officer didn't show, the DMV case is over and you should get your license back at least until your trial, if...
Hello, Can a person live in Delaware while serving house arrest from Chester County PA?
I lost my job do to a DUI in Chester County PA where I live now but I want to move in with relatives until I get myself back on track. I was told I will likely get several months of house arrest. Can I serve that living in Delaware with my family?
I do not practice in Delaware or Pennsylvania, but I may offer some general advice. Generally, you may serve a jail...