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OWI COMPLETE CERTIFIED COPY what this document how do i request the clerk ?
Hi , I have a OWI in 2012 in Wisconsin, i plead a guilty and paid the fine and alcohol assessment completed everything. I need a COMPLETE CERTIFIED COPY of my OWI how can i get it is this the correct word to ask to clerk about certified copy , last week i request a clerk for certified copy she send me a print out with clerk stamp and sign is this correct document are is their any other document i need to request . Please let me know .
You're looking for a Judgment of Conviction. That document explains what the charge was, penalty, and all conditions...
Was hoping someone could recommend a GOOD yet reasonable DUI expert who deals with GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY in WI area
I have been searching engines and yellow pages to find a good expert witness in the WI area that testifies to BAC and the GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY testing. Not sure WHAT kind of expert I need. toxicology, chemist, etc. There seems to be so many out there. I know the results are wrong, now I just need to find out WHY. Thank you
You need to hire an attorney first. They will then be able to find the appropriate expert in your case. Likely the...
Wisconsin look back period for DUI
Hi I was wondering the look back period for DUI's in WI. Everything I have seen or read on the internet says WI's is 10 years, but I just recieved one this summer after having a clean record for 18 years and am somehow being charged with my 3rd though the other 2 were in 1990 and 94. Is this the correct charge? Why are they looking back so far and being able to use them if there is only a 10yr look back period?
The lookback period for a second offense is 10 years, but after two offenses there is no longer a limit. That means...
Speaking with the DA
I am going through the court process for a DUI. I do have a lawyer, but really need to speak with the DA. Is this possible?
No, only your lawyer may speak with the DA. Talk to your lawyer. Good luck!
What am I looking at for a second refusal of dui? Last one was in 2000
Dui 1994 (first) refusal of blood test 1999. Hired laywer and entered "no contest plea". Got 15 dl suspension and 8 days of house arrest. Was pulled over last Saturday Night on my motorcycle. Wasnt breaking any laws. Dont think officer had probable cause to pull me over. Took field sobriety test and breath test. Officer took me in and called judge to get search warrant to draw blood. Never was presented with the Warrant or ever saw it. Told the officerI would like to call lawyer for advice to submit blood. Didnt ever refuse just requested that I speak to my laywer prior to the test. He told me that they were going to take it anyway.They never read me anything about what happens if I refuse. Five officers held me down and took the blood sample. My laywer thinks we have a very strong case.
Trust your lawyer and consult with him/her about the possible outcomes of your case. Your attorney is in the best...
Missouri Vs. McNeely
Has any one heard of any pending OWI cases in Wisconsin being heard since the Missouri vs. McNeely ruling. I have a pending OWI where a warrantless blood draw was taken after I refused the test. Since the Missouri vs. McNeely ruling I was thinking of hiring an Attorney to file a motion to get the evidence suppressed under the McNeely ruling. My arrest was before the April 17th. ruling. What are my chances to get the evidence suppressed?
You will want to talk with an attorney immediately to preserve your rights under this U.S. Supreme Court decision....
Hello my name is stojanche and i am foreign student from different country i got pulled over for dwi tried to blow it did not
work and they put me in the station for blood test but i am afraid of needles so they told me after that i failed the test so thats why i got the ticket for dui do i have chance if i got in court to reduce the ticket and not to put ito my record ?
You have little to no chance to get it reduced without an attorney. OWI cases are complex. Consult with an OWI attorney...